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I’ll Marry You If You Can Defeat Me

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Seven-colored radiance circulated on the inside of the dazzling silver-colored battle armor. It appeared dazzling and shiny. Even though it was not adorned with any magnificent and intricate pattern, it appeared to be filled with a sense of becoming one with heaven.

What was that?

Only those who were three-word battle armor masters and above could truly understand what it was.

This was the model of a divine-ranked battle armor. It was a set of battle armor forged from Heaven-refined divine-ranked metal. A three-word battle armor master would only have to use his or her own three-word battle armor to complete the fusion with this model and then perform the engravement of circuit to transform his or her three-word battle armor into a four-word battle armor!

This was a gift that could not be measured with value because this was an that could never even possibly appear in any auction on this continent.

One should know that there were just a few four-word battle armor masters in today’s world. Moreover, not every four-word battle armor master’s battle armor was made with Heaven-refined metal. On the other hand, four-word battle armor that was not forged with Heaven-refined metal would still be lacking in that minute detail after all.

The preciousness of this gift was utterly beyond description. One would discover under close inspection that there were incomparably meticulous marks made from knocking on the surface of this silver battle armor shimmering with seven-colored radiance. These marks were arranged in a tidy and orderly manner to display the blacksmith’s care and attention.

Yes, Tang Wulin had spent a total of two months’ time using all his products that he was constantly perfecting to complete this set of battle armor. It was the gift that he had specially prepared for Gu Yuena.

The gift had not only contained his painstaking efforts and the pain he endured daily from the lightning calamity baptism but also his incomparably deep love.

The audience members on the scene seemed to have recovered from the shock and complicated emotions caused by the appearance of Tang Sect and Shrek earlier after seeing this set of divine-ranked battle armor.

Everyone’s emotions become excited all at once.

The vast majority of people were unaware of what the battle armor was but they could feel its powerfulness. On the other hand, the soul masters had already figured out the significance when Yu Longyue said he made it. This could only signify that he was a Divine Craftsman that could complete Heaven Refinement!

Gu Yuena was stunned too. Of course, she had considered that Tang Wulin would certainly present her with a gift today but she had never expected him to gift her with such a precious set of four-word battle armor.

One should know that Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua had already made a public announcement that he would not be accepting any orders for Heaven-refined forging work due to his health reasons. It had already been a long time since he had forged even a tiny piece of heaven-refined metal.

On the other hand, it was a complete set of Heaven Refined metals that was placed before herself at the moment.

Tang Wulin was already a Divine Craftsman. No wonder she could sense the Seven-colored Lightning Law radiating from his body that was accumulated through his forging process. Just how much elemental lightning baptism had he endured during the process of completing Heavenly Refinement!

Gu Yuena’s vision was turning slightly blurry. His words sounded so simple and natural without flowery language, but they were enough for her to clearly feel his sincerity.

She was obviously aware that she was not allowed to cry, yet tears kept streaming down her face.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin was slowly turning his body around at this moment. He turned around toward the viewing platform in order to face the audience. He used his right hand to wipe his face and revealed his original appearance that was countless times more handsome than Yu Longyue.

“My name is not Yu Longyue and I am not a member of the Blue Electric Overlord Dragon Clan. My name is Tang Wulin. I’m the Sect Master of Tang Sect and the Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy. Gu Yuena and I were originally schoolmates in Shrek Academy and she is supposed to be my girlfriend. I’m here to take her home today. Tang Sect and Shrek have never tried to create troubles. Nor is Tang Sect a treasonous organization. Without Tang Sect, there won’t be a soul masters’ world today. Twenty thousand years ago, the soul masters’ world had already become the slave of Martial Soul Hall. Without Tang Sect, every lineage available on Douluo Continent would have been invaded by the Sun Moon Continent back then. It was Tang Sect and Shrek that preserved that portion of tradition. It was Shrek City that maintained the balance of the continent all along.”

“I’m here today, not because I want everyone to learn about Tang Sect and Shrek, but so I can stand here and tell everyone that Tang Sect will never disappear. No matter what the federation does, Tang Sect will still strive to continue and work hard in order to protect the safety of the whole continent. Shrek too will do the same. The glory of Shrek will never vanish and Shrek Academy will remain the number one academy of the continent. Shrek will always work hard to protect its students and cultivate more elites. Both Tang Sect and Shrek will never support a war, but we will never fear it either.”

“I protected the honor of Tang Sect and Shrek by engaging in the Battle of Five Gods at Star Luo Empire. I made a display of the Douluo Continent’s power. Yes, it was me that stopped the federal fleet from waging war because I didn’t want to see humanity plunge into misery and suffering. In case of a war, only the Holy Spirit Cult’s evil soul masters and scoundrels living in darkness will find joy in the event. Yes, it was me that stopped the federal fleet. However, I ask everyone to examine your conscience. Do you wish to see people risking the danger of death in war if you have family members in the military? I am also asking everyone to examine your conscience, can we truly sleep in peace as the invader? Tang Sect and Shrek will always favor peace.”

The words were spoken in a sonorous and forceful voice. Tang Wulin shifted his gaze and met the gaze of Qiangu Dongfeng sitting on the main platform with a furious expression.

Tang Wulin raised his head high. At this very moment, he felt as if he had completely inherited Yu Longyue’s arrogance. He turned around once again and looked toward Gu Yuena on the platform. He gently waved his right hand. The set of divine-ranked battle armor had already soundlessly landed by her side.

Tang Wulin got down on one knee. “Gu Yue, will you marry me?”

At present, the audience members felt as if their brains were filled with too much information at once. Yu Longyue was actually Tang Wulin. He was the Tang Sect’s Sect Master that fought against an entire empire during the Battle of Five Gods.

No wonder he was so powerful. He was actually acquainted with Silver Dragon Princess since earlier. It was very apparent that everything here was properly arranged by Tang Sect and Shrek.

Tang Sect and Shrek had done so much in order to prevent the war from happening. Who was right and who was wrong in this situation?

When Tang Wulin was originally professing his love with Yu Longyue’s identity, many people were already chanting ‘say yes to him, say yes to him’. Yet, the audience members were unusually quiet right now. At this exact moment, they could only feel as if their minds were even a little muddled.

Gu Yuena suddenly turned around to dry the tears on her face.

“You shouldn’t have come. Why don’t you listen to me?” Gu Yuena’s voice sounded a little shaky.

Tang Wulin spoke without the slightest hesitation, “I had to come.”

Gu Yuena inhaled a deep breath. Her pair of purple eyes suddenly turned resolute. “Fight me, I’ll marry you if you can defeat me.”

The entire scene broke out in an uproar upon hearing her words!

Whether he was Yu Longyue or Tang Wulin, the Silver Dragon Princess was actually going to challenge him!

On the other hand, Lan Fozi was already stunned from the surprise as she stood by the side.

She was already feeling as if her brain was filled with too much information since the first person from Shrek withdrew himself. What was happening here?

Then, the candidates began withdrawing themselves one by one. The words ‘Tang Sect’ and ‘Shrek’ began to reverberate in her mind and also triggered the exceedingly complicated emotions in her heart.

It was not until when Tang Wulin indicated his identity and professed himself to Gu Yuena that she had finally understood that there were so many stories behind these events. She felt an indescribable feeling.

She had never encountered an event like this before. She could only feel as if her presence here was completely unnecessary. On the other hand, it was true in reality because there was utterly no one paying attention to her now.

Meanwhile, Gu Yuena had already descended from the sky and landed on the competition stage opposite Tang Wulin.

On the main platform, Qiangu Dongfeng seized hold of Qiangu Zhangting who was about to dash out and fight against Tang Wulin. Qiangu Dongfeng coldly said, “You can only choose to trust Na Na now, so must I.”

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