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Tang Wulin’s Gift

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Qiangu Dongfeng said in a deep voice, “I’m sure. I can only confirm as of now that we can seize back a little of our lost reputation. Moreover, the Tang Sect and Shrek are here to create troubles. We must be prepared for public opinion.”

The deputy speaker inhaled a deep breath. He immediately understood the meaning behind Qiangu Dongfeng’s words. He replied, “I’m sorry for panicking earlier. I will immediately take the lead to manage the situation. Tang Sect and Shrek hmph! very well!”

Qiangu Dongfeng did not look at the departing deputy speaker but his gaze shifted back to the competition arena once again.

He could only patiently bear now. If he were to call off the Joust For A Spouse Festival in a rush, then Spirit Pagoda’s reputation would be done for. If Tang Sect and Shrek had the audacity to do so then they had no fear of Qiangu Dongfeng calling off the event. He could not predict how the common people would correlate the situation in their minds.

He could not do anything at all now besides waiting and seeing how the situation would develop further.

Ai Fei’s hands were already shaking until Gu Yuena’s words signaled him to continue once again. Then, he picked up the tenth lot.

The audience was already creating a commotion on the platform. Not everyone was supportive of Shrek and Tang Sect. Seven people had consecutively withdrawn themselves. What else were they trying to do if not creating troubles? It was already too obvious. On the other hand, many people truly hoped that the beautiful Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena could find her happiness!

Thus, people had already begun to scold and curse from the audience. The situation on the scene appeared to be rather chaotic.

“The ninth candidate. Please welcome his Excellency A Heng.”

“Heh-heh, I come from Body Sect.” A Ruheng with a tall and huge figure stepped forward.

“I’m the senior disciple brother of Tang Sect’s Sect Master. Hmm, I’m withdrawing myself too.” A Ruheng took a step back while chuckling. His one step however had surpassed the two steps taken by others.

Yes, other than Lan Fozi the contestants that made it to the top and entered the ten finalists were precisely the Shrek Six Monsters in addition to Sima Jinchi and A Ruheng. Also, Tang Wulin had already learned that Lan Fozi was a female.

The result that appeared to be very simple had actually involved complicated operations that were difficult to describe with words.

Since the start of the registration process, they had already begun to soundlessly execute their plans. The well-connected network from Tang Sect and Shrek were comprehensively opened up.

Tang Wulin and Qiangu Zhangting were placed in the same group not only because of Qiangu Dongfeng’s wish. At the same time, it was also the result Tang Wulin wanted. He was not planning on giving Qiangu Zhangting an opportunity to enter the final round at all.

Out of the top ten finalists, nine were people from Tang Sect and Shrek while the other finalist was a female. All the plans were already set down even before the festival had begun.

This was the counterattack from Tang Sect and Shrek toward Spirit Pagoda.

Regardless of the public opinion, there was no doubt that Spirit Pagoda had badly embarrassed themselves this time. Moreover, it was not over yet.

Ai Fei’s voice sounded shaky. He looked at the people that were still standing at the front. There was only Lan Fozi that appeared first on the scene along with the last person to be introduced.

Yu Longyue, it was his Excellency Divine Dragon Prince Yu Longyue.

All of a sudden, he too had figured out something. He subconsciously shifted his gaze onto Yu Longyue.

Tang Wulin raised his head with a calm gaze as he looked at Gu Yuena on the stage. His gaze had never shifted away from her body all along.

Regardless of the public opinion, the reaction from the common people, the successive withdrawal of his companions, he acted as if all these matters were completely unrelated to him. He was only watching her quietly. It was as if he was trying to tell her that ‘I can do much more than what you can imagine. I’m no longer the Tang Wulin that you knew back then. I’m no longer just a student and I’m not just a part of Tang Sect anymore either. I’m Sect Master of the Tang Sect, Shrek Academy’s Sea God’s Pavilion Master and a person that can make changes to many matters’.

Gu Yuena was looking back at him too. Her gaze was quite different from Tang Wulin’s blazing hot gaze that was filled with aggressiveness. Her gaze was complicated as she looked at him.

There was only her that could have already discovered everything since earlier. She had also figured out what Tang Wulin was about to do but she was incapable of stopping him in advance. It would hurt him and his companions. Yet, she refused to resign herself to the destiny. She too had her mission to fulfill!

There was no doubt that the person that appeared on the scene would be Yu Longyue and this was properly planned since earlier. The most important person should naturally be making an appearance. The drawing lot process of today’s Joust For A Spouse Festival was already within Tang Sect and Shrek’s control. On the other hand, these drawn lots were originally decided by Qiangu Dongfeng so this was also the part that the Spirit Pagoda’s Master feared the most.

It was as if there was a large invisible net in Mingdu City since earlier yet he had no idea about its existence. It was the first time Qiangu Dongfeng ever felt that Tang Sect and Shrek were more powerful than he had imagined and the feeling was absolutely unpleasant to him.

“Lastly, we shall invite the candidate from group number three, his Excellency Yu Longyue.” Ai Fei found that he was incapable of giving an introduction anymore. He was supposed to give some introduction to the originally highly-anticipated Divine Dragon Prince yet at this moment, he was truly incapable of producing any more words. He knew that something huge was about to happen. It was a major event that would absolutely shock the entire continent.

If this person, his Excellency too was…, then, the Joust For A Spouse Festival would be over!

The audience members quieted down in an unusual manner. There was no doubt that they were anticipating the Divine Dragon Prince in their hearts. Despite Tang Sect and Shrek having created so many problems, they still hoped to see the Silver Dragon Princess together with the Divine Dragon Prince in the end!

As expected, Divine Dragon Prince did not fall back but he took a step forward under the close watch of the audience.

“Gu Yuena, I’m here. I came. I can’t leave, I can’t hold any other person in my heart since the day I’ve known you. At the time, you were always there by my side. We learned and cultivated together every day. You were like the soft water that moistened my heart. At the time, I constantly wanted to become powerful but I was already used to your presence. I got used to the difference between how you treated others and how you treated me. That period of time was also the happiest in my life.”

“No matter what was your goal for being together with me at that time, I could at the very least feel your sincerity towards me.”

“Time passed, we got closer to one another as days went by. When I began to realize that I was incapable of extricating myself, it was just the same for you too. I won’t be speaking in words that will shock heaven and earth but I only want to tell you that I can be with you and I have the ability to do so. If there comes a day when you’re truly standing opposing everyone, then I too will join you by your side. I’ll stop everyone’s attack for you. Perhaps I won’t be able to treat them as enemies, but at the very least I’m willing to give my life for you.”

“Gu Yue, I’ve been making this gift with great efforts during this period of time and I have finally completed it today. I don’t know if you will like it but I’ve truly exhausted all my ability. I can only hope that you’ll be able to feel everything that I’ve put into this and I hope that it will always protect you. On the other hand, I hope that other than my gift that will always protect you by your side, I’ll be there too.”

Tang Wulin raised his right hand as he was speaking. A ring on his hand suddenly glowed as a stream of seven-colored radiance surged towards the sky and floated before Gu Yuena.

What was that…

The audience members appeared to be in a trance. On the other hand, everyone including the powerhouses from Tang Sect and Shrek Academy could not help drawing in a cold breath upon seeing the item.

Qiangu Zhangting sat on the main platform in a daze. He felt like he could not even make a sound.

It was a set of battle armor without any magnificent-looking patterns but it was still an extremely complete set of battle armor. It was in dazzling silver color. Every part of the battle armor was available from helmet to pauldrons, cuirass, double wings, battle skirt, etc.

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