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They’re All From Tang Sect And Shrek

One was considered special, but how about two? What was the significance of two cases? Moreover, they chose to withdraw themselves during the final moment. Was this not an act of trying to embarrass the Spirit Pagoda? At the same time, they were announcing to everyone that Shrek was back. Moreover, Shrek had remained as outstanding and powerful as ever. In this Joust For A Spouse Festival where there was an abundance of outstanding masters, they could still reach the final stage of the competition.

Qiangu Dongfeng’s expression soon changed. He was seated on the main platform. His gaze became ferocious. ‘Shrek! Have they resorted to using this method to strike back?’

The identities of the participating contestants had all been investigated and verified beforehand. Yet, they did not manage to uncover their identities. What was the significance? It signified that they had the means to accomplish this covertly. Shrek was destroyed. It was not possible for the whole academy to survive even if there were remnants of the academy. Who was helping them then?

Moreover, what was happening to the drawing lot process? How did these two people from Shrek Academy show up one after another?

The smile on Ai Fei’s face was a forced one. He knew that there was a mistake. It had to be a mistake for sure!

Yet, what was he going to do when the whole event was under the close watch of everyone? What was he going to do?

This time, he did not even attempt to cover up the situation. He hastily picked up the result from the next drawn lot. He spoke hastily, “Alright then, let’s continue. We shall invite the next person. He’s the finalist from group number two. Please welcome Li Zhi.”

Li Zhi had a chubby figure with a smile on his face always. When he participated in the Joust For A Spouse Festival, he was given an intimidating moniker. He was known as the Palm of Destruction. Despite his chubby figure, he was incredibly swift. Moreover, his palms had mighty destructive powers. His body was enhanced occasionally, and he was known for his destructive power which broke all souls. In other words, his destructive palms broke every martial soul without exception.

Out of all the groups, the participants from group number two had the weakest overall ability. There was not a single Title Douluo in the group. Hence, he did not encounter any opponent who was overly powerful although he was an eight-ring soul master himself. In the end, he was a finalist and his passage through the competition could be considered smooth sailing. There were two rounds where he was supposed to compete against two very powerful contestants. However, both chose to forgo the competition after defeating the other contestants. Thus, he was considered one of the lucky ones amongst the finalists.

“I’m from Shrek Academy and my name is Xu Lizhi. I’m withdrawing myself.”

Xu Lizhi was chuckling as he spoke. He then took two steps backward. He was the Xu Lizhi with buns as his martial soul. He was also the Xu Lizhi who cultivated painstakingly with a destructive power and had the purest Mysterious Heaven Method cultivation base. There was a saying that the work of a diligent fool was double that of a lazy wit. Even though he had never complained, the hard work he put in was no less than the other Shrek Seven Monsters. He worked diligently so as to be with Ye Xinglan.

Yes, the contestant from group number two was precisely him!

There were three of them now!

The commotion in the audience soon grew chaotic. At this point, any fool could tell that Shrek Academy was picking a fight intentionally! There were three consecutive finalists who withdrew themselves in the Joust For A Spouse Festival. What did it mean?

Were they telling the entire continent that Shrek was back?

Qiangu Dongfeng was already green with rage. In fact, Qiangu Zhangting sitting by his side was so furious that he wanted to stand up.

Qiangu Dongfeng pinned Qiangu Zhangting down with his palm. “What are you doing? Have we not embarrassed ourselves enough?”

The event was being streamed live across the continent. The people of the entire Federation were watching the Joust For A Spouse Festival. Both of them could only suffer in silence!

Ai Fei was caught in a daze once again. In fact, he felt a little fearful to continue the event. It surpassed his earlier prediction completely. No one expected this to happen. As someone from the Spirit Pagoda, he was well aware of the tense relationship between the Spirit Pagoda and Shrek Academy. His heartbeat was racing from the anxiety. What should he do now?

Meanwhile, Gu Yuena suddenly looked at him from the platform and said indifferently, “Please continue.”

Her voice was akin to the sound of a morning bell and an evening drum which jolted the emcee back to his senses. With Gu Yuena’s encouragement, he felt relieved. It was not his fault that the event had played out this way. The Joust For A Spouse Festival should still go on. Otherwise, they would end up as the butt of a joke. The Spirit Pagoda had invested so much so they could not leave this unfinished! His only hope now was for the event to continue without any further surprises. Hopefully, no one from Shrek would appear anymore.

“I’m from Shrek and my name is Ye Xinglan. I’m withdrawing myself.” She was a woman disguised as a man. She was reputed to be the Sword God of this competition. It was obvious that she had achieved the Swordsoul level. Ye Xinglan, who was also a popular figure of the Joust For A Spouse Festival, had withdrawn herself.

“I’m from Shrek and my name is Xu Xiaoyan. I’m withdrawing myself.” She, too, was a woman disguised as a man. In her case, she was the King of Control and the number one controller under the starlit sky. Many of her opponents during the multiple rounds of the competition were controlled to the point that they almost died when their soul powers were exhausted. Xu Xiaoyan had also withdrawn herself.

“I’m from Shrek and my name is Xie Xie. I’m withdrawing myself.” The name Xie Xie sounded odd, but the abilities which he displayed during the whole competition were heroic feats. He was reputed to be a time-space traveller. No one could matched his speed and his opponents frequently lost without having located his position. He was from Shrek too, and his name was Xie Xie.

Ai Fei was completely numb by now. Six of them! There were six of them!

Other than Lan Fozi who had no affiliations, six people who were from Shrek appeared consecutively, much to everyone’s surprise.

As soon as the names were announced, the staff of the Spirit Pagoda was already reporting the investigation results to Qiangu Dongfeng at top speed.

They were the Shrek Seven Monsters of the current generation. Apart from their leader, the rest of them were all here.

All of a sudden, a bolt of lightning struck Qiangu Dongfeng’s mind. He recalled all the incidents from the earlier competitions. His breathing hastened as it suddenly dawned upon him. He had figured it out which made him aware of something else too.

What should he do now?

At the moment, the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master was stunned. He felt at a loss on how to respond to the situation.

Should he stop the Joust For A Spouse Festival? If such was the case, the Spirit Pagoda would become the laughing stock of society. Yet, if this continued, the event’s outcome was already in the hands of the opposing side.

How did the Shrek Seven Monsters end up in the different groups during the drawing lot process and manage to triumph in each of the groups? Some of them were only auxiliary-type soul masters! What happened during the drawing lot process? Who would believe them if they were to say that there was no hanky-panky during the process?

Who was the person who drew the lots? The person was the deputy Hall Master of the War God Hall who was personally invited by Qiangu Dongfeng!

Yet, how did everything end up like this?

It was finally the eighth person’s turn. The man with a large figure did not even bother to look at Gu Yuena on the platform. He spoke in a deep voice, “I’m from the Tang Sect and my name is Sima Jinchi. I’m the chief bodyguard of the Tang Sect’s Sect Master. I’m withdrawing myself.”

Finally, there was someone who was not from Shrek. Ai Fei’s first reaction was relief, but in the next moment, his pupils enlarged.

The Tang Sect?

The Tang Sect was declared by the Federation as a treasonous organization! Was this person really from the Tang Sect? How could it be the Tang Sect?

Moreover, the name ‘Sima Jinchi’ sounded familiar. He participated in the competition with his true name. He was the Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi with a letter of recommendation from the Southern Army Corps.

There was utterly no worthy opponent from his group at all. He was a Title Douluo who rose among the ranks with his unparalleled might. He made a clean sweep in his group. However, he was not compared with Yu Longyue due to his age. The audience did not believe that Gu Yuena would fall in love with a rough man like him.

Since when did the Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi become the personal bodyguard of the Tang Sect’s Sect Master?

At the mention of ‘Tang Sect’ and ‘Tang Sect’s Sect Master’, not only was the audience on the scene shocked but the whole Federation was equally astounded.

On the main platform, the deputy speaker stood up abruptly and called out aloud, “Quick, stop all the media from live streaming at once. Pagoda Master Qiangu Dongfeng, you need to give me a proper explanation. What’s going on here?” He roared out at Qiangu Dongfeng in exasperation.

Qiangu Dongfeng slowly stood up at present.

It was a conspiracy. There was no doubt that it was a conspiracy.

From the day the Joust For A Spouse Festival began, everything had been running smoothly as a boat sailing in the wind. Yet, who would have thought that there would be a counterattack from the Tang Sect and Shrek on the last day?

Who would have thought that such a situation would occur?

“Don’t stop the live streaming,” shouted Qiangu Dongfeng all of a sudden.

The deputy speaker spoke in rage, “Haven’t we embarrassed ourselves enough already? What are you waiting for?”

Qiangu Dongfeng’s lips twitched once. “It’s too late. Stopping it will only make us appear even more conspicuous.” At this point, he hummed something to the deputy speaker.

The deputy speaker frowned deeply. He nodded with great effort. “Are you sure?”

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