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I’m From Shrek! I’m Withdrawing Myself!

At present, Lan Fozi was still pondering over that rather strange feeling when she suddenly heard her name. She was startled, but she raised her hand in reflex and pointed to her nose. “Me?”

On the emcee’s platform in the distance, Ai Fei’s lips twitched involuntarily. It was quite amusing to see the boy’s reaction.

“We shall invite His Excellency Lan Fozi to come forward.”

Lan Fozi’s face blushed at once. She took a step forward and raised her head to look at Gu Yuena standing on the platform. She stuttered, “Miss, Miss Gu Yuena, I thought you were a fairy maiden when I first saw you on soul television. I really like you very much. You’re so beautiful. Moreover, I feel you’re beautifully pure and flawless. For some unknown reason, I’ve had a special feeling for you since that moment. I want to be closer to you. Hence, I’m here. Actually, I snuck out from my home to be here. Furthermore, I’ve no regrets being here. If you choose me, I’ll be sure to treat you well for the rest of your life. This is my gift to you.”

As she spoke, she turned over her wrist. There was no telling how she got the item but there was a little box in her palm. She opened the box in a cherished manner and revealed the object inside the box.

It was a pearl with an unusual color. It was a mix of eight colors, namely blue, red, green, yellow, black, purple, gold, and white.

The pearl was transparent but the eight-colored radiance rippling on its surface was brilliant. The lustre on the pearl’s surface had a peculiar texture.

What was that…

Gu Yuena was startled when she saw the pearl, despite her wide experience, extensive knowledge, and controlled emotion at present.

Lan Fozi seemed to recall something. There was sadness in her gaze. “My father left it for me. Mother said that I can give this item to my lover. It’s my most precious item, and I do like you sincerely. If you choose me, it’ll be yours. However, do take good care of it. Thank you.”

A radiance shimmered in Gu Yuena’s eyes. Her pleasant voice echoed through the entire scene. “I can’t take that. I don’t want it even if I were to choose you. It’s too precious. Thank you for your loving kindness, and I feel your wholehearted sincerity. Thank you.”

What was the eight-colored pearl actually? A majority of the people were confused.

Tang Wulin had the most profound experience from feeling the pearl since he was standing next to Lan Fozi. Besides, he had a mighty strong spiritual power.

When Lan Fozi procured the pearl, she felt as if a vast sea had suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. The sea was boundless and endless. The eight-colored radiance was filled with pure law power. The value of this item was utterly immeasurable in monetary terms.

The elemental lightning calamity drawn from Tang Wulin’s Heavenly Refinement was only seven colors! On the other hand, this pearl had eight colors. It surpassed the lightning calamity. Its value was astounding. He never expected Lan Fozi to actually procure such an item. It was simply unimaginable. This was only Joust For A Spouse Festival! The boy’s sincerity was above board.

The audience broke out in a clamour. Although they had no idea what the pearl represented, it was enough to make Gu Yuena speak. Moreover, she mentioned that she felt Lan Fozi’s wholehearted sincerity despite declining the gift. One could imagine how precious the item was.

On the main platform, Qiangu Dongfeng had a change of countenance for the first time today. As a Limit Douluo, how could he not feel the thick law power which was contained in the pearl? For a powerhouse who was already a demigod, he would know the importance of this item very well.

A total of eight colors signified the eight-rotations law. In ancient times, there was a saying known as the ‘Godhood in nine rotations.’ In other words, the pearl was only one step away from becoming a god. If Qiangu Dongfeng acquired it, perhaps, he could even use it to overcome the threshold of a quasi-god to become one of the most powerful people in the world today. How could he not be tempted by it?

Ai Fei spoke, “It seems like the gift offered by His Excellency Lan Fozi is rather impressive! Miss Gu Yuena sensed its supreme value which represented His Excellency Lan Fozi’s sincerity. Miss Gu Yuena, do you have any questions or is there anything you wish to challenge His Excellency Lan Fozi?”

Gu Yuena shook her head gently. “I don’t have any other questions.”

Ai Fei spoke, “Then, we shall request His Excellency to wait for a while. We shall continue with the presentation from each of the following contestants. Next, the person drawn is from group number eight, Yuan Hui.”

Who was Yuan Hui?

He was also a striking contestant! He had an eight-ring cultivation base. He had blazed his way through all manner of obstacles. No matter how powerful his opponents were, they were defeated by his pair of iron fists. He looked ordinary, but he exuded a sophisticated appearance.

At present, he took a step forward and raised his head to look at Gu Yuena standing on the platform.

“Contestant Yuan Hui, you may begin now.” Ai Fei realized that Yuan Hui seemed to be behaving rather unusually as he looked at Yuan Hui. He could not refrain himself from reminding Yuan Hui. As Yuan Hui was not a Title Douluo yet, he could not be addressed with the term ‘Your Excellency’.

“My name is Yuanen Yehui and I’m from Shrek Academy. I’m withdrawing myself.” Yuan Hui smiled calmly. He then retreated two steps to vacate his initial spot.

It was a simple phrase, but it sparked off an uproar in the entire scene!

After all, the name ‘Shrek Academy’ was well known across the entire continent for twenty thousand years! No one forgot the name even after Shrek Academy was destroyed. Besides, Shrek Academy was being reconstructed currently.

Not many people were aware of the conflict between Shrek Academy and the Spirit Pagoda because it was not as apparent as the dispute between the Tang Sect and the Spirit Pagoda. Anyhow, someone from Shrek Academy, which had been destroyed, appeared at this moment. In addition, the person was selected as one of the top ten finalists. However, the person chose to give up at the final moment. What did it mean?

Was this person declaring that Shrek was back?

Ai Fei was at a loss for words. He almost had a slip of the tongue. ‘Why would you give up now? You made it to the finals with great effort.’

Moreover, the person was not disqualified from the Joust For A Spouse Festival despite participating under an alias. There was nothing much the organizer could say after referring to the rules.

Gu Yuena’s expression remained unchanged. How could she possibly not be able to tell that it was Yuanen Yehui?

Ai Fei took a few deep breaths strenuously to calm his emotions with great effort. This was a highly-anticipated event which was live streamed across the entire Federation and continent. He was the only person who could respond at this critical juncture. It was not a good time for the organizer to come forward now!

“It seems like the contestant Yuan Hui does not feel confident. That’s why he chooses to withdraw from the festival. In that case, there are only nine contestants who remain as the final competitors. We shall continue with the drawing of lots.”

He spoke briefly to mitigate the awkwardness. Undoubtedly, all the media’s attention was on Yuanen Yehui now. All the cameras were aimed at him!

Yuanen Yehui maintained her composure. She continued looking at Gu Yuena without the slightest intention to avoid her gaze.

“Hmm, the next person will be the contestant from group number one, Mister Zheng Yu. Mister Zheng Yu is also an eight-ring cultivation base soul master. He blazed his way through all manner of obstacles and was chosen in the end. Moreover, he had defeated a nine-ring Title Douluo from his group.”

Zheng Yu was a youth with a large figure. He, too, raised his head to look at Gu Yuena standing on the platform. He smiled, then took two steps back, and spoke with a loud voice, “I’m from Shrek Academy and my name is Yue Zhengyu. I’m withdrawing myself!”

The person who entered the finals from group number one was precisely Yue Zhengyu. He was the successor of the Holy Angel Clan and one of the Shrek Seven Monsters of the current generation. He was Yue Zhengyu!

If it was just chaotic noises earlier, the entire scene was in a commotion now.

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