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He’s Here

The person in charge of tracking Yu Longyue reported that his whereabouts were unknown. They could not even find out where he was staying. However, the boy would not leave the place alive if he were to appear once again in the Joust For A Spouse Festival. Qiangu Dongfeng did not care about provoking the Blue Electric Overlord Dragon Clan because the young man’s growing potential was truly too great. The fact that the boy had already managed to achieve Thought Concretization signifies that he could very well become a demigod in the future. Moreover, if he could seize the golden trident from the boy, it would make up for the loss of the Soul-s-----g Medal in his eyes.

The next day was the end of the Joust For A Spouse Festival, and it was finally time for the Silver Dragon Princess to choose her spouse. A trap had already been put in place. Within a few short days, Qiangu Dongfeng had gathered a large amount of manpower with the aim of ensuring that Yu Longyue could not escape even if he could fly.

The Mingdu Coliseum was completely surrounded by crowds of people, though most of them did not have an entrance ticket. It was the final day of Joust For A Spouse Festival and also the moment when the Silver Dragon Princess would make her final choice. There were large screens set up around the perimeter outside so one would be able to watch the result at once even if one could not get into the coliseum.

Many people were hoping to purchase entrance tickets by offering to buy them at high prices. Even though most of the crowd agreed that this would be the perfect love story between the Divine Dragon Prince and the Silver Dragon Princess, they would still like to experience the unique feeling of witnessing it with their own eyes!

The federal government had no choice but to send out more soldiers to maintain order and to ensure that no mass disturbances would occur.

The process of queueing up and entering the arena began in an orderly fashion.

People chatted excitedly with their friends as they waited in line.

“What do you think? Will the Silver Dragon Princess fight against those people today? According to the rules, she is allowed to challenge the top ten finalists.”

“I don’t know about that! Maybe she will. It is said that the Silver Dragon Princess has extremely powerful abilities too. Of course, she is certainly not as powerful as the Divine Dragon Prince. In my view, it doesn’t really matter whether she chooses to challenge or not. Anyhow, when it comes down to it, she really doesn’t have any other options. The Divine Dragon Prince is so handsome!”

“Yikes. Oh dear, you’re just like a nympho. He’s not going to be yours, you know.”

Even with an entrance ticket, when queueing up to enter the coliseum, one would still need to go through a security check.

A young man reached the head of the line. He was dressed in sports attire with a hood covering his head.

“Please show your entrance ticket for inspection,” the staff asked him. There were so many people queueing up, so naturally, it was best that they worked as fast as they could.

“I don’t have a ticket,” replied the young man.

“Don’t be messing around if you don’t have a ticket. Leave,” the attendant snapped, feeling annoyed.

The youth removed his hood and rubbed on his face very gently to reveal his handsome, if somewhat arrogant, countenance.

“Ah!” Immediately, people began to shriek and shout all around. “That’s Yu Longyue!”

Yes, the youth was indeed Tang Wulin disguised as Yu Longyue.

He had managed to enter with such ease, despite the many traps set for him on the outside. No one from the Spirit Pagoda had discovered his presence before this.

The truth was, with his cultivation base, it was not a difficult task for him to sneak into any location. He been painstakingly trained in the arts of infiltration and stealth back when he was on the Demon Island. Moreover, his spiritual power had already achieved Thought Concretization level, so he could even simulate and conjure a mirage within a certain range at will. Thus, it was no easy feat to recognize him.

As a result, Qiangu Dongfeng had no choice but to wait until the Joust For A Spouse Festival had ended. He could watch him closely, so he would not have a chance to run away. In any case, Qiangu Dongfeng could not capture Tang Wulin before he arrived at the coliseum.

“Can I go in now?” Tang Wulin greeted the ecstatic audience members as he spoke to the attendant standing before him.

“Sure, sure thing. You can enter, of course.” The attendant was tripping over his own words. He had never imagined that he would encounter Yu Longyue here. How could he not feel nervous when one of the greatest powerhouses of the modern world was standing right in front of him?

It was no longer enough to simply say that Yu Longyue was the most outstanding person of the younger generation given that he could even injure Qiangu Dongfeng. He was truly an elite powerhouse! He was capable of achieving Thought Concretization despite being a Title Douluo, and this showed that there was nothing to keep him from becoming a Limit Douluo in the future. There were already many soul master critics that were saying that His Excellency Yu Longyue would certainly achieve Limit Douluo-rank within ten years or maybe even less.

Taking long strides as he walked, Tang Wulin entered the Mingdu Coliseum with his head held high, putting himself in the mainstream media’s field of view.

The live recording of the entire arena had already begun. Tang Wulin was not worried that the Spirit Pagoda could be scheming against him as soon as he walked into the place. After all, the organization dared not pit themselves against the entire world. Otherwise, the reputation which they put so much effort into building would be gone with the wind.

Tang Wulin walked into the resting area with a smile on his face. As soon as he was inside, the first person he saw was Lan Fozi, as she was standing close to the door.

Lan Fozi appeared especially handsome today. She was dressed in classic combat attire, all in silver. Her long hair hung loosely down her back. Even though she still maintained her male disguise, there was some androgyny to her style.

“You’re here?” Tang Wulin greeted Lan Fozi with a smile.

Lan Fozi looked at him with a burning gaze. “Why do you insist on contending against me?”

Tang Wulin spoke indifferently. “Is there any meaning to your words? This is a Joust For A Spouse Festival. Everyone is here for the same purpose. What do you mean by ‘contending against you’? What’s so important that I’d need to think about you?”

“You!” Lan Fozi was filled with rage at once. She wished that she could give this boy two slaps. For some reason, she found herself to be easily infuriated whenever she saw him.

Tang Wulin’s words were obviously insinuating that she was not a man and that she did not meet the requirements for competing to become someone else’s husband.

She glared at him furiously and then ignored him completely afterward. Otherwise, she was afraid that she could not refrain herself from fighting against him. She was most upset that she knew very well that she was definitely nomatch for this boy standing before her. This depressed her the most.

She watched the battle between Tang Wulin and Qiangu Zhangting, and she was struck with fear first and then felt shocked at the end. Tang Wulin was simply unsurpassed, and she had never expected that he would have so many tricks up his sleeves.

A faint smile emerged on Tang Wulin’s face. He displayed Yu Longyue’s slightly arrogant look once again and found a place to take a seat while he waited for the arrival of the final moment of Joust For A Spouse Festival.

At present, the victors from the other groups were all already here too. Each of them found a spot and took a seat. They ignored the quarrel between Tang Wulin and Lan Fozi earlier and acted as if nothing had happened. There was no communication between them. It was as if they were truly prepared to fight against the other love rivals.

Inside the Mingdu Coliseum, the set-up had given the interior a completely new look. The original competition stage was still there, but there was another platform about twenty meters in height that was built by its side. The square platform was not very big and could only contain four to five people at most.

The entire platform was decorated with extraordinary grandeur. There was no doubt that it would be the location where the Silver Dragon Princess would choose her spouse.

Streams of people swarmed into the coliseum. Soon, the entire Mingdu Coliseum was filled to the brim with no empty seats.

The coliseum was quite noisy, and the eyes of the audience members were bursting with anticipation. Who would return with the beauty in his arms in the end and would that beauty choose His Excellency Yu Longyue? These were the questions that everyone was eagerly waiting to see answered. Many were making their own guesses.

Without a doubt, Yu Longyue was the most impressive candidate, but there was no lack of outstanding contestants from the other groups. The audience members supported different contenders, so the discussions became even more heated.

This was because it was highly possible that the contestants would fight in the Joust For A Spouse Festival in the end. As a result, the protective shield in the coliseum was the same as before. Sophisticated equipment was installed in preparation for the Silver Dragon Princess’ final decision.

The commentator was already in place, though perhaps on this day, he should be called the master of ceremonies.

Ai Fei was dressed in a white suit, and he had already taken a seat in the commentator’s booth located on one side of the main platform.

“Dear audience members, please take a seat as soon as possible. Please remain quiet. Our Joust For A Spouse Festival’s final round is about to begin shortly.”

“After so many days worth of competitions and screenings, there is no doubt that the contestants that managed to land a spot in the final selection round today are all the most formidable contenders of the younger generation. This will be an exciting moment. I wonder how Her Excellency the Silver Dragon Princess will choose today? Frankly, all of you don’t know, and I don’t know either. We will have to see how out princess will develop a sharp eye for discovering a spouse.”

Under Ai Fei’s guidance, all of the audience gradually quieted down. In fact, the crowd was even feeling slightly uneasy. Could it be that there was no opening performance when it was already the final moment of Joust For A Spouse Festival of this large scale? How could they start the event just like that? It appeared a little rushed!

In reality, plans had been made for such a performance. Indeed, artists that were extremely famous on the continent were invited. Even so, if the main character could not appear anymore, what was the point of doing a performance for the Spirit Pagoda? Had it not been because they wanted to go through the formalities, the Spirit Pagoda had even considered cancelling the final round.

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