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Dragon King’s Request

The Light Dragon King heaved a sigh. “Of course, we can feel that. The small plane of the Dragon Clan’s graveyard can only exist by depending on the main plane, so we can clearly sense the change on the main plane. Even though our Dragon Clan is not a race of powerful divine beasts anymore, there will still be a certain amount of Divine power from back in those days within us if we can be fully resurrected. We will be traversing space to look for a planet on a major plane that is suitable for our survival. We will be living and multiplying there, away from mankind.”

His words brought relief to Tang Wulin. The Dragon Clan was so powerful. If they were truly resurrected on the Douluo Continent, it would probably start some troubles. Even if the Dragon Clan did not look upon humanity with hatred, they were still soul beasts in a sense. Could the humans refrain themselves from making a move on these creatures? Every piece of a dragon was highly sought-after by mankind!

“Alright. If I ever have the opportunity to encounter the person that you mentioned, I will certainly do my best to resurrect all of you. But how do I look for that person?” Tang Wulin could not keep himself from asking.

The Light Dragon King said, “You’ll be able to feel it. When your abilities have grown as much as they can in this world, you’ll be able to feel it. You’re not that far from that day. We have already waited for countless years, so we won’t mind waiting a while longer. Your Grave, thank you for everything that you did for us. You are the benefactor of the entire Dragon Clan. Every time the Dragon God’s Tears are used, you will summon the small plane where we are at. You must work hard to elevate your spiritual power. The greater your spiritual power, the more intense your call for us. You’ll be able to open up the spatial passage better, allowing us to transmit more powers to help you. Every time the Dragon God’s Tears are used, it will need to absorb origin energy for seven days to recuperate.”

Tang Wulin asked out of curiosity, “Are you talking about that domain?”

The Light Dragon King replied, “That is not a domain but a summoning array for the Dragon God. In the past, the Dragon God utilized it to summon a combat force. As a result, you can attempt to use it and communicate with us if your spiritual power is great enough. Naturally, we will try our best to project our power to help you.”

Tang Wulin was enlightened. “Thank you, Light Dragon King.”

The glowing images changed and everything in the surroundings began to fade away. The Light Dragon King turned his head around and took a deep look at Tang Wulin. The surface of its massive body, his scales, tendons and muscles began to disappear. It transformed into a humongous golden skeleton in just a short while. He nodded at Tang Wulin. With a sudden bloom of golden radiance, everything in the surrounding area vanished without a trace.

Tang Wulin felt his body shake. He opened his eyes and discovered that he was still in his room.

The fatigue he felt in his body and spirit had gone. There was still a big jumble of information left in his mind. He tried to gather his thoughts, and gradually, he began to form some ideas.

“Whoosh…” He exhaled a long breath.

Tang Wulin stood up and walked to the window.

It was already dawn, and the sky was turning bright in the distance. It was the best time to cultivate his Purple Demon Eyes.

His eyes shimmered as the radiance of the Purple Demon Eyes circulated in them. Tang Wulin’s lips cracked into a faint smile.

While Tang Wulin had been in his room, engaged with the gathering of the dragons within his dreams, the entire Douluo Continent had boiled over.

The competition had become the focal point of every discussion.

The match was truly too exciting, having been filled with so many twists and turns, especially the final attack from Tang Wulin.

Even with everything at their disposal, it was already too late for the Spirit Pagoda to cool things down. After all, the Spirit Pagoda had yet to extend its control over all of the parliament and media.

The scene where Tang Wulin’s Dragon Emperor Cut injured Qiangu Dongfeng had been replayed countless times in slow-motion and analyzed repeatedly. People were shocked by the results, as the strike was comparable to that of a Limit Douluo-ranked powerhouse.

How old was Yu Longyue’s registered age? There was no need to ask as one could tell that he was certainly less than thirty years old. He was already capable of hurting the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master despite being less than thirty years old. Even though the incident happened unexpectedly at the time and Qiangu Dongfeng was not wearing his battle armor, it was an achievement that Tang Wulin could be proud of!

On the other hand, people had started saying that the other contestants in the Joust For A Spouse Festival were just going through the motions at this point. The only one that could be welcomed by the Silver Dragon Princess’ was Yu Longyue alone.

Perhaps it was because of the Silver Dragon Princess’ moniker, some meddlesome people had even come up with the title of Divine Dragon Prince for Yu Longyue. He immediately became the highlight of the event. In a single night, Yu Longyue’s name was already familiar in every household.

It was difficult to tell how badly battered the Spirit Pagoda was as a result of this incident, but the Joust For A Spouse Festival had become even more popular. Everyone wished to watch as the Divine Dragon Prince finally got together with the Silver Dragon Princess. On the other hand, Qiangu Zhangting was now seen as a loser.

In fact, the round-robin match that followed seemed to have lost its meaning. Even though there were still various powerhouses in each group rising in the ranks of the competition, and there were also some young powerhouses, yet they were utterly dull when compared to Yu Longyue. The disparity between them was too great!

In the blink of an eye, the Joust For A Spouse Festival had already entered its final stage. The final round of competition ended and the top ten finalists were selected.

‘How high are the chances that the Silver Dragon Princess will choose the Divine Dragon Prince in the end? I think it’s nine hundred and ninety-nine point nine nine nine percent!’

This particular idea had occupied the headlines of all the major news media. Meanwhile, many people, especially the media, were racking their brains trying to locate Yu Longyue so they could interview him, but nobody had any idea as to where he could be. In fact, even the Spirit Pagoda had no news about him.

According to the analyst’s explanation, this was normal. There was a saying that one should not reveal the abilities hidden in one’s pockets. Even though Yu Longyue had managed to win the match, he had also exposed his divine weapon, the Golden Trident. Furthermore, there were people who thought that this Golden Trident could very possibly be the Sea God’s Trident that belonged to the Tang Sect’s founder, Tang San, twenty thousand years ago. It was the Sea God’s Trident that had once dominated the entire continent and even the Divine Realm

How could a person in possession of such a divine weapon not be scrutinized? Thus, it was logical that Yu Longyue would hide himself afterward.

However, everyone believed that he would certainly make an appearance at the finale of the Joust For A Spouse Festival. In any case, the Spirit Pagoda was in deep trouble this time. People with discerning eyes could tell that Qiangu Zhangting’s victory had pretty much been predetermined on the inside, yet he was still badly defeated. Currently, the market was spreading news that the Spirit Pagoda had not made any profits, but on the contrary, their losses had doubled.

Qiangu Dongfeng’s face remained unpleasant during this period of time.

No matter how reluctant he was to face this problem, he dared not conceal the fact that the Soul-s-----g Medal ended up being destroyed. One could imagine the result of that incident even without looking. The old ancestor was wild with rage and had almost got physical with him.

However, the matter settled down in the end.

Originally, Qiangu Dongfeng appeared to be perfect in every way at the start of the Joust For A Spouse Festival, yet he was a little disgusting after making such a careless mistake.

Who would have thought that Qiangu Zhangting, in possession of the divine weapon, the Soul-s-----g Medal, would lose the competition? Especially after he appeared to have already had the upper hand completely at the time.

Yu Longyue!

At the thought of the name, an uncontrollable, cold radiance flickered in Qiangu Dongfeng’s eyes, despite his usual gloominess. Could it be that the trident held in Tang Wulin’s hand was truly the legendary Sea God’s Trident that belonged to the Tang Sect’s founder back ages ago?! That was impossible! If there was truly such a divine weapon, could it be that the Tang Sect had not taken it back? Or was that just an imitation? Yet, it was capable of destroying the Soul-s-----g Medal and even injured him in that final moment. Qiangu Dongfeng felt like the trident was a genuine divine weapon.

He could still clearly remember the immense force radiating from the Dragon Emperor Cut that had even managed to blast him away despite his cultivation base. Even though he had not devoted all of his power when defending against the attack, he was a demigod-ranked powerhouse and ranked among the most formidable people in the modern world!

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