I’m A Hitman - S01 E11

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Jayden’s pov

Her smile, laugh, beauty, body, hair and all that.

So much miss it.

I dropped the napkin down, after cleaning the dirt. I glanced at my mom to see her smiling at me.

I looked away cause she can be cunning sometimes.

I ate my food and dropped the plates in yhe kitchen amd went to my room.

My phone beeped and I picked it.

‘Just make sure no one take her from you.’ I read.

Another came in again.

‘Another mafia is looking for her.’


Why her alone?

‘Okay then’ i texted back.

I dropped my phone on the bed and rolled the duvet to my chest. I grabbed Jessica’s picture and held it to my chest.

I slept off afterwards.

“Jessica no! Don’t do this to me.”

“Jayden, help me! He wants to kill me. Help!” Jessica’s voice sang in my ear.

“Are you okay? Jayden?” I felt hands shaking my body and I opened my eyes. Panting like I was pursued.

I saw hazel eyes staring at me. It was kimberly.

I didn’t know when I held her hand. I held it tightly.

This is the time I need someone beside me. And I don’t care who he or she is.

“Stay with me. Tonight.” I said softly.

Her body shivered as I placed my head on her shoulder. I closed my eyes.

Kimberly’s pov

Soon, I heard his soft snores. I placed his body back on the bed. I stared at him.

He just had a night mare. I was about to stand up when I saw that he had held my hand.

I sighed and sat on the bed back. My eyes were becoming dizzy and I really need to sleep.

If I should sleep beside him, tomorrow morning, there might be a problem. Cause I don’t think he knows what he’s doing right now.

Not long ago, he told me to stay beside him tonight.

I had gone to drink water downstairs when I heard his voice. A trembling one at that.

I removed my flip flops and lay beside him. His hand left my hand to wrap me. Just with his eyes closed.

My head was resting on his chest. I breathed out and before I knew it, i slept off.


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