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“Gerald, come up let me introduce someone sooo special to you.

….. Do you remember the girl I told you sometimes back narrating her situation and action? “Mr Hendricks asked his son who was still taking off some of the clothes off. He just remembered that he is now in Africa where he don’t need too much covering.

…….. “Yes dad, I do remember vividly, how is she now? Hope she is somewhere within your reach? ” Gerald asked coming up.

” Come and see yourself”he said leading him to Dupe’s room…

” Taaadaaaa, I hid everything for you because I want to surprise you although we can’t surprised God… “Mr Hendricks told his son as he opened the door.

……” Oooohhhh, Welcome sir” Dupe said respectfully.

” What a great surprise.You are dupe right?”Gerald asked friendly and softly.

” Yes IAM, welcome home.Daddy have offered me a great home that no one else could… please I know this is not the right time to start this, but I just have to,help me thank daddy for his large heart and help me thank yourself and mum for opening your heart broadly to accept a total stranger without narrows” Dupe expressed her gratitude humbly.

…… Gerald took a deep like of Dupe even though he was just seeing her for the first time.Her humility is one thing he can’t resist…

…….”never mind dear,we are all strangers in the world,so is like a stranger is accepting another stranger”Gerald said smartly.

Of course he is smart being a medical student, soon to be a confirmed medical Doctor,he have to be smart.

His age too was another additional advantage of his smartness..At 24years Gerald has gone beyond his mates.

He looked at the twins. “waw such cute twins ,dad are you seeing what IAM seeing?” He said rushing to carry the girl..

” No no no,is too early to start seeing things now Gerald you haven’t rest properly yet for your eyes to clear”Mr Hendricks said leaving them in the room.


“What are their names please” he inquired.

“The girl is Oluwadarasimi which means God is good to me and the boy OLUWASEUN meaning Thank you lord.” Dupe replied.

” Goodness’s they are really cute,but the names are long oooo can’t pronounce these long names” he joked

” Ok you can cut it,Darasimi and Seun,or the names that daddy gave them,Love and Jonathan.” She answered him brilliantly.

” That is better,Love and Jonathan” he smiled

Two months later in the house, Gerald have already resumed the duty of father to the twins.

Dupe being a novice into motherhood, didn’t know some of the things about raising kids.

Gerald knows when the children are having stomach discomfort or when ever they are not feeling well.

Whenever Mrs Sarah leave He resume his work.He will carry them Walk around and play with them.

“You still look young” Gerald told Dupe one evening when she was feeding the babies.

…..”yes,IAM,IAM just 16years” She answered shyly.

“So,what are your plans and what would you like to do after ward considering the fact that you are still very young.Remember your present condition can’t stop you from where you want to go in the future It doesn’t matter, where you come from or which way you passed through what matters is where you are going to now'” He said looking into her eyes.

.. ..” Yes,I will like to continue my education if possible I want to study law.I have the desire to go far with my education but it seems….” She was still talking when he interrupted her.

” Are you willing to continue with your education?” He questioned seriously.

” Yes iam very ready even now” she answered surely.

…… Gerald admired her Soo much.Her smartness,she sounds brilliant even her English and way of speaking was sooo captivating.Seeing how she could be a wonderful person and her determination, Gerald talked to his dad about what they discussed with her and Mr Hendricks agreed whole hearthely..

Dupe was enrolled in one of the best school close to them and she passed Excellently.

There was a nanny to look After her children while she goes to school.

……..Mr Hendricks promised to support her throughout her education to any level of her desire.Dupe was the happiest person in the world…..

It was time for Gerald to return back to his base as he was to take his final Exam.

…..They departed in tears as the bond they had was just beyond friends.

“Take care of my babies for me,I will be back again” he said embracing them passionately.

……..To God have it,Dupe pooped into another scholarship opportunity, with her Excellencent result she was accepted without delay.

In no time everything was set for Dupe to proceed…

Thesame scholarship she couldn’t make it some years back,she is now set for it without any obstructions or objections.

Oluwadarasimi and Oluwaseun or you call them Love and Jonathan as Mr Hendricks have named them.they growing healthy happy and brilliantly.

Everyone that sees them admired them sooo much such lovely kids.

…..It was the night to her journey,Mr Hendricks have contacted his family over there to get ready to welcome her and to give them warm welcome.

Whatever we passed or passing through, what will be, will be…


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