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The next day which was a Saturday, I got up in the morning, prayed to God for a safe journey then I went to have breakfast with my uncle, my grandma gave me another series of advice during breakfast, after that my uncle gave her some money told her to take care of herself.

Before we left for the park, when we got to the park we boarded a commercial bus which was to take us to Abuja within 8 hours, it was a long tiring trip for me, I just spent long hours on my techno pop 2f during the journey the phone was not that good, it was an old phone which was given to me by grandmother, she said the phone was too complicated for her, so she gave me then bought a small button phone. It’s been over two years till now and I am still managing it. Finally the journey finally ended with me carrying a very famished expression, after minutes of taking taxies and trekking we finally arrived at my uncle’s house.

My uncle’s wife and 6year old Charlie received us with a warm reception, after we settled down my uncles wife served us food, which I ate rapidly. After eating I was showed to the guest room where I off loaded my stuff and arranged the room to my liking. My uncle worked as staff in a company while his wife was a teacher in a school. Their pay was not that large but they were able to rent a house which was a four bedroom apartment and consists of a sitting room, kitchen, and a dining room. He and his wife used one of the rooms while I and Charlie used our own rooms separately, but the little guy was so happy about my presence that he will always find a reason to come to my own room to disturb me, but I found this attitude of him pleasing, because I had long yearned for a sibling.

After some minutes of resting, Charlie came to my room and told me my presence was need in the sitting room. I went to the sitting room, greeted my uncle and aunt before sitting down. My aunt was the first who spoke, Joshua how was your rest. Fine ma, I retorted. Hope u like your new room, she said. Yes ma the room is great I replied, then my uncle who had’t spoken since my arrival said, joshua you will be moving to a new school, u have to be a good boy, u need to be weary of the other kids you will be learning with, they are kids with influential background, from the description I got about them they are usually rude and arrogant. You must try not to cross paths with them. Also I want you to perform well, usually kids there are also brilliant, so you are going to experience a lot of competition.

After he had finished talking he dismissed me to bed. In bed that evening, I was already becoming nervous of my new school but I waited for Monday though and finally the monday which i dreaded most finally came.

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