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The neighbour’s house I got into turned out to be the guy that toasted me while we were still in school and I utterly disgraced him in front of crowd.

I thought he has forgotten and I have forgotten him too. It wouldn’t have been so serious if I had disgraced and turned him down privately but I didn’t, I disgraced him in the midst of billion people. He cried after what I did to him and that was the last time I set my eyes on him until now.

He is now much more bigger, richer and handsome than before. I couldn’t even recognise him at first but I did after thorough reminisces and intense gawking at his face.

” Why do you have a blood on you. Did you kill the guy I sent to kill you ?”, he asked me while folding the sleeves of his baggy cloth and preparing for an attack. I was much more concerned with escaping than having some chitty and “shitty” chat, so I didn’t even answer him.

“Whether he kills you or not doesn’t really matter to me, I am going to finish what that stupid guy couldn’t finish”, he concluded while rushing towards me. I never knew the guy was a psychopath, I wouldn’t have disgraced him.

“I’m sorrrryyyyy”, I screamed out of fear. That was the only thing I could do that moment and surprisingly, it worked. He stopped for some seconds. ” I am sorry for everything I’ve done to you. I was so naive and stupid then”, I started pleading even though I wasn’t sincerely sorry. I just wanted to save myself.

“Do you know what happened to me after that day. Are you aware what stigma that event brought to my life”.

“I’m sorry”.

“Are you. I don’t think so”, he said affirmatively.

I didn’t even wait for us to continue the conversation that will lead to my death. I started running towards the inner part of the room and he followed me in hot pursuit.

He caught me within a very short period of time and dragged me to the living room. He was screaming and dragging me at the same time and my head kept on hitting the floor during the process.

He was just about to strangle when the other strange guy that was chasing me earlier entered.

He left me and his attention shifted towards the direction the guy was coming from. He was a bit displeased about the guy’s failure, I could see the anger on his face.

He abandoned me after giving me a typical slap that left me a dumb ear. My eardrums stopped working for about two minutes.

I was still trying to recover from the craggy slap I just received when I noticed that the two men were fighting.

I don’t know, maybe it was because he failed to kill me or because he was yet to be paid for the unfinished job and for some seconds, their attention wasn’t on me.

I used that chance to tiptoe to his kitchen, stole a knife to defend myself incase and thereafter, attempt my escape.

I was trying to find a back door, but there was none. I could still here the struggles and grunts of the two men. I got to know that his name is Smith during their arguement.

I braced myself up and decided to escape through the living room and by the time I got to the living room, I was surprised with what I saw.

My neighbour has killed the other guy he sent to kill me and he has sustained some injuries too. It seems like things turned pretty bad between the two men and the only thing they could do to solve it was to kill each other.

He was standing by the door and for me to escape, I’ll have to go through him to get to the other side.

I started trying to keep him back with the knife I was holding but he wouldn’t oblige. He was just howling like an animal that was shot.

“I am going to kill you!!,even if it’ll be the last thing I’ll do”, he said shouting but it was too late, I plunged the knife into his tummy. He fell to the ground with a loud thud, falling on the other guy.

” I am going to kill you”, Smith frined as his voice faded away signifying his death.

I didn’t even look at his face after I stabbed him. A small part of me was happy that I killed a thing that was trying to kill me and I grinned.

I dragged their bodies away from the door and I proceeded outside and then locked his door. I opened the gate and cross over to my house.

I started cleaning immediately I entered my house. There was so much blood on the doors, cushions and floor. I mopped and scrubbed the floor till I got tired.

I waited till 11PM, and I dragged the delivery man’s body to Smith’s house and I returned to my house after.

I didn’t even know that I had an injury, a cut on my left shoulder until 1AM when I was trying to sleep.

I stood up immediately and went to the mirror in my room to tend to the wound. I was still concentrating on the mirror and trying to apply methylated spirit on my wounds when something startled me.

“Did I not say I’m going to kill you?”, Smith said, standing at the corner of my room with lots of blood coming out of his tummy.

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