Delivering My order - S01 E03

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He dragged the dead delivery man inside the house with his phone, his book and the Pizza.

I was too shocked to talk or move. I was just gawking at his grinning figure. He was butchering the man right in my face. I couldn’t withstand the gruesome sight.

He picked his register-like book and his phone and he threw it on the couch.

He knew that I was too shocked to move or make any attempt to escape and he took massive advantage of that to taunt me.

“You know what. This man’s death is on your head and your dead body is gonna take responsibility of his own dead body”, He grinned mischievously while saying this. He grabbed the Pizza to and he started munching away with it.

“How is his death my fault”, I asked him in fear while yelling at him at the same time. I was a bit taken back by my outburst and he threw a blood lust glance at me as if he is gonna kill me if I make another side.

“As you can see. You are helpless in this God forsaken big house and I can do anything I want with you”, he said while grinning again.

“What are you gonna do with me”.

“I can actually spare your life if you’ll cooperate”, he said while massaging my face.

I understood what he was trying to tell me immediately and before he could go through his third l round of stroking my face, I bit his finger and kicked him in his g---n.

He shouted in pain and he held me by my cloth immediately. I wouldn’t let him hold me down so I gave him another kick and he let go of me immediately.

I went straight to the door in an attempt to open it and escape before he recovers, but the bstrd has already locked it earlier after he murdered the delivery man.

“Guess it has been predestined for you to die by my hands”, he said while grinning wickedly and dangling the key to the door at my face.

He stood up and grabbed me on my neck immediately, he started strangling me with his two hands. I knew that I’m not gonna last the next two minutes if his hands is still on my throat.

I couldn’t kick him in his g---n or anywhere else again because he has taken a precaution against it after my earlier kicks.

His sturdy hands has spent over 30 seconds on my neck and I’m now losing my strength. My sight has become blurry and I was almost at the verge of death when a phone beeped.

It wasn’t my ringtone and it wasn’t his own either. I could see that on his face.

It was the delivery man’s phone.

He released my neck immediately and picked the phone up from the couch and smashed it on the ground as soon as his hand touched it.

I quickly seized the opportunity that came with the distraction. I grabbed another part of the broken vase that was beside me and smashed it on his leg while I was still on the ground.

He fell down on the ground in pain immediately and the key to the door fell out of his pocket.

I picked it immediately and unlocked the door. I was lucky enough to unlock it before he could recover and I ran out of the house in mad frenzy and unlocked my big wide gate.

I was living in an estate and the whole street was so quiet and still. There was no one to run to for help. The only thing I could do was to enter a neighbour’s house and stay their for safety.

I heard the guy banging the door of my house and he was running wildly towards the gate. I need no Seer to tell me that he’s gonna murder me on the street if he gets his hands on me.

I started running towards the gate that was opposite of mine immediately and fortunately for me, the gate wasn’t locked. I opened it and got in into compound. I strarted banging the unknown neighbour’s door for help.

A young man opened the door for me and I didn’t even wait for the man to invite me in before I shoved him aside and entered the building.

“Please save my life. There’s a strange man outside there trying to kill me. He’s coming after me please”, I yelled pleadingly to the man but he wasn’t moved. I thought it was because I shoved him aside earlier and I started apologising immediately, but he still wasn’t moved by my pleas.

“So, the stupid guy can’t even kill a young frail woman like you. I ought to have handled you myself.”, My neighbour said while spitting an unknown substance from his mouth to the ground and rolling the sleeves of his shirt up.

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