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I walked into Samantha’s room and met her alone on the bed.

“Hey” I drawled , gaining her attention.

“Steph hi” she smiled.

“You are alone?” It came out like a question from my mouth.

“Yes. Anything?” She arched in a questioning way.

“Where’s Pat?”

“I don’t really know, might be with the other sisters”

“Okay…” I exhaled sharply.

“There’s something I want to say”

“What’s that?” She asked… Sitting up right.

I breathe hard a little.

How do I put this so it wouldn’t sound much like a shock to her?

I can already see the nervousness in her eyes and…

“Steph… You saying something or what?” She asked jerking me off my thoughts.

“Y-yes.. yes Samantha”

“Then go on and don’t put me in suspense” she rolled her eyes.

Only if she knew what’s it about… She won’t even bother telling me to go on.

All same, I’m still gonna spill out the beans. So my conscience will be at rest

“I saw you and patley sneak out of the convent last night” I spoke out smoothly to her hearing.

Her eyes suddenly widened in shock..

I could see how nervous she had suddenly become.

“Samantha… I saw you ride off in a vehicle to God-Knows- where… And if I’m not mistaken, with a skimpy dress that doesn’t suite your status…”

I continued, seeing how speechless she has suddenly become.

“I-i d-dont know what you are talking about” she blinked nervously as she stuttered those words out from her shaky lips.

“You know exactly what I’m saying Samantha. And I know I am not mistaken that the other lady with you was Patley… Birds of a feather they say, flock together”

“Stephanie have you come here to accuse me of something I don’t even know of?” She asked feigning some dirty innocence.

“Now you are calling me a liar right?”

“Yes! If that’s what it means, then yes! Cause I have no idea of what you are saying…”

She lied again, avoiding my eyes.

“I knew at the start that you were gonna deny it…. I would have loved patley to be here before I finally say what’s on my mind..” I paused.

Seeing how uncomfortable i had suddenly made her. And how her breathing became equally uneven.

“I want to clearly state to your hearing that if by any chance again I catch you and pat sneak out of the convent, I won’t for a second spare your secret from the public.

I promise you girls that I will report to the authority and you guys would have to face the required punishment”

~i don’t Kno where the courage is coming from but I love it. I love the way my threat is making Samantha squirm on the bed. I love the look on her face as she listened to every of my word.

“Pass my message to patley. Cause it involves the both of you”

I finalized. Walking briskly out of the room.

~God that was easier than I thought. Finally am at peace. I have spilled out my intentions to her and according to my threat, I’m ever Ready to report to the authority if they by any means go against my warning.

I have spoken!


This is bad! This is so bad!!!!

so its no longer Miriam, it’s now Stephanie…

She’s the problem we have to face now.

How did she even know?

We made sure we were careful and not seen by anyone.

This is terrible 😱!

I’m so not at rest for this 🤒

I have to tell patley. She has to know that Stephanie too knows about our sneaky walks.

Maybe patley will have a way to solve this mess 🤧

👒 Moments Later👒


“Whaaaattt😱???” I exclaimed in shock

“What do you mean??? Is that really what she said?” I blinked back my nervousness.

“Yes” Samantha slowly nodded.

I can’t believe this!

Stephanie knows…..😲

She saw us sneak out of the convent.

But how? …..I couldn’t help but wonder.

“What do we do now? I don’t want this to get to the authority” Samantha panicked hard.

Who wouldn’t panic? This is unbelievable..

I can’t let her do such!

I thought hard for a while….

Stephanie had the guts to come all the way to this room and make a threat against us😡.

She thinks she can scare me with just a threat? Huh?

I know exactly what to do!

“Leave it to me”

I finalized as I barged angrily out of Samantha’s room.

Stephanie thinks she has control because of what she saw last night huh?..

We’ll see about that..

I Soliloquised as I walked into my room,

Dipped my hand underneath my bed and brought out what I’ve been hiding there for so long….

A gun

Let’s see whose threats supercedes each…😕




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