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The Vanishing Tang Sect

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Qiangu Dongfeng spoke, “I daren’t call it confidence. After all, anything is possible in a competition. However, Zhangting is truly hardworking. He has assisted me in sharing the responsibilities over the years and has been unanimously selected from the high-ranking officers of the Pagoda. I hope he improves and progresses throughout the competition this time so he can mature sooner.”

“Hmm, that’s right! Young men need more training. I heard you invited His Excellency Boundless Sea for the final day of the Joust For A Spouse Festival. Is he coming?”

Qiangu Dongfeng spoke with a bitter smile, “He has yet to reply. Ever since his return from the war, Brother Chen’s mood has not been good. Even though we’ve been old friends for many years, it’s best for me not to bother him.”

A radiance flashed in the deputy speaker’s eyes. He said, “That’s true! I didn’t expect so many problems to arise during their trip this time. The Tang Sect is truly capable of creating trouble. By the way, do you have any news on the Tang Sect’s Sect Master? I thought your Spirit Pagoda is best at getting information.”

Qiangu Dongfeng frowned slightly. “Nothing yet.”

He thought that since Tang Wulin had a relationship with Gu Yuena in the past, Tang Wulin would come to the Joust For A Spouse Festival. However, there was still no information on Tang Wulin. It was as if the Tang Sect had vanished into thin air.

Ever since Shrek City was flattened by a rank-12 fixed soul ammunition, the Tang Sect had maintained a low profile. As a result, all the Tang Sect’s organizations had weakened to a large extent. The organization seldom made appearances ever since it was declared a treasonous organization.

The lay people as well as the rest of the great organizations gradually neglected the Tang Sect. Only those who were truly aware of the Tang Sect’s inner secrets would understand that it was not a sect to be neglected at all.

What was the origin of the Tang Sect’s abilities? It originated from the Tang Sect’s first ancestor, Tang San twenty thousand years ago!

No one thought that the Tang Sect did not do anything on the Douluo Continent, and to suddenly appear in the Star Luo Continent. The Tang Sect’s Sect Master had participated in the Battle of Five Gods on the Star Luo Continent, and the event had drawn much publicity. Meanwhile, the Spirit Pagoda was doing its best to disparage the Tang Sect’s reputation. Who would have known that the Tang Sect’s young sect master gained immense popularity through the Battle of Five Gods instead?

Soon after, the federal fleet arrived. Although there was inadequate evidence, those with discerning eyes could tell that the deadly weapons would end up in the Star Luo Empire. Why did the Dou Spirit and Star Luo empires collaborate to defend against the enemy and were equipped with powerful weapons? There was no doubt that it was all related to the Tang Sect!

Through the efforts of the Spirit Pagoda, the Tang Sect was declared a treasonous organization. In the political circles, there was much opposition. After all, the Tang Sect had contributed generously to the development of the continent. It was only suppressed after much effort. At the same time, the Tang Sect acted nonchalantly and gradually disappeared from the scene. No one knew if the Tang Sect’s newly-appointed sect master had returned after heading to the Star Luo Empire.

The Joust For A Spouse Festival was supposed to lure him out since an opponent who lurked in a dark corner was difficult to deal with. Yet, they did not manage to uncover Tang Wulin’s tracks.

At present, the smile on Qiangu Dongfeng’s face faded when he heard the deputy mention Tang Wulin. Based on the information from the Star Luo Empire, the young man was rather impressive. Moreover, he had formed a close relationship with the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Spirit Empire. The Spirit Pagoda found it difficult to influence these two great empires to a large extent.

Being so young, he was certainly capable of bringing catastrophe to the organization if he was allowed to grow up! Qiangu Dongfeng did not like the thought of the young boy becoming the number one man of the continent just like the Atlas Douluo.

“Does the government have any information on him now?” asked Qiangu Dongfeng.

The deputy speaker shook his head. “I believe Brother Qiangu is well aware of the organization that Tang Sect is. Just like how no one is aware of the inner secrets of the Spirit Pagoda, similarly no one knows the extent of the Tang Sect’s inner secrets either. Frankly, I don’t agree to declare the Tang Sect as a treasonous organization. Not that I sympathize with them, but this will result in the Tang Sect completely concealing itself in the dark. It’d be more difficult to deal with them then. All the intelligence departments are diligently looking for the Tang Sect right now, yet there is not the slightest information available. I wonder if you know anything.”

“What is it?” asked Qiangu Dongfeng in puzzlement.

The deputy speaker spoke in a deep voice, “It’s as if you’re being impeded. Our operations dealing with the Tang Sect are being impeded on many levels. We feel like we’re sinking into the mud during our search for the Tang Sect. Each step we take has been difficult. It gets even harder for us to exercise control.”

Qiangu Dongfeng spoke, “There’s no need for you to worry too much over that. Hiding in a dark corner albeit troublesome for us will cause them to lose the support of the common people. The Tang Sect will end up being a mouse which hides in the dark without the people’s support. They won’t be able to operate out in the open. If it continues, they’ll become an organization like the Holy Spirit Cult.”

The deputy speaker took a deep glance at him and said, “I hope so!”

Qiangu Dongfeng made an inviting hand gesture. “Please take a seat and let’s watch the competition.”

Gu Yuena had been looking on coldly as a bystander. She did not chime in either as she observed everything in silence. She obviously sensed that Qiangu Dongfeng’s emotion was affected quite severely when the deputy speaker mentioned the Tang Sect. Apparently, he was not as disinterested as he seemed. On the contrary, he was deeply interested.

The Tang Sect and Shrek were of the same branch. Why did the federal organization fear them in the past? It was precisely because their combined abilities were exceptionally powerful. The existence of Shrek City was like an independent empire in the Federation. Although it was neutral, none of the rulers hoped to see the appearance of such a place.

It was the real reason behind Shrek City’s destruction.

However, it was not as everyone imagined it to be. Shrek Academy’s resurgence had ignited the imagination of everyone where the truly powerful inner secrets of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect were beginning to show!

At the front row of the audience platform, a youth who appeared to be over twenty years old and dressed in sports attire was seated in an inconspicuous corner which gave him a clear view of the competition arena. He had a smile on his face as he spoke to his companion by his side, “The battle today is quite interesting. I suspect that Qiangu Dongfeng would have given all the things hidden under his bed to his grandson.”

His voice sounded calm. The audience seated nearby seemed to not hear him at all. There was only him and the plain maiden who nodded slowly. “So what? No matter what Qiangu Dongfeng does, I’ve absolute confidence in Wulin.”

The youth chuckled. “That’s obvious. Wulin’s improvement has surpassed my imagination. Even though Cao Dezhi has always been recalcitrant toward me, I’ve to admit that he’s right this time. If it were me, I wouldn’t have made the decision to allow young Wulin to shoulder such a heavy burden. It seems like Old Cao is right judging from the current situation.”

The youth was none other than the deputy Hall Master of the Tang Sect’s Douluo Hall. He was a Limit Douluo beyond his time, the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin.

Seated next to him was Tang Wulin’s godmother. She was the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali in disguise.

Who would have thought that the two Limit Douluo-ranked powerhouses would be seated in an inconspicuous corner. One of them was even the number one recovery-type Limit Douluo of today’s world.

Yali smiled and said, “That’s because all of you are visionaries. Moreover, you are quick in action too. If we work any faster, perhaps Wulin won’t be the Tang Sect’s Sect Master anymore. It’s arduous enough for him. Yet, all of you still put such immense pressure on him. In the Sea God’s Pavilion, there aren’t that many affairs to attend to, at least. However, the Tang Sect and Shrek are different. We’re only an academy while you’re involved in many issues.”

Zang Xin smiled. “Shrek has always been the true core all along while the Tang Sect is only a front for Shrek. We’ve always maintained a mutual relationship to support each other. When the Tang Sect was weak once, it was precisely Shrek that lent us a helping hand. We believe that it won’t be long before the Spirit Pagoda and others learned of their misjudgement regarding the reconstruction of Shrek. I wish to see Qiangu Dongfeng’s expression then.”

Yali could not help laughing. “Why are you still acting like you’re a young man? We’re old already.”

Zang Xin burst out laughing and said, “That’s because I’ve the amorous streak in me.”

Yali shook her head helplessly. “I hope that Qiangu Dongfeng will find our surprise for him enjoyable then.”

At present, the audience had filled the viewing platform to the brink. The audience was enthusiastic, and there were many banners with Yu Longyue’s name written on it. It was apparent that they were Yu Longyue’s fans.

On the other hand, there were even more banners which were Qiangu Dongfeng’s. It was his home court after all.

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