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Painstaking Cultivation

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Many people were saying that the contestant that would triumph from group number three could very possibly be Tang Wulin and not the spiriter Qiangu Zhangting.

The Blue Electric Overlord Dragon Clan was precisely one of the six great clans that founded Martial Soul Hall two hundred thousand years ago during the era of Martial Soul Hall. Moreover, they were reputed to be one of the upper three clans. It had been so many years since they had made a public appearance. Yu Longyue had managed to raise the fame of Blue Electric Overlord Dragon Clan over the entire continent this time.

Over one month’s time had passed. Tang Wulin lived his life with regularity. Other than participating in the competition, he spent every day engaging in Heavenly Refinement and cultivation.

Ever since Gu Yuena’s departure that day, she had never come looking for him and he did not attempt to look for her either. However, he began cultivating painstakingly more.

The Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua could be considered being rather strict on Tang Wulin but he did look for Tang Wulin on three occasions. He even advised him to rest more so one could imagine how hard Tang Wulin was engaged in his cultivation process.

A person’s hard work would always be repaid. In the past one month, his Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break had already come under his control. Moreover, he could control the strength of this move according to his needs.

The Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law move was more focused on exercising control and not directly killing the opponent. Tang Wulin had even invited a Limit Douluo to experience the move and provided guidance. At the same time, Tang Wulin attempted to fuse the rest of his soul skills during the process of Heavenly Refinement so that he could continue to create the succeeding versions of Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law.

However, it was very obvious that the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law could not be created so easily. His Thought Concretization was already stabilized now so his cultivation every day was akin to placing himself into a furnace for continuous refinement.

Er Ming shuttled back and forth between Ten Thousand Beast Platform and Mingdu to spend time with Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie every day. He guided them on their cultivation and strolled through Mingdu accompanied by them. He was having such a good time that he had almost forgotten to return home. Their relationship had gotten more harmonious too.

However, Yuanen Zhentian had yet to be informed about Er Ming’s matter. This was decided by Er Ming because it was better to discuss further when they go back to Titan Giant Ape Clan.

After completing the final round of Heavenly Refinement, seven-colored radiance faintly glimmered around Tang Wulin’s body. His clothes were drenched in sweat but his eyes were shining brightly. He subconsciously clenched his fists.

He had decided not to cultivate anymore tonight and would return to have a good rest.

This was considered the most decadent task for him during this recent period of time. This was because tomorrow will be the final day of the round-robin match. It would be the day when the best contestants from group number three and group number four would be listed among the top ten finalists and became the prospective partners to be chosen by Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena in the Joust For A Spouse Festival.

On the other hand, the opponent that Tang Wulin was about to fight against in the final round was precisely his biggest love rival, Qiangu Zhangting!

Ever since Gu Yuena had come to see him the other day, a peculiar feeling had pent up inside in Tang Wulin’s heart. ‘So you won’t allow me to take part huh? I’m going to take part, what can you do? I will never allow you to choose Qiangu Zhanting regardless of your goal!’

He would never allow himself to lose this battle regardless and he would not lose either. He wished to defeat Qiangu Zhangting and tell him that Gu Yuena was his. No one could take her away from him.

The Joust For A Spouse Festival was a grand event that helped Spirit Pagoda achieve many things including an opportunity to display their abilities, wealth, and their inner secrets while distracting the public view and improving their popularity.

On the other hand, it was similarly a grand event for everyone that came to participate in the event including Tang Wulin. All their plans were carried out soundlessly all along. It was already getting closer to the final collision.

Tang Wulin crossed his legs and meditated. He sensed the changes in his body and comprehended the heaven and earth law.

Tang Wulin’s cultivation base was elevating under the subtle influence of his doings without his notice.

Streams of bright light appeared in the air soon after. The light overlapped and alternated as his cultivation base increased. It appeared as if a small world had appeared in the area surrounding his body.

In this small world, seven-colored radiance circulated. Giant dragon’s roars were heard and there was also vegetation filled with life energy that blotted out the sky and covered the earth. There was even an endless stretch of surging sea that stretched as far as the eye could see.

In the small room, the place seemed to have already turned into a bizarre world during Tang Wulin’s cultivation process.

It was his Thought

Concretization and these were the projection of his strength.

As his spiritual power was elevated, Tang Wulin’s overall ability was already becoming more and more powerful. He could feel that he was improving every day. As compared to when he was engaged in the Battle of Five Gods in the Star Luo Empire, he had become even more stable now. The sudden breakthrough from his consummation with Gu Yuena back then had resulted in the instability of his foundation. It had already completely stabilized after he had engaged in Heavenly Refinement for so many days.

He found that he could already begin elevating his soul power through cultivation. On the other hand, after the stabilization of his cultivation base for this period of time, he learned that even though his cultivation base had already achieved Title Douluo-ranked but his soul power’s elevation speed was rather swift and violent. This had even come as a surprise to him.

“It’s the day for the final round of round-robin match for group number three and group number four! We must watch the battle of group number three for sure! Hah-hah, Yu Longyue is finally going to fight against Qiangu Zhangting. The most powerful powerhouse of the third group is finally going to be determined.”

“That’s right. The victors from group number one and group number two have already been determined. They were quite outstanding. Lan Fozi from group number four has already taken lead and revealed himself since two rounds ago. We shall watch group number three now. Yu Longyue and Qiangu Zhangting are both victors that won all eight battles earlier. Today will be the day that determines one of them as a qualifier. Who do you think is the more powerful one among them?”

“That’s difficult to tell. However, I think Yu Longyue is more promising. When all predictions say that he is going to lose earlier, he completely defeats the opponent with an instant kill strike. His Blue Electric Overlord Dragon martial soul is too domineering. The instant outburst power makes one’s blood boil just by thinking about it.”

“That’s not for sure. I think Qiangu Zhangting is more promising. Don’t you forget that this is Spirit Pagoda’s event and how much resources and inner secrets Spirit Pagoda has! The Blue Electric Overlord Dragon Clan is albeit powerful but it can’t compare to Spirit Pagoda, right? Qiangu Zhangting’s martial soul is the Dragon Coiling Staff. Even a dragon has to coil itself before Qiangu Zhangting. I think that it will be difficult for Yu Longyue to defeat him by using an outburst trick. Both of them will engage in an arduous battle I suppose.”

“Regardless, we must watch this battle. I’ve already bought my ticket. Even though it is quite costly but watching it live on the scene will certainly beat watching from home. Hah-hah.”

“Do you still have extra tickets? I want to watch it on the scene too. I have a bottle of thirty-five-year-old good liquor at home. Would you like to try it?”

“Nah, I won’t sell my ticket. The price of a scalper ticket is sky high too now. However, it’s still better to witness this battle with your own eyes no matter how high the price is. This is possibly the only chance you get to see this in your lifetime. Other than the Battle of Five Gods in Star Luo Empire participated by Tang Sect’s Sect Master back then, today’s battle is the one I wish to see the most.”

It could be said that the public was exhilarated for today’s competition. The major soul television channels in the federation were here to set up the live stream services since the early morning.

The winner of this battle was considered to have the highest probability of being chosen partner by Silver Dragon Princess in the end. Whoever won this battle could very possibly receive the Silver Dragon Princess’ good graces.

Even though there were a number of powerhouses from other groups that were rather good looking, none was as attractive as the contestants from group number three.

On the main platform, Qiangu Dongfeng was personally present and Gu Yuena had also joined him. Other than that, there were the great forces that came from different places, including some high-ranking officers from the federal parliament.

Qiangu Dongfeng was smiling all along. It seemed like he was not regarding the victory and defeat of this competition as important, while Gu Yuena remained as cold as always.

“Pagoda Master, what do you think of today’s competition for Zhangting?” An old man dressed in fine clothes glanced towards Qiangu Dongfeng.

Qiangu Dongfeng chuckled. “Hello, deputy speaker. Joust For A Spouse Festival is to find out one’s abilities. I value Zhangting and I’m unwilling to accept if Na Na is marrying someone else! Na Na and Zhangting are considered friends since childhood. I’ll be able to retire at ease if they can be together.”

“Hah-hah. It seems like you’re very confident! Otherwise, you won’t be organizing this Joust For A Spouse Festival” The deputy speaker chuckled.

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