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Old Ancestor?

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“Huh!” As he was walking to the outside, the burly man suddenly stopped walking and used his right hand to press onto the air. Yuanen Yehui who was standing by his side could clearly feel that his press that appeared to be casual seemed to be collapsing the entire air. A hasty voice was heard right after. “I’m on your side.”

As the muffled voice was heard, a silhouette appeared out of thin air. The silhouette stumbled before he had managed to firmly stand with great efforts. This was precisely Xie Xie in disguise.

How could Xie Xie possibly refrain himself from coming to Yuanen Yehui’s competition? He was about to go up and welcome her return when he suddenly saw Yuanen Yehui walk towards that strange burly man. The burly man had even actually patted Yuanen Yehui’s shoulder. How could he tolerate that when he had not even touched her yet! He had only accidentally caught a peek once upon a time…

“This little boy here is quite interesting too. However, it’s not right either.” The burly man shook his head towards Xie Xie with a pitiful expression on his face.

“He is acquainted with Wulin. Don’t you act recklessly.” Yuanen Yehui grabbed Xie Xie who had an unyielding expression.

Xie Xie’s expression had only relaxed down by a little upon hearing Tang Wulin’s name. He softly said, “He touched you earlier, he…”

“I didn’t manage to stop him.” A dash of embarrassment and anger flashed in the depths of Yuanen Yehui’s eyes.

Xie Xie felt surprised in his heart. He was well aware of how powerful Yuanen Yehui was now. Even though she was just an eight-ringed soul master, an ordinary Title Douluo could not even compare to her abilities now.

She was surprisingly incapable of stopping the opponent’s pressing palm despite her abilities. This signified that the opponent was a Hyper Douluo-ranked powerhouse at the very least. In fact, he was not even an ordinary Hyper Douluo.

They did not have Tang Wulin’s Spirit Domain spiritual power so they could not tell the depth of this burly man but they could still make a basic judgment about him.

“There’s no need to make wild guesses anymore. I am Yuanen’s elder. What’s wrong with me patting her?” The burly man glared and looked towards Xie Xie in an unkind manner. “You, on the contrary, should stay far away from our Yuanen.”

The corners of Xie Xie’s lips twitched as intense gloominess rose in his heart.

For some unknown reason, Yuanen Yehui felt like laughing as she looked at Xie Xie’s expression at present.

“I don’t remember having an elder like you.” She looked at the burly man in puzzlement.

The burly man answered. “It’s alright as long as you know now. Little girl, you were really quite impressive there and I’m very satisfied. It’s truly pleasing to know that I have a descendant like you.”

Yuanen Yehui’s expression was filled with puzzlement and confusion. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin’s voice was heard in her ears. “That’s right, he is indeed your elder. Come out first. We shall discuss further when we’re out. Let’s head to our station first.”

Yuanen Yehui had only felt at ease after hearing Tang Wulin’s voice. She followed the burly man as they walked out of the Mingdu Coliseum together.

A soul car was already waiting for them since earlier. The car was fitted with one-way mirrors so one could only see the outside from the inside and the inside was not visible from the outside.

The door was opened and they got into the car. Inside the car, it was spacious with two rows of elegant seats and a small table in the center.

Tang Wulin was seated on a chair nearer to the inside. He waved to them after the door was opened.

The three of them got into the car. The burly man could not help moaning as he sat on the comfortable chair. “Your mankind is really good at enjoying life huh! This is genuinely quite interesting.”

Tang Wulin’s face displayed slight helplessness. “Uncle Er, it’s not that mankind is completely useless. At least, other races genuinely can’t compare to mankind’s ability to create.”

Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie were still all confused until this very moment. Xie Xie could not stop himself from taking the lead and asked, “Big brother, who is this person? Since when does Yuanen have an elder like this? What’s going on recently, why does this keep happening.”

Ever since he learned about Yuanen Yehui’s family background, Xie Xie was filled with pity for her. He wished he could help her share some burden.

Tang Wulin spoke, “This person is Yuanen’s elder for sure. I met him coincidentally. I think that it’s best for me to explain to you after we return. Then, you should consider whether to let the others know about this or not.”

Yuanen Yehui was stunned for a moment. She turned her head to the side and looked towards Xie Xie. Xie Xie held up his opened hands. “It’s fine with me. It’s your private matters after all. It’s fine if you don’t tell me as long as it is not something that is making you unhappy.”

The Tang Sect’s car was not only elegant but it was also equipped with exceedingly good privacy. The backseat was isolated from the driver in the front seat via a division plate. As a result, there was no need to worry about them eavesdropping on the conversation.

“Captain, there’s no one here that I wish to avoid. Please speak,” Yuanen Yehui said almost without the slightest hesitation.

Xie Xie immediately felt as if a gush of warmth surged into his entire body upon hearing her words and even his cheeks were tainted by redness from the warmth.

He had been with Yuanen Yehui for such a long time so he was of course well aware of her temperament. She was not good at expressing herself, especially when it came to expressing her feelings. It was already very difficult for her to speak those words. How could Xie Xie refrain himself from being happy after hearing those words?

Tang Wulin nodded and said, “Senior Zhentian once said that your clan’s lineage is derived from the Beast King Titan Giant Ape the other day. However, he did not explain too clearly at the time. I trust that you still remembered it, right?”

Yuanen Yehui nodded.

Tang Wulin continued. “In reality, the Titan Giant Ape is an ancient divine beast. Its bloodline is extremely rare so it is very difficult to be passed down even to its own clan. On the other hand, it’s also impossible for mankind to possess a martial soul of this type. Thus, your family’s lineage was derived from a Titan Giant Ape that cultivated into human form and your first ancestor that is your grandmother in a certain sense.”

Yuanen Yehui had a change of countenance. “So you’re saying that I’m not a pure human being?”

Tang Wulin hastily shook his head. “No, I definitely don’t mean that. I only want you to understand this point. On the other hand, there are other precedents of a combination between mankind and soul beast since earlier in reality. The wife of our Tang Sect’s first ancestor Tang San, Soft Bone Douluo was precisely a one hundred thousand year soul beast that cultivated into human form!”

Yuanen Yehui’s expression became slightly more pleasant upon hearing his words. On the other hand, the burly man that was seated by Tang Wulin’s side spoke with slight dissatisfaction. “What’s wrong with soul beasts?”

Yuanen Yehui took a glance at him. However, she had yet to figure out what Tang Wulin was trying to say. Could it be that the man before herself was actually related to the Titan Giant Ape’s lineage?

Tang Wulin continued to talk. “The reality should be as such too, including your surname. Your surname came from the Titan Giant Ape that cultivated into human form. The word ‘Yuanen’ is originated from the word ‘primeval favor’.”

Yuanen Yehui nodded. “Captain, what are you trying to…”

Tang Wulin interrupted. “This person here is actually your first ancestor.” He did not bother to beat about the bush anymore. Even though he understood that Yuanen Yehui could not possibly accept the fact in a short while, but he still made the decision to speak frankly.

Yuanen Yehui was stunned and even Xie Xie sitting by her side was stunned from astonishment. In reality, it would be very difficult for a person to accept this fact regardless of who it was. After all, a man suddenly came out of nowhere and told you, ‘Hey, I’m your ancestor.’ The matter sounded a little strange regardless of how one put it.

Xie Xie could not refrain himself anymore. “Big brother, you must be joking, right?”

Tang Wulin answered in an unpleasant tone, “Do you think that I would make a joke out of such matters? I’m speaking the truth. Both of you have also entered the Ten Thousand Beast Platform before. Do you still remember about everything that you’ve encountered there?”

Both of them nodded gently.

Tang Wulin continued. “I met Uncle Er Ming there. In reality, both of you should have heard about the stories of our Tang Sect’s first ancestor Tang San. In history, there were two soul beasts easily that helped Tang San once. Those were Azure Oxpython and Titan Giant Ape. Senior Er Ming is precisely the Titan Giant Ape from back then. It was him that passed down the lineage of Yuanen.”

Er Ming repeatedly nodded to express his acknowledgment of what was told by Tang Wulin.

Yuanen Yehui looked at Tang Wulin in a daze and then she looked at Er Ming by the side. All at once, she could only feel as if she was traveling through time.

‘That’s the Titan Giant Ape? My first ancestor, the real Titan Giant Ape is right before me?’


“It’s chaotic, my heart feels a little chaotic.” The muscles on Xie Xie’s face were even slightly twitching.

Tang Wulin did not speak. It was better for the person concerned to accept the fact first.

Er Ming bitterly chuckled. “It’s alright. I wasn’t hoping for you to acknowledge me either. Supposedly I wasn’t a responsible old ancestor. In reality, had it not been my encounter with Wulin, I wouldn’t have even known that I have a lineage of descendants. I’m already happy knowing my lineage is passed down to all of you. There’s no need to acknowledge me. I’m only here to take a look. I’m already very satisfied just to be able to see you and feel my bloodline flowing through your body.”

He could already feel that his bloodline flowed with Yuanen Yehui’s body as soon as he saw her.

The passing of bloodline would not necessarily be thinned out after many generations. This was because of the existence of a martial soul lineage. As long as the martial soul was passed down, bloodline could generally be continuously passed down along with the martial soul. As a result, even though Yuanen Yehui’s bloodline was not considered especially thick, he could completely confirm that this was his descendant carried his bloodline.

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