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The Simplified Version Of Dragon Emperor Break

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On the other hand, Lan Fozi appeared fearless. Meanwhile, the soul power circulating inside her made her illusory. It seemed there was someone from an unseen world in the sky above who was looking down on the land below. He was ready to dominate everything.

However, the surging aura from Tang Wulin’s body was rapidly retracted. Everything returned to normal as before.

He loosened the grasp on Lan Fozi’s wrist and spoke indifferently, “Let’s go.” He led the way outside upon saying that.

Lan Fozi was stunned for a moment. She assumed that Tang Wulin was going to start a fight with her. She felt quite angry still. ‘It’s okay, we can fight if you want. I’m not afraid of you.’ Yet, Tang Wulin’s compromising action in retracting his aura abruptly and turning around to go outside made her uncomfortable. The feeling was especially obvious when he was walking toward the outside with a wisp of desolation in his gaze.

After leaving the rest room, Tang Wulin waited for her outside. Lan Fozi walked forward. “Follow me.”

Tang Wulin did not inquire further but followed her as they walked to a corner at the side.

“That Lu Yuxin is not ordinary. His abilities are not what he displayed the other day. Your opponent today is going to be him,” said Lan Fozi concisely.

“I know.” Tang Wulin spoke indifferently, “Is that all?”

Lan Fozi spoke with a cold voice, “Are you a dog?”

Tang Wulin frowned slightly.

Lan Fozi spoke, “If not, why are you biting everyone you see? Did you have gunpowder today? Are you going to explode?”

Tang Wulin was speechless. Her temper was equally foul!

“I’m in a bad mood, and I’m too lazy to entertain you today. Had it not been because you’re a girl whom I don’t wish to fight, do you think I’ll just let it be when you grabbed me earlier? Thank you for caring. However, there’s no need for that. Besides, I thought you like girls. I don’t wish to influence nor change your sexual orientation. So, don’t fall in love with me.”

Tang Wulin turned around and left upon saying that.

Lan Fozi’s eyes almost turned blue in rage after hearing Tang Wulin’s response. Her emotions burst forth uncontrollably like an exploding volcano.

A gush of vigorous air waves exploded with a loud boom. It enshrouded Tang Wulin in a split second.

Tang Wulin felt like he had stepped into a whirlpool in the deep sea. His entire person sank into the air waves. The terrifying pressure from all directions was squeezing Tang Wulin into dust.

It looked like a vortex up front. Seemingly, there were thousands of tiny vortices hidden within the vortex. These vortices were tearing his body wildly in all directions. He even heard the sound of the tempestuous waves in his ears.

At the moment, Tang Wulin’s eyes suddenly turned a golden color. A peculiar feeling arose inside his body. His right hand transformed into the Golden Dragon Claw instantaneously. He grabbed at the air in a violent move. All the tempestuous waves in the surroundings immediately calmed down. Lan Fozi felt her body being emptied out as if her strength was completely stripped away. In the next moment, Tang Wulin’s right hand grabbed her neck and lifted her off the ground.

It was the simplified version of the Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break!

The distance between them was close. Lan Fozi was clueless that Tang Wulin had such an ability. He tore out a breach in her vortex instantaneously.

The most terrifying part of Tang Wulin was his close combat ability. They were in the rest area of the coliseum after all. Lan Fozi still had her scruples. Hence, her attack was limited to a small range. It was broken by Tang Wulin’s simplified version of the Forbid All Laws. Subsequently, her neck was grabbed. At the same time, the numbness of being electrocuted radiated throughout her whole body.

Actually, the Forbid All Laws was capable of neutralizing all energy-type attacks. It combined many of Tang Wulin’s abilities. The Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law was derived from the heaven and earth laws which formed the true essence behind all laws.

It was proficiently utilized after Tang Wulin made another breakthrough in his spiritual power.

Lan Fozi was infuriated, yet she was rendered incapable of launching her attack. The situation was controlled instantly.

The lightning was retracted as soon as it was unleashed. Tang Wulin placed the paralyzed Lan Fozi leaning against a wall. He took a deep glance at her. There was a wisp of apologetic look in his gaze. “I’m sorry I’m in a bad mood today. Thank you for your reminder.”

Although he wished to distance himself from Lan Fozi so as to prevent a similar issue with Dai Yun’er previously from recurring, Tang Wulin was inherently a kind person. He regretted his actions and apologized to her.

He dared not remain much longer for fear that Lan Fozi would be free from the paralysis to trouble him again. Tang Wulin returned to the rest area immediately.

A few seconds later, Lan Fozi struggled free from the paralysis. She panted loudly to catch her breath. She wondered to herself, ‘How did I lose control of myself earlier? What sort of ability did he use? Could it be that my Endless Vortex was ineffective on him? That powerful skill was solely created by Mother!’

‘Is he really that powerful? Is he more powerful than I imagined?’

‘It seems like I worried over him for nothing.’

‘Only that, he is abominable. Love him? Bah! Who is going to fall in love with a scoundrel like him?’

The third round of the round-robin match for group number three had officially begun.

Perhaps it was due to Lan Fozi’s influence, Tang Wulin appeared to be in a more pleasant mood. He was scheduled to compete in the first round today. Perhaps, it was intentionally arranged by the Spirit Pagoda.

“It’s time for His Excellency Yu Longyue’s match again. I believe everyone is paying a great deal of attention to today’s competition. Today’s battle is the highlight of the day. To whet your appetite, we’ve intentionally arranged this match as today’s first session. Let’s make a simple analysis.” The commentator put in great effort in his commentating.

“Yu Longyue made a display of his exceedingly powerful abilities during the earlier matches without a doubt. They were magnificent feats where he defeated the opponents instantly. Undoubtedly, his abilities are at the top among the contestants. His opponent for today, His Excellency Lu Yuxin, whose moniker is the Boundless Yellow Sand Paradise Road, has pretty impressive abilities too. What a waste it was that he lost to His Excellency Qiangu Zhangting during the last round of the competition.”

“As everyone knows, the two greatest competing opponents in group number three now are His Excellency Yu Longyue and His Excellency Qiangu Zhangting. His Excellency Qiangu Zhangting has defeated His Excellency Lu Yuxin. Can His Excellency Yu Longyue breakthrough this round successfully? If he’s successful, perhaps we’ll be able to compare the abilities of His Excellency Yu Longyue and His Excellency Qiangu Zhangting. Hence, today’s competition is very important. Everyone must pay attention and watch closely, alright?”

“The two Excellencies have already made their appearances. Our referee is already in place. Actually, the referee’s function in a collision between Title Douluos is rather limited. It’s because their movements are too swift and the power unleashed from their soul skills during the battle is too powerful. It’s not an easy task for the referee if he wishes to stop the battle. We can only hope that our Excellencies will have self-control so that they will not injure each other.”

“The countdown begins. Five, four, three, two, one. Begin the competition.”

At the same time the commentary was given, both opponents were making the necessary preparations on the competition stage.

Lu Yuxin acted vigilantly as he fought against Tang Wulin. He did not underestimate his opponent. However, he also felt very confident of himself.

During the battle with Qiangu Zhangting the other day, he coordinated his attacks well. In reality, both of them were Title Douluos. No matter how powerful Qiangu Zhangting was, Lu Yuxin would not have lost that swiftly either.

Things were different with Yu Longyue. He was the main competitor of Lu Yuxin’s young master, Qiangu Zhangting. If Lu Yuxin could defeat Yu Longyue, aside from the rewards that he would be receiving, he would be able to form a great relationship with Qiangu Zhangting, the future successor of the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master. He would achieve many things in one stroke. Consequently, he spared no effort to defeat Yu Longyue today.

Soon after the announcement of the electronic voice, Lu Yuxin behaved similarly as in the last round. He transformed himself into yellow sand at once. The yellow sand spread outward to blot out the sky and cover the earth.

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