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She looked at the children.

The thought of their conception flashed back her mind.

…. The very night her uncle sentt her to buy card On the 4th of February, that was the night she couldn’t never forget.

……. Now the children are in the world mysteriously.

…. Who could be the father of the children now???? The rapist who she didn’t even know their faces talk more of names or her Uncle??

She can’t just tell. ” Poor me” Dupe cried.

“Madam how are they doing???”,Mr Hendricks asked.. the Doctor” they are doing well sir. Thank God they are really doing beyond our expectations. Some premature babies don’t survive or they weigh less but IAM very surprised at this ones nature. You can imagine they both weigh That is really amazing” Dr. Bryan explained to Mr Hendricks impressively.

”” “” “” “” Hold on ….. Mr Hendricks is the man that helped and still helping Modupe……

********, Questions are lingering in the nurses minds.. Who could this Mr Hendricks be to dupe???? A father, husband or a sort of family relations? Since the girl put to birth there was no one coming to see her or even bring the needed things.

…….. It was at the verge of the delivery that some of the things were been bought…

“No matter how related the man was to her.. he is really trying” the nurses commended Mr Hendricks who was running up and down.He even took the risk of signing the agreement statement that is mandate before any operation commence.


When the babies were matured enough to to stay out of the given temperature, they were handed over to their mother….

……*****…… Dupe was now strong enough to breast feed her children….

She looked at them in eye and all she could see was love and peace…. Peace and love she missed longer ago…

“Though you came to this world in a painful and miserable way to me. I will always love you. You will turn my bitterness to sweetness.. In you I shall be blessed” she prayed for the children.

“Sir we want to register the babies, how do we go about the names??” The nurse asked.

Dupe looked at Mr Hendricks and he looked at her.

She tried opening mouth to say something but there was nothing coming forth… Which name those she want suggest? Her father’s name, uncle’s Name or the rapists?????

” The names are, Oluwadarasimi Hendricks love, and the boy OLUWASEUN Hendricks Jonathan”Mr Hendricks said boldly as Modupe looked at him in shock.

” Is he claiming the children for himself or what is he trying to do.

That was the question she couldn’t answer.

Mr Hendricks begged an elderly woman who happened to be his neighbor. This woman have soooo much benefited from him that she respected him Soo much. He do pay her bills, take care of most of her needs infact because of his kindness and generosity, humility and humanity Mr Hendricks and the woman became geographical family..

” “*'””’ Mr Hendricks is well known in doing good and most people like him and protect whatever have to do with him.

Mr Hendricks kane is from UK, he works with the foreign embassy and owns the biggest firm in the city; De Hendrickss co. Lt. A popular company known all over.

His family based in Uk. His only child, Gerald, is in his final year, in the medical college. His wife Rose is a nice and easy going woman who is planted in humanity and clothed with humility and meekness just like her husband.

Mr Hendricks family do come for visit once in awhile… .

“I want you to do me a favor!” Hendricks pleaded with his neighbor.

“Sir you know I will do whatever you ask me to do willingly, whole hearthely ND perfectly” Mrs sarah the neighbor answered sincerely.

” I have someone in the hospital who delivered but need help, like take care of her and the babies. I will pay you any amount you mention’ he said.

*” “” “” “” ”'”,Sir you have done enough for me already no need of payment we are now family” she said and he took her to the hospital.

Mrs Sarah took care of Dupe in the hospital without questions.

Bathing the babies and the mother.She was taken by compassion to see a little of her age in such a condition.

,#####$Aunty Sade and her husband didn’t care to look for dupe and were not bothered. They don’t care whether she is death or still alive.

…..Dupe was discharged from the hospital and was welcomed home warmly……

******** “Welcome home mother, welcome to the world, welcome home great achievers” Mr Hendricks smiled broadly,As he carry the boy while Mrs Sarah carry the girl.

Modupe humbly and gratefully walked in. She looked her left and right. She discovered she was surrounded by strangers who are gladly rendering help to her.

…….”where is my family, relations or even neighbors,they are nowhere to be found.They couldn’t help me in the time I needed help must…

Is now strangers that are sharing my burdens and wiping my tears away…..” She thought as she find comfort on one of the chairs..

………………… Mrs Sarah do stay there cooking all the pepper soup and things she may need. Massaging and helping her get better. In the evening she will go back home and take care of her house.

…. Mother Modupe is left alone when Mr Hendricks is not around.

She is now a mother……

The children were crying she didn’t know what to do……

“Oooooohhhhhh MOTHER AT 16…. Iam not matured enough to detect or guess your discomfort or need but I know you will be fine” she said gently rubbing their backs gently and singing cradle songs to them….

……. She heard the get rolled and the door opened it was Mr Hendricks, he came back late that day because he went to pick his son Gerald from the airport.

Gerald came to visit his dad….. After long time,his mother couldn’t make it because she was having a big program over there in UK she is the president of the ORPHANS AND REFUGEES DIVINE COMFORTERS ministry…

But she promised to come anytime soon



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