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Modupe’s prayed in the car like never before.

“Father let it be that iam not pregnant. Let it be just malaria”

…… The woman looked at Dupe and looked at Sade…

” Hmmmm , ma your daughter is 18 weeks pregnant” she broke the news…

” What!!!! you mean this girl here is 4months 2weeks pregnant????. Heeeeeee” Aunty Sade clapped her hands in bewilderment.

“Na to deliver remain, oooo hmmmmmm inside life.

If I didn’t stay at home today and she threw up in my presence, that is how I would just come and meet a new baby in my house without my knowledge.

Madam can you see how this world is gradually coming to an end????

…… Dupe that I brought from the village yesterday, have now tear eyes that she is 4 complete months pregnant and IAM not aware under my roof? “Sade was really ranged.

Dupe couldn’t believe what she was hearing.. 4what??????

How comes?????

She just was dumped instantly.

“Thank you ma”” Sade said and stood up.

Dupe remained on the seat for a while before standing up.

Only God knows what she will face.

She don’t know if to face her Aunty’s wrath or to endure in the pain and shock she was.

She made up her mind not to spend a night in her Aunty’s house. There’s no anything worst that could happen to her that has not happened.

…. She just wanted to go and die.

“Dupe your own is finished”,aunty Sade threatened

Dupe didn’t talk.

Sade used her eyes and regarded her from head to toe, but Dupe wasn’t moved.

Immediately they reached house, Sade bounced on dupe and started pounding her

“Tell me who is responsible for the pregnancy?” She questioned angrily.

Dupe didn’t utter a word.

… Her phone rang it was one of her business associate that wanted to see her urgently.

“I will be back for you” she said and drove out furiously.

….. Dupe went in selected the clothes she came with it put in her Ghana must go and embarked on a journey that only God knows the destination.

She just want to be Faraway from home, she want to die in peace.

She was just walking. She walked miles away from home. She don’t know where she was.

……. .

.. she got tired and laid down by the road side

Aunty Sade got home and was shocked not to see dupe at home…

“Let her never come back again” she vomited angrily.

It was 10pm she was still laying down there. She got up and laid on the middle of the road for car to come and hit her soooo she could die.

……. “What is wrong with this one nah” a man in his car who nearly hit her, stormed in anger.

…… “Oga, Why did you press your brake nah? Please come and hit me, God will forgive you, just hit me and take my life, I have no reason to live again. My work is over in this world”Dupe cried to the man.

” I don’t know what you are passing through or where you are coming from, but whatsoever you may be passing through that shouldn’t lead you to this”the man said pathetic. Though he was just seeing her for the first time her reaction shows she is in pain.

“Would you like to come with me?” The man asked gently

“Sir I don’t want to live again, just kill me”she said.

” I won’t kill you but I will give you a helping hand”the man said and pulled her up.

Such a young beautiful girl, going through this? He sat her in the front seat and put her Ghana at the back.

When they reached house,the man showed her a single room. She entered.

That day , she was served a food she never tasted in her life.

………. “You need to go and rest now, ok?” The man put her on bed and covered her with a duvert for warmness.

… Modupe didn’t know whether she was dreaming or it was real until she woke up the next day.

The man lead her to a dinner table full of different dishes and snacks.

“,What would you like to have for breakfast” he asked gently.

” Anything” she answered

He made a hot tea served her with bread and butter…

After the breakfast, The man asked her of her story and she narrated everything from her birth till date including the pregnancy.

The man was full of compassion and pity. He promised to help her in any way.

The man registered her in ante-natal… Immediately

Three months after her stay there, Modupe went to premature labor.

She was rushed to the hospital.

She couldn’t deliver because of the nature of the pregnancy and she is under age.. she was just 16years…..

,,,,,,,,,, CS was performed and the babies survived miraculously. It was twins a boy and girl.

When she woke up., She was told that she had twins….

With tears she looked at the twins, A boy and girl.

“She said whatever you do lord you are right.

…. “I will name the boy OLUWASEUN, which means Thank God, and the girl I will name her OLUWADARASIMI which means God is good to me.

“Thank you Father, because you are always good to me


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