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“I see you have met a new friend already” my mom trailed off the moment I walked in. Guess she saw me talking to someone outside

“Yeah, her name’s Catherine and she’s really nice. She offered to show me around town tomorrow before I finally go back. Isn’t that sweet?” I squeaked in excitement as I narrated to my mom.

She slowly nodded a reply

“As long as it makes you happy, I am too”

She wasn’t certain about her reply. There’s no excitement in her voice that someone offered me some friendly gestures and rendered to spare some of her Time and show me around town.

Isn’t that worth something?

I mean isn’t she supposed to be happy about that?

“You don’t like the idea?” I asked all of a sudden.

“No Miriam don’t think that way. It’s a generous offer and I thank her for that. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful.

There’s just more to people than their looks and friendly gestures. I learnt that in the case of your father”

She sighed out

“I understand what you mean mom. And I thank you for being this concerned. She’s nice okay”

I assured my mom cause something in me tells me she isn’t so happy about this tour thing.

“Okay, fine. Just be careful. That’s all” she exhaled sharply with a smile small stretched on her lips.

“Sure” I twitched, walking back to my room.

There isn’t a need to cause a worry about anything. I’m super excited about this and i can’t wait for tomorrow.

I’ve always wanted a tour and luckily, someone just rendered her services.

I have just few more days to go back to the convent and I must use them well. I really don’t know if I’ll ever be given such a chance like this again.

Sister Mag and Audrey can really be unpredictable at times.

All I want is a tour, and friendly Catherine will help achieve that.


I acted normal the next morning. These two are back and I didn’t know when they sneaked back in or the Time either.

Seeing them sneak out of the convent gives me a heavy bump right in my chest. It’s like I’m carrying a big secret which I am so guilty for not reporting it.

I can’t deny that I’m not sure for a fact that the girl of last night wasn’t Samantha.

I clearly saw her face and i know she was the one. Even though I didn’t get to see the other person’s Face, I am very well sure it was patley cause those two are birds of a feather.

Should I report about this?

No I can’t, I fear what they’d do to them.

It’s best if I chat them up and tell them what I saw. They’ll be surprised I know, but that’s the only way I can have peace of mind.

I can go on by threatening to report them if I ever catch them sneak out of the convent again. That’s a brilliant idea.

It’s better than reporting straight to the authority.

Who knows? They might decide to change and confess their deed’s to the Rev’d sisters themselves.

I just have to do this. And if they go against my threat to tell on them, then I have no choice other than to report them straight to sister Mag and Audrey.


We have just few more days before the arrival of the Pope

Yet I and my men haven’t come up with a great plan on his abduction.

I can’t miss this opportunity. Imagine what we’d gain from this, the ransom and all. He’s a very important personnel in the society and they’ll be ready to pay anything for his release.

Something in me tells me this operation would bring Alot of Fortune to us. And I’m just too fvcking excited about this.

We can’t let this one-time opportunity slip through our fingers. It’s not everyday you get to expect such a prestigious person in a town like Brooklyn city.

I’m pushing through with the plans and it will be a complete success.


I’m still excited that I got picked for Lord Skylar’s treat. You know that guy always come in handy.

I am so fortunate to be the one treating him.

Who knows what I’d gain from this?

I have a plan already. Which I know it’ll be very hard.

This is a one-time chance and I intend to make good use of it. I’ll decide on how to make him fall asleep and then, make away with his money.

Cause he’s gonna be in so much cash that day😋.

But the problem is how can I do this?

I don’t know who my partner will be and I’m not sure if I can liase my plans with her…🤔

One way or another, I’m sure I’m gonna come up with something good…






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