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Scarlett POV

We went downstairs to the living room ,mom and Jeff was seated already so we just act like we don’t know what’s going on

“You call us mom what’s the problem” I asked the moment I got close

Rihanna had that expressionless face while Jeff kept staring at her in a strange way

“The problem is your wonderful brother here is going to be a father soon” she said sarcastically

“,Hold on mom I don’t understand what’s going on mom” I asked innocently

“What I mean to say is Tanya is pregnant for your brother” she shouted

” calm down mom you don’t need to raise your voice you know it’s not good for your health * Rihanna said and walked towards mom she kept rocking her back

“Like seriously brother ‘” I asked pretending to be confuse

“Scarlett I don’t know what to do right now because I know she is lying that pregnancy isn’t mine” he said with so much faustration

“Don’t worry brother we will get to the root of all this” I said calmly but was interrupted by the devil himself

“Root of what actually” she asked with a corny smile and walked to where mom and Jeff was seated

With her luggage

“What’s the meaning of this Tanya” Jeff groaned

“Meaning of what baby ?” She cooed

“Young lady you can’t just bring your stuff into my house are you mad or something” mom barked at her.

“Yes mother in law I am ,this is my future husband to be house and as you can see am pregnant with his child and you have no right to chase me out or else am gonna get the minister for women affairs involved” she said and rolled her begs upstairs

I looked at Rihanna she wink at me and ran after Tanya

Mom looked sad and disappointed while Jeff on the other hand seem confused

Well he brought this upon himself

I better go check on Rihanna

“I followed them and hid behind a big art work

Rihanna was talking to Tanya and she was enjoying it

I wonder what she is saying to her.

Well it’s part the plan to distract her so I can place the camera in Jeffery’s room causeI know she want to share room with him.

I quickly sneaked to his room and placed it somewhere it won’t be detected

I left the room immediately and signaled Anna that the job was fun

Tanya POV

Guess what mom the plan is working perfectly have succeeded in putting them in a tight situation ” I said with a grin

Bravo my dear you the mean deal , gradually we gonna make life unbearable for them ” mom said from over the phone

Gotta go mom it’s time to implement phase two of my plans ” I said and disconnected the call

I was still smiling to myself when Rihanna giggle happily and ran to me

“Sister in law!!” She squeak as she played with my hair.

I like this new Rihanna she is extremely playfully and I hope she never recover her memory

“Aww my sweet girl how are you and why are you so Happy”I asked her with a smile

“Am so so happy because I get to see your beautiful face every day, brother should be happy he has some one like you” she said and peeked my cheek

I felt loved it then I decided to treat her like my family too because she is the only one that’s close to me.

“I don’t like that ugly grumpy aunty Scarlett she always try to scare me ” she pouts which made me laugh

She now talks like a child

“Really !! Tell me about it” I said eagerly

“Do you know?? Aunty cranky doesn’t like you one bit she hates you because my brother loves you ,she told me not to come close to you that you evil but I refuse to believe that ” she said and hugged me tenderly

“Aww thanks baby and am not a bad person ,well some thing about my past changed me and I must rectify it by doing what I think it’s right ” I said and pulled her cheeks playfully

“Okay sister in law let me help you with your bags “she said and helped me carried my bag towards Jeffery’s room like she knows that’s where I would wanna stay.

After helping me arrange my clothes she jugged out.

I watched her with smiles

Rihanna POV

That was too easy Rihanna

I thought she was the master corner but guess what she is just too easy to fool.

Tanya Tanya you think you are good at deceiving people but just seat back and watch how I deal with you

I walked quietly through the hallway and saw Jeff standing close to the stairs

He looked lost

“Brother ” I whispered audibly and held his hand in a comforting manner

“Yes Anna how are you feeling” he asked with a weak smiles

Swears I felt weak

“Am not fine as long as you not fine brother please don’t think about all of this too much it’s going to be fine soon” I said still holding his hand

“It’s okay Anna you don’t have to worry I will be fine soon. Dear ” he said and kissed my forehead before walking away

I felt butterflies in my stomach….

Jeffery’s POV

“What the heck are you doing in my room” I growled immediately I saw Tanya in my room

” What else baby , this is my husband’s room so it’s not a crime if I sleep here” she said grinning from ear to ear

” Oh spare me that trash and for your information have invited my doctor for a DNA test so get ready and come downstairs” I barked at her and walked away

I know for a fact that this results will decide that child’s fate.


She came downstairs and our blood sample were taken by the doctor

“Doctor when should I be expecting the results” I asked curiously

“Don’t worry Mr Martinez you will get it soon ” he replied and packed his stuff

” Okay thanks good day doctor” I said and walked out

I need some fresh air , I walked quietly to the garden and sat down on the root of the oak tree

I was trying to reflect back at my life so far, haven’t been of good conduct ,never interacted with commoners because I felt they are all the same

It was a commoner that took my father from my mom, she was the reason my dad stripped us off our rights in his house

He transferred the power of attorney to her and drove us into the street

I was forced to work hard at a tender age , I went through so many struggles in life just to secure a good life and a future for my mom and sister

In the process of taking my anger out on commoners I unleashed it on Rihanna who didn’t do anything to me.

I took her job and her house away from her, which is unforgivable

I always felt all of them are the same but I failed to see the good in Rihanna

Maybe I should return her house to her grandmother

I brought out my phone and dialed a number

He picked on the second ring

📞 Good day boss” he said from the other side

📞Yes mark stop the work on that house I want it returned to the Adams” I said coldly

📞 Okay noted boss” he said while I hang up

I felt relieved doing that………

Tanya POV

I watched as the doctor take my blood sample , I whispered something into his ear

He nodded and pretended like nothing happened

After he had left I went to my room and look through the balcony

He stood my his car waiting for me just outside the mansion

I sneaked through the back door to meet with him..

“You asked me to wait for you” he said immediately he saw me

” Yes Felix ,I trust you know me ” I said and leaned on his car

“Of course so how can I be of help to you” he asked

“Am just going to make this quick,I need you to fake the DNA results and don’t worry about your pay am gonna give you any amount you want ” I said with folded arms

” Hmm why are you doing this ?? And what if I turn down your offer” he said with a shrugged shoulder

” Alright then ,,how is your daughter and your wifey , your daughter is in school right now , comprehensive highschool to be precise and your wife is also at work ,a logistics company ,do you want to say hi them ?” I smiled devilishly

The look on his face was that of fear

I dialed my boys line and put it on loud speaker

📞Boys Felix wanna say hi to his wife and daughter ” I said

Screams of his wife and daughter was heard at the background

” Please don’t hurt my family I promise to do whatever you want I beg you”he whimped

” Very good will you fake the results or not Felix darling” I smirked

” Yes yes I will do anything you want ” he shuttered

” That’s my boy, be a good boy and drive outta this place and remember no one must know about this or you gonna say goodbye to your baby girl” I said and let out a small chuckle

” Yes ..I .will thank you thank you” he stammered and entered his car immediately and drove outta sight

That was very easy ,, I shouldn’t be underestimated for am the corn master

And the Martinez are my pupets

I laughed so hard before walking back into the house

They won’t know what hit them ,,I will hunt them from the inside especially that old lady…..

Scarlett POV

It was time for the DNA results to be brought home by the doctor

Everyone was summon to the living room including Anna

The doctor walked in all sweaty but one thing I know is he kept making eye contact with Tanya

“Good day Mr and Mrs Martinez I’m here with the DNA results” he said and handed it over to mom

She opened it and through it’s contents her facial expressions changed drastically

He handed it over to Jeff whose face darken the moment he saw it

“No it’s not possible , someone must have tampered with the results I know for a fact that it isn’t true” he shouted and left angrily

” you See mom in law I wasn’t lying at all this pregnancy belong to Jeff and there is nothing anyone of you can do about it.come let’s go Anna ” she said and held hands with Anna who winked at me secretly before walking away with Tanya

I rushed to mom

“Calm down mom don’t stress yourself over the whole thing I promise it will be alright soon” I said patting her shoulder as she sobbed quietly.

That Tanya girl is evill am sure she did something to manipulate the results

I just pray Anna gets solid evidence to finally nail her down for good

That she won’t be able to neglect any of my family members

It’s a promise , just wait and see how we use her foolishness against her.

She might think she had won but what she doesn’t know is that she is the bait while are master trapper…

Rihanna POV

Have already started phase two, today am gonna get Tanya intoxicated before making her tell me everything I need to know

“Woow sister in law you won ain’t you best in law in the world” I said and rushed her with hugs

Am sure she is happy she has a friend to talk to but she doesn’t know Anything

“Thank baby girl I love you so much for ever supporting me”, she said sincerely

“How about we celebrate it with a glass of orang juice” I said making her smile even more.

” Aww you such a sweetheart , or should I go and get it ” she tried to object but I know how to get my way.

“No sister you are pregnant remember so just rest while I get the juice “, I said while she nodded.

I raced down to the kitchen and did my dirty work hastily to avoid being caught

I took the glasses to her room , there she sat proudly at the edge of the bed

I gave her the glass of juice that I had spiked and drank mine.

She trust people easily , she gulp down everything and even complimented the juice

I started a conversation with her just to buy time

Soon she was starting to feel somehow the drugs were starting to have the effect on her.

” Are you okay sister in law do you need water? ” I asked faking concern

” It’s nothing serious dear am just feeling a bit dizzy” she muttered

” Tell me something sister are you really pregnant cause you don’t look like someone who is pregnant” I asked putting my phone in record

“, Ttch what the hell why would I want to be pregnant that rude jerk Jeffery

Am not pregnant I just wanna take all his wealth”, she murmured

I felt like strangling her

” Woow really sis you really great I wanna be like you when I grow up” I played alone.

‘, really?, Thanks my dear you are the only person that understand me in this house , but do you know something? “She asked

” Know what sis” I asked eagerly

“,Am 56years old I went to a plastic surgery which made look like a twenty years old so why would I want to marry someone I can actually give birth to” she said

I couldn’t believe my ears I think it’s coming together now

That explains the surgery docvments I saw at her house.

There is more to it than I thought

Let me ask her if she knows my parents

“Do you know the Adams?” I asked

But she didn’t reply because she had already fallen asleep……..

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