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Jeffery’s POV

I drank too many alcohol and still wanted more but the bartender refused to give me more saying I had taken enough for the night

I got angry and punched him.

Getting into a fight with some holigans he had called

They kept hitting me but I didn’t made attempt to save myself for I deserve more than .

My vision had become blurry as blood stained my face

“Stop please stop leave him alone ” I heard a voice like that of Scarlett before I pasted out

Tanya POV

“Mom I have a perfect plan to finally nail Jeffery ” I said with a smirk

“What is it my dear tell me ” mom said

“Am going to claim am pregnant for him, have already created a fake pregnancy test results for it,.I will then bend him to my will

Cause I know he won’t be able to deny the fact that he had the screwing me anyhow he wants and also the pregnancy is his ” I said and sipped from my pineapple juice

“Woow brilliant one baby they won’t know what hit them ” mom said and did an evilly laugh

“Even if they requested for a DNA test I will still manipulate it so he has no option than to agree or am gonna threaten him of telling the whole world that he raped me imagine what that will do to his career” I said with a scoff

“Together we shall bring down the Martinez ,we will make them shedd uncontrollable tears they are gonna be stripped of all their assets once the job am going to show myself to them

“I know they will be shocked to know am behind all the misery ,

“Am gonna kill Sophia the same way I killed that worthless husband of hers ” mom said in a wicked tune

I know you are still wondering who my mom is ,well you will know soon

Jeffery POV

I woke in the morning with a terrible hang over ,I could barely open my eyes

I remembered everything that happened last night. I think Scarlett was the one that brought me home.

Haven’t drank that much before ,

Was trying to adjust to the bright lights in the room when someone walked in

It wasScarlett she was holding a tea cup

“Good morning brother” she greeted with an expressionless face

“Morning ” I murmured

“Here is your expresso coffee take it while it’s still hot it will help relieve the hang over” she said and handed me a cup of coffee

“How is she ?” I managed to say

“She is fine but doesn’t remember anything,she thinks we are her family all thanks to you she is stuck in that condition” she said angrily

“I……Am… sorry ” I blurted out for the first time in my life

She looked at me in suprise but was quick to wipe it off

“,You owe her an apology not me” she scoffs and walked away

Damnit i feel so terrible about everything ,.

After taking my coffee ,I was feeling much better soon I took a quick shower and change into some shorts and t-shirts

I gave my manager a call ,he should be able to handle the company cause I won’t be able to come over for the next few days.

I nee to see Anna

Rihanna POV

I kept acting like a child in order for them to buy my lie.

During breakfast I made everyone laugh as I stucked two french fries into my nostril

I so glad I could make everyone happy except punk king

He didn’t show up for breakfast I guess he still sleeping judging from the way he looked last night.

I never knew he would go that far just because he thinks he had hurt me .

I was seating down on the couch in my room playing candy crush with my phone I pouts like a baby each time I loose a level

Jeff walked into the room in shorts that was the first time I was seeing him that way.

I almost drooled but I was quick to play along

“Brother !!” I squeak and jumped into his arms more like a hug

He holding me tightly like I was gonna vanish

“Am sorry” he whispered into my ear

I almost shouted in suprise ,punk king actually apologized to me , I need to record this day .

“Why are you sorry brother ?, Where did you go to huh I was looking all over for you ,you left me alone with that aunty that loves bulling” I said innocently

“Am so sorry dear ,I promise to make this right again ” he said calmly still holding on to me.

Did just call me dear ,woow this supper interesting

“Why are you saying sorry brother or are you planning to leave me alone again ?” I pouts

“Never my baby I won’t ever leave trust me , it’s my fault you are in this condition am sorry” he said like he was about to cry

His words melted deep into my heart

“Are you crying brother?? ” I cooed

But before he could reply Tanya walked in on us and she saw Jeff holding on to me tenderly

“What’s going on here” she groaned

Tanya POV

I wanted to see Jeff so badly ,am so horny this morning so I decided to drive down to his house,and also going to tell him about the pregnancy today

I checked his room he wasn’t there I was about going through the hallway when I saw a masculine figure in the room just before his room the door was open so I decided to check it out.

Behold it Jeff holding that bitch I also tore her apart

“What the hell is going on here” I groaned

But something unexpected happened

Anna left Jeff and ran to me.

“,Good morning sister in law have waiting for you since yesterday where have you been” she said like a child

Okay what’s going on here?,what is she talking about jeff’” I asked seriously confused

“Calm down Tanya come with me to my room I will explain everything to you” Jeff said and took my hand as we headed to his room.

“What’s going on Jeff why is she acting like a child”I asked immediately we got to his room

“It’s a long story Tanya ,she had an accident yesterday and she hits her head on something she lost her memory in the process ,now she acts like a 6years old and also thinks we are her family” Jeff dropped the bomb.

I was super excited inside me but I did not show it Jeff might get suspicious

“Ouch that’s heart breaking ,that explains why she was clinging to you like a child” I said with a sad face

“Yeah ,so what brings you here this early morning” he asked

Strange Jeff never ask me what brings me to his house why the sudden change

“Actually baby am so horny right now I miss your touch and your smell ” I said seductively as I used my hand to rock his shorts on the manhood area.

“It’s too early Tanya besides am not in the mood for f”**king ” he said plainly

“Huh Jeff what’s up with you ,you have never resisted me before so what changed’ I asked feeling pissed

“Nothing Tanya am just not in the mood for s£x right now” he said not even looking at me

“Very well then I have something to show you”i said and brought out the fake pregnancy test results and give it to him

He hesitated before taking it

“,What’s this ?” He asked still looking at the envelope

“Just open up and read”, I said nonchalantly

He opened the letter and started reading his expression changed instantly

*”What’s the meaning of this Tanya?”he growled at me

“Exactly what it looks like am one month pregnant for you ” I said with a smirk

“Impossible Tanya” he groaned and throw the paper at me aggressively…

Jeffery POV

Is this girl being serious or what ???

“Are you trying to play games with me??” I shouted at her but she stood there smiling

On a normal ground I would have accepted the pregnancy whole heartedly but something isn’t right

I know for sure that am not the father of the child

“Stop lying Tanya I know am not the father of that child ” I said angrily

“Oh yeah?? Okay let’s go for a DNA test then ” she said and walked up to me.

“Don’t deny it Jeff because when you were busy f**king me in every corner you didn’t thought of this huh” she said and kissed my cheek I was forced to push her off

“I refused to believe that Tanya you a cheap liar” I groaned at her

“You can call me all you want but am moving into your house today with my things you will surely get married to me ” she said with a serious tone and walked out on me.

I can’t believe this ,what have I gotten myself into “”??

I was still thinking when Rihanna walked into the room quietly and hugged me like a winter bear.

I felt relaxed in her arms ,I never knew she was this comforting

“Don’t worry brother we will get to the root of all this problem soon” she mumbled but I heard her.

“Huh??” I asked to be sure of what I heard

“Erm what I mean is that everything is gonna be fine soon so don’t worry yourself life is too precious to worry too much” she said calmly as she broke the kiss and walked away

She never size to amaze me with her intelligent words of encouragement why didn’t I see all this qualities before


I walked nervously to the study room I was told by the maid that my mom is in there

I got inside there she sat going through some novel

“Not now am busy ” she said not sparing me a glance

“Erm mom it’s me” I murmured

She looked up immediately

“Ohh Jeff I thought it was one the maids what is it son you look worried ” she asked removing her reading glasses

I was nervous as hell , we haven’t resolve the issue with Anna now this

“What do you want to say Jeff don’t keep me waiting” she said impatiently

“Mom it’s about Tanya , actually she erm.. she is pregnant for me ” I shuttered scratching the back of my head

She looked at me in shock

“What did you just say Jeff” she groaned at me.

“She is pregnant mom ” I said nervously

“Impossible Jeff she can’t be pregnant I refuse to believe this “, she said with superiority

I ran my fingers through my hair , what Kind of mess have I gotten myself into…

Rihanna POV

When Jeff left with Tanya to his room I trailed behind them to listen to their conversation.

My heart almost left my chest when I heard him screamed at Tanya when she broke the news of being pregnant

Something tells me she is lying this must be one of her skills to skim Jeff and I must help immediately

But I need a helping hand just then an idea popped up

I need to get Scarlett immediately ,I ran to her room and luckily she was there.

“Scarlett I need to tell you something” I said breathlessly

“Hi Rihanna how are you feeling now”she asked with a smile

“Am fine as a matter of fact I never lost my memory I was just pretending ” I said

She looked at me confused and amused too

“What are you talking about Anna ” she said supprisingly

I explained everything to her from the night that I saw Tanya at my street to the time I went to the house and saw a those docvments

“Wooow woow Anna you’re amazing ,I can’t believe you fooled everyone including me. I must say you the best I love you ” she said and hugged me

“It’s not over yet Scarlett I need your help to bring her down ASAP because she just came up with another skim about being pregnant which is why we need to act fast ” I said

“Okay dear how can I be of help “,she said excited

“Good come over let me whisper into your ear” I said.

She came closer immediately and I explained the whole plan to her

And how we going to execute it

We did a high five as she agreed to my plans

“Yes dear we must be one step ahead of her if we really want to expose her in time and secondly no one must know I didn’t lost my memory

” I need to keep acting in order to get really close to her and finally get all the info I want from her” I said

“No problem Anna your secret is safe and sound with me ” she said with a wink


We gist about alot of things , after that mom asked to see everyone downstairs immediately

We already know what’s going on but we just gonna pretend

Tanya is a green snake I never knew she would go this extend but I promise to expose her no matter what it takes….

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