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Rihanna POV

I woke up the next morning feeling better I guess the drugs I took worked perfectly

After taking my bathe I came out shortly dressed in my previous clothes I need to go home and change

The family were having breakfast

“Good morning ma’am”I greeted Mrs Martinez

“Ahh my dear how are you feeling today” she asked with concern

“Morning Anna how is your leg” Scarlett chip in.

“Have a seat my dear your breakfast has served” Mrs Martinez said gesturing me to a chair opposite Jeff.

Mr grumpy was unusually silent today .

He avoided eye contact with me.

Well I don’t care

“Fine ma I wanna go home now ” I said

“Hmm very well then let me get someone to drop you off” she said but the unexpected happened

“I will go and drop her” Jeff and Scarlett blurted out the same time

“Huh?? I asked to be sure I heard well

“Let me go and drop her ” they said again.

“Jeff why the sudden change of heart” his mom asked with a raised eyebrow

“It’s nothing mom I just felt like dropping her today ” he said

I just sat there watching them argue over me.

“No I will drop her , it’s not as if you have ever cared about her” Scarlett said with an eye roll

“Whatever I insist on dropping her ” me grumpy said coldlyy.

I watched from brother to sister

This is fun

“Why? What changed ? And how am I sure you ain’t planning to kidnap her” Scarlett said with a mocking scoff

“Oh my days I want do that I just want to be generous for the day ,is that too much to ask” he mumbled

“Hello am still here so stop arguing over me” I blurted out

“No we’re taking you home” they chorus

“Don’t worry I can find my way home” I said and stood up, I try to walk but I almost fell

fortunately I was caught on time by Mr grumpy

how he got to me was something I don’t know

We kept staring at each other not breaking contact.his face was inch apart from mine.

I could hear my heartbeat racing fast against my chest

/> “When you guys are done smooching Jeff take her home” his mom said with a wink

“What the heck!!” I yelled and push him off me before composing myself

Ptweew” he rolled his eyes

“Can we go now ? ” He muttered and walked ahead of me while I trailed behind

Jeffery POV

Right now am in the same car with that annoying girl, it feels like the air had become thin

We drove in an uncomfortable silence.

I kept stealing glances at her through the rare view she seem lost I wonder what’s going through her mind now.

Maybe I should thank her for saving me

But I don’t know how to

I was about speaking when my phone rang it was Tasha

Hey babe what’s up” I said immediately I picked up the call

Honey boo ,am good where are you I can hear car horns ” she said from the other side

Oh yeah am actually driving wanna drop mom’s assistant at her house” I said

Wait !? Which assistant Rihanna?” She asked curiously

Yes ,how did you know her name” I said into the phone

Erm I heard it when your sister called her” she shuttered but why is she shuttering

Oh okay if you say so babe” I said

Why should you be the one to drop her off” she groaned

I have to because she got hurt trying to save me from a falling glass yesterday” I said and glance at her but she didn’t seem bothered

Gush I will talk to you later ” she said and hang up immediately

I can’t believe I was talking about her but she wasn’t bothered or nagging she just stood still .

I really want her to say something, anything at all

“So erm Rihanna..erm i’m ..erm I love listening to kpop songs why don’t you try it too” I blurted out stupidly before I could control myself

She looked at me in a confused manner and looked away still not saying anything

” You are not saying anything” I groaned

” What do you want me to say Mr grumpy” she replied with folded arm

I felt somehow relieved hearing her voice again.

The rest of the ride was in total silence

Tasha POV

No it can’t be , my plans can’t be ruined that little brat.

I screamed and smashed my cellphone angrily

My mission must be accomplished and I won’t have anyone ruin things for me.

Even if it means killing that person.

Jeffery must suffer for his sin

I swear I won’t back down soon ,not now when am at the verge of getting what I want.

Rihanna Adams watch out for me.

Rihanna POV

Two weeks with the Martinez is something else .

Mrs Martinez had asked me to come over to her room she said she has something to show me.

I got to her room glass door and click on the door bell ,

I heard a come in ,I walked in quietly and examined her room

It was more like a big building on its own with a queen size bed there she sat on her luxurious chair watching TV

“Good afternoon ma’am” I greeted

“Ohh afternoon dear come have a seat with me” she said patting the space beside her

I shrugged my shoulder before seating beside her

“You asked to see me Madame” I said professionally

“Yes Anna I wanted to talk to you about something” she said with seriousness

“Okay ma’am am all ears ” I said waiting to hear what she has to say.

“I know you must be wondering why Jeff is always acting cranky and rude too ‘” she said and breath out .

I just nodded in agreement

“Years ago when Martinez Jeff’s father was still alive ,when we first got married ,we loved ourselves so much that people in the neighborhood always envied our love ,.all of this was going on till I got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy

“Together we named him Jasmine Jeffery Martinez, he was the most adorable little thing on Earth,till became four years old, one day Martinez came home drunk he had lost his job and passed all the aggression me right in front of Jeff” she said with so much sadness

I listened with kin interest

“This kept going on for years all this while Jeff was watching us even when I had gotten pregnant for him again he still didn’t stop ,one day my husband came back home with the girl just across the street , he said he doesn’t love me anymore that me and my babies have been nothing but bad luck.that didn’t stop me from loving him even tho we had nothing”

” Jeff started hustling from his young age ,he had vow not to have anything to do with a commoner ,he termed them gold digger just like the girl that took my husband away from me, he died two years ago without getting forgiveness from Jeff and Scarlett

“, Jeff went through hell to become the famous billionaire he is today ..I hope this piece of info will change your mindset about Jeff,trust me is a good person he is just clouded in hurts from the past ” she said as she used a tissue to wipe her tears.

By the time she was finished I was already crying silently

“Am so sorry ma’am I never knew” I said as she engaged me In a motherly hug

I felt at ease

Jeffery POV

Today’s meeting was so tiring ,all I needed at the moment was something chill and a warm bath too

I arrived at the mansion late everywhere seem quiet Abit.

I dragged my lazy feet into the house only to bump into someone , it was Rihanna

“Can’t you watch where you are going” I groaned but instead of her to start shouting at me she did the most shocking thing of the year

“Welcome home Jeff ,you look tired is there something I can get you” she said with a beautiful smile which I had not noticed before

I couldn’t think properly ,I was shocked to the bone ,

She took my tuxedo suit and my briefcase upstairs to my room

I just trail after her like a puppy

She placed them properly at the closet then set a bath for me just the way I want it.

Okay that’s it am fed up

I grabbed hold of her hand and slammed her to the wall

“Why are you doing this Rihanna what’s your plan this time,is this one of your skims to get me ?” I growled at her

“Am doing this for anyone sake or for anything ,all this while that have known you ,you failed to understand my true intentions , you misjudged me Everytime ,even for the fact that you tried to ruin me and my family I still try to be nice to you because that’s my nature” she said as her eyes went teary

I felt weak and guilty ,my entire body heat up like it’s gonna blow

“I …I…”, I stammered I was lost of words as my head was pounding ,I don’t even know what to believe anymore

I left her alone and walked into the bathroom,

Rihanna POV

I know why my body always heat up whenever he is close to me ,I feel different and a tingling feeling in my stomach

I saw the look of hurt in his eyes when I poured out my heart but doesn’t wanna let me in.

Maybe I like him because I know what to call this feeling

I left the mansion without informing mrs Martinez and headed home.

The taxi driver had dropped just three blocks from my house, I stepped out and paid my bill

I started walking towards my apartment when I saw someone familiar.

It was Tanya she was trying to sneak into one of the houses here.

I hid behind a spoiled car and watched as she walked into the house suspiciously

I knew there was something strange about that girl but I just can’t place it.

I will have to find out myself.

I marked the block number and left for my house

Jeffery POV

I don’t know why but what Rihanna said to me really got to me.

I feel awful somehow, am I truly a bad person,??

Maybe she is not I think she is “”

Damn am so confused all I need right now is a good morning s£x

Tanya had Promise to be here very soon ,oh I just can’t wait to get down to business.

It’s been days since I got laid

My door cracked open revealing Tanya

“Hey babe” she said and walked towards me

“Morning my love” I said as she pecked my cheek and wanted to walk away but I pulled her to me.

“Don’t move Tanya it’s gonna be me and you this morning ,we gonna have s£x non stop , infact ain’t going to work today “said like a hungry lion

“Aww 😍 baby are you sure?” She asks

“100% I wanna feel those warm lips around my cock ” I said huskily

“Okay baby but you have to do something for me first !” She pouts like a child

“Which is!?

“Baby boo I want you to transfer 400,000,000 us dollars to my account I want to start up my new spa business” she said

Ouch that’s a lot of money tho

“That’s a lot dear but don’t worry you will receive the money in two days time, can we get to business now” I said impatiently

“Yay! Of course baby you can have me all you want even if you want it on the ceiling fan and ready” she said as I crashed my lips on hers.

She encircled her arms around my neck my I grabbed hold of her butt through the bumshot she was wearing.


Soon I was thrusting in and outta her tight p****y hole as we m0an out in ecstacy

I turned her over and made her stand on her fours today am gonna taste her asshole.

“No Jeff not the ass” she murmured

But I was too hyped to even listen as I forced my 12inch dk into her as

She m0an more like a scream

Practically I was the one that disvirgined her a**s

I spanked her big butt repeatedly as I banged her with so much energy

I sweet m0ans makes me wanna f”**k her all day long.

We ended up having 12 rounds after that I became weary and extremely tired .

Food was brought to my room by one the maid ,

I was Stark n@ked when she entered,her face when flushed when she saw my little man, she was trying so hard to hide the look of embarrassment from her face but I saw it already.

She can look all she wants .

I can even f**k her if she wants 😝

But I don’t care, atleast I gave her something to masturbate on 🤣😂

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