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Rihanna POV

Work in the Martinez mansion has been great

Scarlett didn’t fail to treat me like family even her mom wasn’t left out.

The girl with Jeff kept me wondering

She looked so familiar yet I can’t remember her

Whatever I shouldn’t bother myself with minor issue like Jeff and his bitchy girlfriend..

“Good morning ma’am” i greeted once I got to the dinner area

“Good morning my beautiful princess come and seat close to me” she said gesturing to the chair beside her

“Good morning mother and you too Anna” Scarlett said taking her seat

“Morning Scarlett how was your night” I said with a smile and sat beside Mrs Martinez

It wasn’t up to two minutes when Mr and Mrs grumpy showed up for breakfast

Mrs Martinez smiling face dropped to that of frowning when she them

“Good morning mother,” Jeff greeted taking a chair out for his girlfriend

“Morning brother” Scarlett greeted but he ignored her

“What’s the meaning of this Jeff” his mom said obviously angry

‘meaning of what mom” he said less concerned of the fact that Mrs grumpy couldn’t greet

“Why did you bring her to my house Jeff I thought I told you to stop going about with this slut ” Mrs Martinez groaned

“Mom you embarrassing me , stop calling my girl a slut, she is better than some people who hide their character and act all saint just to get money from you”, he scoffs looking at me

I need no prophet to tell me who he is referring to

“Oh spare me that sermon , this girl is bad news she can’t even greet such a characterless girl” Mrs Martinez

“Baby I told you your mom hates me ,I don’t know what have done for her to hate me so much.i should have come with you” she said faking tears.

Am not buying that shits, I know all this is a act,

If Mrs Martinez ain’t careful she is going to cause a rift between mother and son

I must do something urge to stop it

“Mom I won’t have you talk to my fiancee like that mom,are you okay babe” he said

I was forced to chuckle

“And what’s so funny miss?” He asked with a raised eyebrow

“Nothing actually but Mrs grumpy ,,your facials are terrible ,you look like joker do yourself a favor and don’t wearthis around town so you don’t scare all the animals away” I said with smirk

Scarlett was trying so hard to hold her laughter

Tasha POV

“Mom there is a problem ” i said taking my seat

“What is it my baby” she asked eating grape

“It’s flora’s daughter she has been a torn on my flesh if care is not taken she is going to be a problem for us” I said angrily

“Never she is too small ,I waste her just like her family ,.what do I do to make you happy now” she said patting my back

“Good question mom lets try to eliminate Jeff and put the blame on her so she can get kicked out of the house” i smirked

“Nice one dear so what’s the plan “she asked

“Don’t worry mom I have just the perfect plan , Rihanna won’t see this coming” I grinned wickedly

“I won’t have that insect get in the way of my revenge” mum mumbled

Jeffery POV

That clumsy fool think she has won right?

She even try to disgrace me in front of mum huh ,no worries am just getting started

Tasha left my house angrily because of that snake.

I picked up my phone and called my contractor

📞David bring down the whole place first time tomorrow morning ” i commanded

📞 Consider it done boss”he said

As i hung up, Rihanna Adams let’s see how you excape this one.

Even mom won’t be able to save you from me.

I strolled towards mom’s room ,she was watching TV

“Erm mom can I talk to you for a while” I asked standing by the door

“Yeah sure come in” she said not sparing me a glance.

Am sorry about what happened earlier just that I don’t get why you don’t like Tasha, mom she is a very good girl ” i reasoned

“Really Jeff? A good girl?? Someone that doesn’t respect your mother or anyone a good girl ,Ttch such a cliche” she said with a scoff

“Okay am sorry on her behalf mom , please just give us your blessings am planning on settling down with her soon ” I said

“You are free Mr Man but just know I would never give my consent to your so called wedding ,the day you get married to that slut just know you have lost a mother too,

“Now if you will excuse me am busy use the door young man” she barked at me

“But mom”I try to say but she cut me off

“Good day Jeff” she said and focus on her mom

I gave up tryin and left her room

Rihanna POV

Work has been going smoothly

Mr grumpy has not crossed my path ,

But seriously speaking I miss his tantrums it’s like music to my ears 😄

Mr and Mrs grumpy seating on a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G

Anna you are crazy.

Mrs Martinez had asked me to supervise the work at the new mini PQ they built

I was standing outside not far from the work place playing Candy crush with my phone when Mr grumpy drove into the compound

He was on call tho ,he looked at me through his glass shade and look elsewhere

She stood not far from the entrance ,

I could tell the car was important because he had that angry face on ,.

Suddenly the glass wall of the house cracked the next thing it was falling towards mr grumpy direction

I tried to get his attention but he was too engrossed in his phone call to hear me out.

” Watch out!!

Ran and pushed him outta the way

We fell on the group with me on top

The glass broke into tiny piece and some of it pierced my foot

The look on his face tells me he is in shock

He quickly wipe it off and pushed me off him

“What the heck!! How dare you touch me” he yelled at me

Is this nigga for real I just saved his ass

“Is that your THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY ASS” i said sarcastically

“Did I beg you to save me? How am I sure you didn’t plan it just to gain favor from me ” he said with a scoff

Seriously this guy has mental issues

I stood and ignored him.

I limped into the mansion to get my wound treated

That guy is really ungrateful

Jeffery POV

I don’t even know what to think any longer

She saved me from getting injured even after all have done to her.

No it must be one of her plans to get me to pity her.

I trailed after her, without she knowing.

She walked into the bathroom downstairs ,she closed the door well

I stayed at a corner and watched her tend to her wounded foot .

I must admit she is the prettiest girl have seen but I doubt if her heart is also pretty

She nursed her wound and was nagging too

What kind of human being talks to his or herself

“Mr grumpy is really mad, I can’t believe I saved his ass only to be greeted with a bucket of insult now look at my foot,. how do I get home now . grandma will be mad at me if she sees my foot like this” she lamented

I chuckled inwardly

She is crazy,.all this is making me feel guilty

I quickly called David

📞 Hello boss we are about demolishing the building now ” he said over the phone

📞 No don’t do anything ,just stop the work and get your workers outta there ASAP” i said sternly

📞 No buts ,leave that place now or consider your job gone ” i said coldly and ended the call

Should I thank her for saving me ?

Scarlett POV

I came back from the company tired ,I rode into the compound only to meet broken glasses close the entrance of the mansion

The cleaners were trying to get it outta the way

I looked up to see where the glass at fallen from ,the workers are already fixing it.

Strange that exterior ad been there like forever it can just break unless it has been Tampered with

“What happened here” I asked one of the cleaners

“The glass holders removed and it fell out,sir Jeff was at this spot receiving a phone call ,it would have fell on him but miss Rihanna was there on time and pushed him outta the way but she got injured instead” the man said and bow slightly before getting back to work

Oh my goodness Anna ” I gasps and ran into the house

I found her limping around with a bandage foot.

“Anna are you okay? I heard what happened” I said and helped her to seat.

” Oh it’s nothing I will be fine ” she said with a charming smile

God what kinda of human being is this,

She never fail to amuse me

“And where is Jeff hope he thanked you for saving his ass” I asked

She scoffs

“That nigga is one proud bitch I can’t believe I saved his ass but am not heartless ,I got insulted by him for saving his proud ass” she said

I burst into laughter

Mum rushed towards Anna

“Oh my goodness dear. Are you okay? Did you get hurt anywhere” mom asked with concern written all over her face as she examined Anna like a possessive mom.

“It’s okay ma’am am okay just that i won’t be able to go home like this my grandma might freak out If she sees this” she said showing up her leg.

“We should call the doctor immediately” mum panicked but Anna was quick to stop her.

“Where the hell is Jeffery”be mom barked

“Right here mom ” he said coming from the hallway

” Call the doctor quickly I don’t want Anna’s wound to get infected” mom said impatiently

“Mom she is fine ,am sure it’s just a scratch” he said avoiding eye contact with Anna

“Don’t be silly young man … besides have you thanked her yet?’ mom asked with a raised eyebrow

He scratched the back of his neck and sat down on the sofa

“Why should I thank her ? It’s not as if she did something great how am I even sure she isn’t behind it all” he mumbled

“And why would I want to kill you Mr grumpy? Listen as much as we hate each other I won’t want to kill you because it won’t be fun instead am just going to stuck your head into the toilet for being an asshole” she said with a smirk

Jeff growled at her

“Shut up the f up Rihanna Adams” he growled at Anna

“Oh he even knows my name ,ptch!!” Anna said with an eye roll

“Okay that’s enough the both of you ,quit whining like pregnant ladies,that glass shouldn’t have gone off unless someone or something had touched it and we must find out who that person is ,.so in the mean time Jeff apologize to her right now” mom barked

Me I just stood there enjoying the show,

This is just tom and Jerry ,the adult version

“But mum she started it” stop whining like baby and apologize

Anna just folded up her arm and looked away

“Okay fine …Anna you are offended, don’t be offended it’s not good for you” he said with an expressionless face

Is he being serious right now

“Common Jeff that’s not an apology the her you are sorry” i chip in

“But have never said sorry to anyone before not even mom” he groaned

Rihanna POV

So Mr grumpy doesn’t know how to say sorry huh? Too bad am going to force outta him.

“Say it quickly before I change my mind” i said nonchalantly

“Okay that does it am never gonna say sorry to this commoner ever ” he roared an raced upstairs

Ouch that sort of hurt my feelings Abit

It hurts each time he calls me a commoner.

“It’s okay Anna just ignore him ” Mrs Martinez said

“Oh no it’s fine, excuse me I have to call my grandma and tell her I won’t be coming home tonight” i said and stood up gently before walking into the guest room downstairs

I called granny and told her I won’t be coming home for the night ,.she told me she was cool with it that I can stay as I long as I want.

My family is seriously crazy ,,

Someone knocked on the door

“Come in the door isn’t locked” i mumbled and placed my leg on the stool close to the bed.

The door cracked open revealing a maid holding a tray of food.

“Good evening ma’am, miss Scarlett asked me to bring this to you” she said and dropped it on the luxurious table and bow

“Oh common you don’t have to do all the respect thingie am human just like you” i said

“Sorry ma am just following sir Jeffery’s orders” she bow

“Please stop it ,my name is Rihanna what about you dear” i asked with a smile

“Diane ma” she stammered

“You still don’t get it do you ??” I said sadly

“Okay am sorry Rihanna “she shuttered

“It’s nothing dear ,I like you so much can we be friends ?” I asked eagerly

“I don’t know ma sorry I mean Rihanna we are not allowed to associate with the guests of the house” she said with I head down

“Hmmm it’s okay don’t be scared I don’t bite” i said

The girl is really fun to be ,and pretty too

She kept me company for hours before leaving me alone

She had green eyes just my mom.

Somehow when I looked at her , I saw my mom in her.

This brought so many memories of my mom as tears roll down my cheeks

I curled up in a corner and cried as I thought about my parents

Jeffery’s POV

I feel restless like someone is calling out to me somehow but I don’t know who it was

I tried concentrating on my presentation but still I wasn’t okay.

Eventually I gave up and left my room, I need to go for a walk in the garden

I took the elevator downstairs to the main living room

The lights were out ,,I wanted to take the back stairs when I heard sniffing like someone was crying

I traced the sniffing sound to the guest room downstairs ,I peep through the open door

Behold it was Rihanna ,she was curled up at a corner and crying too

My heart aches seeing those tears.

I felt bad ,,it took all my will to control myself from entering the room and cuddling her

Telling her everything is going to be okay.

Hell no who am I kidding ,,that’s my worst enemy

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