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Rihanna POV

Thank goodness I was able to put that proud peacock in his place

I won’t stand by and watch him insult me and sawmy family.

Scarlett had asked me to wait for her but she is yet to come

I waited for while but she didn’t turn up I decided to go round who knows maybe I might see her

Haven’t gone any further when I heard her discussing with punk king

I hid behind a pillar so I can hear what they are talking about

A tear excaped my eyes as Scarlett defended me before her brother whole heartedly

I couldn’t listen anymore ,I ran out of the house in tears,

I don’t know if I will be able to forgive that man for what he did to me and my family..

I took a cab home to meet grandma and Vicky watching TV

Thanks to Scarlett I was able to pay for Vicky’s tuition fee

And buy some groceries too

“Good evening grandma” I greeted and peck her on the check

“Good evening sister” Vicky said and forced on the TV

“Evening my dear how was your first day at work today” Grandma asked

“Work was great grandma atleast I was able to put mr grumpy king in his place ,that will teach him to stay away from me” I smirked

“Oh really !! But hope you didn’t get into a fight with him dear” grandma said smiling

“Not at all ma” i answered

” You want my advice sis , whenever he troubles you cut off his balls” Vicky said I was forced to laugh

” Language Vicky!” Grandma groaned.

“It’s okay grandma I won’t fight with him ,are you happy now!” I said

As she smiled ,I walked hastily to my room

A good shower is what I needed at the moment

Unknown POV

“How is the plan going Tasha” I asked and light up my cigarette

” It’s going smoothly ,I just have to get Jeffery to sign those properties paper ” she said with a corny smile

” I trust you dear make sure he doesn’t suppect anything, remember you supposed to be acting like a rich kid too” I smirked

” You got that right,heis too stupid to see the hand writing on the wall.i will make sure he transfer all his property to me ” she grinned like the devil she is

Jeffery POV

I took the elevator downstairs to the dinner area only to meet my worst enemy seated with my mom

“Mom I won’t have snake dine with me ” i groaned

She stuck out her tongue at me making me even angry

” Bitch state your worth ,just name your price am gonna give you,so you can leave my family alone” i said still standing

” I’m priceless mr arrogant, even if you sell the whole world am still priceless get that into your tiny skull” she said and continued with what she was doing for my mom

“Did you see that mother ? She is not who you think she is” i shouted

“Talking like you any better ” she murmured

I wanted to hit her when mom interfere

“Okay that’s enough both of you,have had just enough nagging for two days ,,even pregnant women done nag this either you adapt to the fact that Anna is my assistant and stop harassing her or prepare to dig my grave” mom growled at us making me calm Abit

“Really mom? You know what am outta here suit your self”I said and walked away angrily.

I left for the office without taking breakfast

At the office Tasha called that she was around

Am so happy she is around missed her so much ,it’s been a while since I got laid

“Hey babe” she said as she opened the door

” Gush have missed you so much my girl” i said as she sat on my lap

“I missed you too dear, I missed everything about you especially the way you handled me, that’s why I came back” she said licking her lips

She wasted no time in kissing,I responded immediately as I kissed her aggressively

She slide down my gray suit as she fondle with my hair

I bent her over my desk and thrust into her deeply

I thrust in and out of with speed as her m0an filled the whole place

“Yeah baby am cvmin am cvmin” she said in a m0an but I don’t want her to cvm yet am just gonna tease her a bit

I used the tip of my beast to tease her p***y entrance

She shivered as I did that

I made her seat on my dk in cowgirl style she rocked my shaft with her py I groaned in pleasure as I spanked her butt harder

He f***ked a few times for I reached climax

Her honey pot had become so red due to the way I had thrust into her

“That’s for starving me for all this while” i said and winked at her

She smirked and wore her clothes

I did the same too,I really love Tasha .she make sure to give it to me anyhow and anywhere I want it.

I want to get married to her but mom is against it and I don’t know why.

Tasha is nice girl she is pretty and also from a rich family too

“Am coming with you to the house today” she said

I just nodded

Rihanna POV

Good riddance ..that peacock thinks he can insult me whenever he feels like and get away with it.

Am not scared of him one bit

Thanks to his mom that helped me put him in his place atleast he wont be bothering me for a long time

“It’s okay my dear,Jeff is just being childish he will come around soon” she assured me.

‘” i hope” I said so or am gonna take Vicky’s idea and deal with him in Anna’s way

“I want you to go shopping with Scarlett later .I want you to change the interiors of the living room to something unique can I trust you on that?” She asked

“Yes ma’am you have nothing to worry about ” I said

“You such a sweet girl I wonder why Jeff failed to see this” Scarlett said coming from the kitchen area

“You brother is suffering from mental display, am sorry to say ma’am” I said

They both burst into laughter

“You are crazy Anna come let’s get on with the shopping spree” Scarlett said waving her credit card..

Shopping was fun with Scarlett ,she literally bought the whole store

I had to stop her from buying anything again

We came home afterwards and I set to work immediately

I started from.chancing a the cushions and neckroll

I changed the flower vase to a scripture of sea shells and a fake mermaid

“What do you think you doing ” I heard someone say

“What does it look like am doing Jeff” i answered nonchalantly

“Oh you have now grown wings that you calling me by my name ” he groaned

“And what’s so special about it , please if you don’t mind I need to finish up my work thank you” i said and continued with what I was doing

“Who is she baby ? Is she the new cleaner” the voice said

I looked up to see a familiar face but I can’t remember where have seen her..

Her eyes widened once she saw me,it looks like she knows me

“She is no one important dear” Jeff said

“Point of correction mr and Mrs grumpy am not a cleaner so get on with it and stay off my path” i said in between clenched teeth

“How dare you disrespect me in my own house ” he roared as he tried to hit me but I caught his hand mid way

“Am sorry Mr grumpy but you have no right to hit me or order me around ” i said with venom running through my vein

‘” you will pay for this,let’s go upstairs babe ” he said and took that witch with him

Something about that girl doesn’t feel right

I don’t know where but I think have seen her before

“Think Anna think ” i groaned

Tasha POV

Argh what is she doing here, one way or the other she is going to be a threat to my plans

I need to get her outta my way quickly

She must not remember me at all.

I know she is stubborn like her mom

I must keep instigating Jeff towards her so he can kick her out ASAP

Jeffery POV

I took Tasha to my room, we both had a cool shower before changing into something nice

Tasha wore one of my clothes ,she looked s£xy in it.

But she looked lost like someone who is troubled

“What’s wrong dear you look sad” I asked

“Babe I don’t trust that maid downstairs” she pouts

“Likewise me dear but there is nothing I can do about it, mum was the one that employed her” I said and peck her on the cheek

“She is bad news baby let’s just kick her out already” she whined

“But what’s your issue with this girl why are you so eager to kick her out,is there something I should know” I asked

Cause I don’t understand why she insisting

The truth is can’t touch that girl since mom is involve

“No I just don’t like her ” she said scratching her neck

“Forget about her baby let’s have some fun” said and trailed kissses around her neck

End up having another round of good s£x without mom knowing she is around

Well I wasn’t p lanning on telling today maybe tomorrow morning

I will announce Tasha’s presence at the dinner area

Mom must learn to accept her whether she likes it or not..

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