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Rihanna POV


Is this girl serious right now?, How can I be working in the same house where my mortal enemy stays I might just poison him one day

“Are you for real? You want me to work in the house of my mortal enemy,like are you being serious right now” I said getting angry

“Yes I know it’s gonna be a lot to take in but please think about it,think about your family , remember you doing this for them my dear” she said patting my back

“Hmm fine but I need time to think about it and get back to you” i said nonchalantly

“Okay thanks so much dear,here is my card call me anytime you ready” she said and gave me her card which I collected as she stood up

“No I should be the one thanking you” i replied

“If you don’t mind let drop you off ,at least for trying to run you over” she said with a grin

I couldn’t resist I just nodded and followed her to the car after which she zoomed outta sight.

Jeffery POV

Why is that girl claiming stubborn ? She is supposed to be begging me by now but no sign of her.

After being rejected by several companies I don’t think her ego will be able to stand out anymore

I don’t know why but I enjoyed punishing her ,I deprived joy in seeing her suffer

She is a gold digger pretending to be a saint which I know she isn’t

Mom said he wants to see I better go and see her..

“Mom you sent for me ” i said once I got to her room

“Yes son seat down” she said gesturing me to a seat beside her bed

“I called you here to tell you that I have asked Scarlett to get an assistant for me,she will be coming to the house soon and I want you to be of good behavior” she said

“But mum why are you telling me this? Haven’t I been of good behavior” I groaned

“That’s because this is no ordinary assistant she is more than that,and I know the moment you see her you would want to misbehave” she said with a smirk

“Whatever mom I don’t evenknow this assistant of yours why would I want have issue with her” I asked but she didn’t reply

My mom is something else

Scarlett POV

Have found a friend in her already.

We talked about some stuff in car before I dropped her off ,I must say she is a very nice girl

I wonder why my brother doesn’t see that.

After dropping her I went home to update mom on everything.

“Mom she is thinking about it but I know for sure she is gonna say yes for the sake of her family” i said to mom

“I just pray they don’t end up tearing each other apart” mum said laughing

“We have to bring the both of them together no matter what mom Jeff has to fall for her ,she is a very nice girl ” i said picking up a grape from the glass table

“I pray so too” she said

Rihanna POV

That Scarlett is a really good person ,I wish her brother was more like her ..

Have thought about it,and I think it’s a good idea for family to finally step up alittle

The highest I could do is to avoid him ,then that way we won’t get to be a torn on each other flesh

I picked up my phone and dialed the number she gave me

She picked up the call after ringing for a while

📞 good morning ,Scarlett Martinez on the line” she said from the other side of phone

📞yeah morning, It’s Rihanna Adams ” i said as I bit my finger that’s what I do when am nervous

📞Oh Rihanna what’s with you ,how are you and your family” she said sweetly

📞They are fine thank you,.erm about your offer, I have thought about it” i said

📞 Okay good so what’s your answer dear” she replied

📞My mind is made up and of accepted to work at your House” i mumbled

📞Like seriously am so happy am gonna be seeing you every day thanks dear” she cooed

📞You don’t have to thank me ,I should be the one doing that, you saved me and my family from total disray what more could I ask from you” I said

📞Hmm it’s nothing,so when are you resuming?” She asked

📞 It’s not as if am doing anything at home,so am gonna resume tomorrow morning” i concluded

📞Woow great send me your account details and gonna send your first pay to you now” she said

📞But have not started working yet” I chuckled

📞 It doesn’t matter dear, talk later am kinda in a middle of something” she said and hang up

I felt relieved,,now I can actually talk to Grandma about everything that has happened..

Jeffery POV

I woke up the next morning feeling a bit stressed out ,won’t be going to work .

The maids came to my room to fix my bath and picked a suitable clothes for me ..

After a long bathe I took the elevator downstairs to dining hall

Scarlett and Mom were already seated , waiting for before they start eating.

“Good morning dear” mom said as she kissed my cheek

“Morning Mom how was your night?” I asked taking my seat.

“Good morning brother” Scarlett winked

Crazy girl

” Morning to you too princess ” I said

The maids served breakfast ormelet and banana milk hmm yummy

“My assistant will soon be here son ,I want you to be of best behavior” mom said

“Argh mom can we seriously not do this again!” I groaned as I munch on my food

After eating I went to the living room with my PC

I need to finish up some work since am not going today

“Good morning ma” I heard a voice say

That voice sounds familiar

“Ahh morning dear ,how are you today” mom said coming closer

I was tempted to look at this lady but I was too engrossed in my PC

“Come with me dear let me show you around” mom said as she took the lady away

I turned to look at her but I didn’t get a clear view of her just her back side

Oh well what’s my business!!

Rihanna POV

I told grandma everything that happened the past few days,she was angry with me for not telling her on time but at the same time glad I got a new job

The following morning I took my bathe and dressed in professional clothing and packed my hair in a messy bun

I don’t make use of make up ,I just applied water resistant powder and lipgloss before leaving the house

I boarded a taxi to my new workplace

I was greeted by Mrs Martinez

I must say she is a very nice mom, I wonder how she gave birth to such a tyran

She showed me around the house .

Scarlett wasn’t around so I wandered around the house all by myself

Not until I bumped into the least person I wanted to see

“You ???

Jeffery POV

I was so tired after typing I stood up and walked towards the garden area

I need some fresh air I was about taking the back door when I bumped into that scarecrow

“You??” I grabbed her hand

“Yes me now let go of me” she hissed

“How dare you step your feet into my house, are you on a death note?” I groaned

“Last time I checked you ain’t the only one leaving in this house ” she scoffs

I dragged her towards the living room

“What the heck are you doing in my house for the last time’” i barked at her

“FYI I’m your mom’s assistant in case you don’t know so let go of me right now’” she smirked

I burst out laughing

“So since you couldn’t get me you decided to skim your way through to my mom huh,if you know what’s good for you better leave here this instance” I shouted

“And why should I ?? You are not my employer and I don’t get to take orders from a proud peacock” she said with an eye roll

“You little….

“Stop it son ,you don’t treat my employee like that” mom yelled at me

“Mom you making a big mistake, this girl is a cunny snake ,she as greedy as a squirrel” I said in between clenched teeth

“Enough Mr arrogant I won’t have you insult me like that, FYI I’m here to stay you better deal with that ” she said angrily

“You heard her son now leave her alone” mom said as she stood up and walked away

“For real?? You commoners have your ways in sneaking into rich people’s lives right??, Am warning you for the last time leave while you still can or else you would regret it” I barked at her

“I would love to see you try mr,mind you ,you can’t sack me because you ain’t my employer now if you would excuse me have got work to do Tah Tah” she winked and walked away

Argh am so gonna kill that bitch,i know she has a motive for coming here

I most expose her true colors to my family no matter what it takes

She just stepped into the lion den

I will surely make life a living hell for her

Since I can’t sack her

Seriously mom is making a big mistake,that girl is like a green snake under the green grass

Scarlett POV

“Mom you don’t mean it!!” I said in curiously

“Yes my dear,that girl is really wonderful you need to see how she put your brother in his place,i laughed so hard when she did that’” mom said

I couldn’t contain my laughter ,can’t start to imagine the look on his face

” Mom this is hilarious” I said

” Let’s just seat back and enjoy the show Scarlett” mom said reading a magazine

I did a victory dance to the mini living room

Rihanna must be there waiting for me, .

I met Jeff on the way he had the angry expression I need no one to tell me what went wrong.

“Thank goodness I met you here Scarlett, are you aware of the girl mom hired?” Jeffery said

“Yes I do what’s wrong with that ” I asked

“Wait don’t tell me you are support of that girl working here,that’s the same bitch I had issues with ,that common thief” he said in between clenched teeth

“Brother what has this girl done to you,for crying out loud the girl in question is very wonderful person, I don’t know why you fail to see how beautiful hearted she is ” I reasoned with him

“Seriously?? Scarlett even you ? , So she has finally brain washed you too !, Oh common that girl is a pretender and a liar, am sure she planned her through just to be in this house just because of her selfish desires” he scoffs

“Enough brother ,just stop it please leave the innocent girl alone ,.the day you realize the damage you have done to her,I pray it’s not too late .. excuse me brother I have something to do ” i said angrily and walked away

What I said really left him speechless

Rihanna is a selfless person I need no prophet to tell me that

The sooner Jeffery retraced his steps the better .

I pray he realize his mistake soon , if possible get married to her ,..

Jeff spoiled my mood I don’t think I can talk to anyone right now.

Would make sure I support Anna and his family in any way I can

I turned back and headed towards my room

I just need to relax my head ,..

Jeffery is just so impossible

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