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Scarlett POV

“Mom you need to see this” i said as I showed my mom a video footage of the girl that challenged Jeffery yesterday

“Woow Jeffery finally met his match hmmm this is gonna be interested ” mum said

“She is pretty mom” I said

” Yeah I wonder why your brother wants to deal with her ,I mean why can’t he just ask her out already” mom said and laughed

” Let’s bet mom Jeffery is gonna fall for her pretty soon ” I said with a raised eyebrows

“Impossible Scarlett, almighty Jeffery with the ego big as a mountain fall for an ordinary girl I doubt that dear” mom said grinning

“Nevertheless am still placing a bet on her 5million is the bet” I said with a smirk

“Hmm that’s huge . okay then am game ” she said and took my hand as we burst into laughter

“Let’s just seat back and enjoy the show” i said

Romeo’s POV

” She will be there any minute do it now ,and make sure to disgrace her too” I said to mr Perez

“Consider it done sir” he said and left my office

Round two of my plan to break that Rihanna girl just began and I won’t back down till she begs for mercy

Rihanna POV

I grabbed my breakfast in a hurry for I was late for work

“Bye grandma” I said and ran out side where I got a cab immediately

I arrived at the hospital a short while but strangely all the people that normally greets me were looking at me with disgust even when I greeted them I didn’t get response

Okay what was that all about??

I got to the reception desk where am gonna sign in but the nurse stopped me

“Sorry Rihanna but you no longer have the right to do that” she said

Okay this is confusing

“Says who?” I asked

“Says me” the hod Mr Perez answered me

“Good morning sir I don’t understand what’s going on here” I said with curiosity

“What’s there to understand you little thief ” he said

“Huh I beg your pardon mr Perez” I said in between clenched teeth

“You heard me right ,how could youdo this Rihanna I thought you were a decent and honest girl I never knew you were a thief in disguise,would have handed you over to the police for stealing the hospital equipment but because of my generosity am gonna spare you but am sorry you can no longer work her” he stopped the bomb

“Wh ….at?? This is a joke right??” I said as tears came rushing out

“This is your sack letter now leave this place before I call the cops” he said

My legs went numb instantly I couldn’t see clearly

My whole body became shaky ,I tried to move but I couldn’t

I fell and blacked out

Jeffery’s POV 💗

“It is done boss” Scott said

“Good make sure no company or organization wants to hire her’”I said with a satisfying grin

“Noted boss ” Scott said and walked away

This girl thinks am done yet ,news flash am just getting started with her

She will regret ever crossing paths with me

Rihanna POV

I woke up with a pounding head ache.

I scanned the whole place that was when it dawned on me that I was at the hospital room.

Event of me being accused of stealing came flashing

I couldn’t help but she more tears , God knows I would never do that

Just then the door was pushed open by Mr Perez

“I can see you are okay please kindly park your stuff’s and leave the hospital right now” he said furiously

I wander around the city with no destination in my mind to go.

How do I face grandma and Vicky?

What do I tell them, have lost the only source of income for my family!

What wrong have I done to anyone that wants me to sacked.!

I walked towards the park but a voice stopped me.i need no prophet to tell me who it was

“Give up now or suffer the consequences” he scoffs

“I have morals and values ,I won’t dignity just to satisfy your ignorant self” i shouted at him

He smirked

“Look who is talking about morals and values, Rihanna Adams you have no dignity nor self respect you just a lowlife and a common thief” he said proudly

What?? Do that mean he was the one that framed me up??

“What did you just say?” I asked to be sure of what I heard

“You heard me right sweetie you just a common thief and a cheap slut too” he said

Okay that’s it I was forced to slap him but he caught my hand mid way

“No no Rihanna Adams don’t even think about it,” he said still holding my hand and gave it a squeeze

“Let go of me you imbecile” I barked at him

“The next time you try to raise your fillty hands at me I wont hesitate to cut them off” he said and push me off

Before walking away

Rihanna POV

What have I ever done to this man that he is bent on ruining my life

If he thinks am gonna knee down and beg him ,then that’s impossible cause I will never do that.

I walked home w€t as it raining , grandma and Vicky were eating when I had arrived seeing them alone makes me wanna cry more

“Good evening grandma” I sniffed

“Anna why did you enter the rain ? You should have waited for it to stop before coming home or do you want to catch a cold?, Anyway how’s work today” she said

That word alone triggered the tears have been trying to hold back came rushing out

“Oh my God Anna you crying what’s wrong sis” Vicky asked with concern

“You can talk to us dear we are your family tell us what’s wrong” grandma said and touched my hair tenderly

I couldn’t find it in me to tell them as I ran upstairs to my room leaving them in suspense and cried my eyes out.

They don’t deserve this kind of treatment , grandma won’t be able to take it if I should tell her I lost my job.

We lost our apartment just 1day ago and now I was accused of stealing which I didn’t and thrown outta the hospital disgracefully.

life has been so unfair to me and my family.

I cried and cried till my eyes were swollen and I couldn’t voice out again.

I will never forgive Jeffery Martinez and his family as long as I live

He has caused me alot of pain from the very first day I met him

Scarlett POV

Jeffery is going too far with what he is doing

I better talk to him,just then I saw him walk in through the front door

I ran to him immediately

“Welcome back brother” i greeted

“That’s Scarlett baby “,he touched my shoulder and wanted to walk away but I won’t let him leave like that

“Brother wait I want to talk to you about something” he said fidgeting with my fingers

“What is it dear” he asked

“Erm Jeff don’t you think you have done enough to that poor girl, I mean you and I knows she is innocent, you have hurt her enough please just let her be” I said

“Scarlett whatever I do with that commoner shouldn’t be of concern to you ,and please my dear sister do me a favor and don’t interfere in my business now if you don’t mind I need to go to my room” he said and walked away


He had already taken the elevator

What kind of a man is he?

He better don’t spoil my bet with mom

Rihanna POV

It’s time I quit sulking and go for another job hunt

I walked into the bathroom and had my bath ,came out shortly with a towel around my chest as little droplets of water fell from my hair.

I picked one of my cooperate dressing and a 4inches heels

I dried my hair and parked it in a messy bun

I don’t apply I don’t need artificials to look good

After I was well dressed I took my black bag containing all my credentials and CV


Grandma was really concerned about me last night Vicky was no exception too but I can’t bring myself to tell her yet

She gave up asking what’s wrong since I had refused to say anything

After eating in a comfortable silence I bid a good bye and went in search of a job in the city.

The first company I went to said I had all the qualities of the kind of employee he was looking for

He was about to hire me when he received a call from an unknown number

He looked at me weirdly as he received the call

“Am sorry miss but we can’t offer you this job have a good day’” he said and showed me out of his office

What’s all this now

The second company I went to was also the same thing

The all refused to hire me once they see my credentials

I had gone to about seven company today but still nobody wants to hire me

Should I call this bad luck or what

I walked around faustrated that I didn’t notice a car coming towards me I was almost runned over by it but the driver was quick to match the brakes

The driver came out immediately

It was a pretty lady , actually but she has a striking resemblance with someone I have met before but I can’t remember who

“Miss are you okay? Am so sorry I didn’t watch where I was going” she said as she got to me

“It’s okay am fine” i said Dustin my clothes

She examined me for a while and gasps ,it was like realization hits her

She looked at me in surprise and pity too

“Rihanna Adams??* She said with widened eyes

“Yes that’s my name am sorry but do I know you?” I asked

Scarlett POV

Woow so I finally met Rihanna Adams in person the only person that had the guts to stood up to Jeffery

“Am sorry but do I know you?” She asked

“No you don’t but I know you,ain’t you the same girl that stood up to my brother” i said with a grin

She looked confused for a while before she finally recollect everything

“Oh so that jerk is your brother ,no wonder you guys look so much alike” she said with a scoff

“I must say you one strong lady “, I said

“Hmm have you also come to add your own punishment to my mystery ” she said with an eye roll

“Oh no am not heartless like Jeffery am sorry you had to go through all that,” I said sincerely

“Oh great”, she said sadly trying to fight back her tears

” Trust me I understand how you feel,you know what let’s seat down somewhere I need to talk to you about something that’s if you don’t mind” I said and pointed towards a couple bench not far from us

She nodded and together we walked to it and sat down

” I know you must be wondering why all the company refused to accept you right” i said

She looked at me with surprise

“How did you know that!” She asked

“Thats because Jeffery is the master mind behind it but not to worry have got a job for you and salary is gonna be three times bigger than your previous job” i said

This is my chance to help her and also bring her close to Jeffery

Rihanna POV

I can’t believe that jerk has a nice sister

Even after all her brother had done she still wants to offer me a job

“And what kind of job is it” I asked

“Well you gonna be working at house as my mom personal assistant,my mom doesn’t go out she works from home ” she said

“Is Mr arrogant also staying in the house?” I asked to be sure of what am doing

“Yes we live together with my mum” she replied with a smile


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