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Rihanna POV

Ptweew that was a close one,once again I excaped from that arrogant man.

I got to my neighborhood a short while,after making sure my scooter is well parked I walked into my apartment

Only to be welcomed with a beautiful aroma. actually I live with my sister and grandma

They are the only family have got since I lost my parents to a ghostly car accident

That was the reason why I resulted to working as a nurse now that proud thing wants to take it away

I walked towards the kitchen and found grandma emelda cooking

“Good afternoon grandma” I greeted as she turned

She smiled and played with my hair,yeah that’s what she always does to her she still thinks am a little kid but I love it anyway

“Afternoon my child how was work at the hospital today” she responded

I let out a faustrating air before answering

“Never been better ma” I said and walked sluggishly to the sofa

” Hmm I see anyways I made spaghetti meat ball with tomato sauce your favorite” she said with a smile

I just nodded

” Granny Vicky ain’t back from school yet?” I asked and glance at the old wall clock in the mini living room

” Not yet dear maybe she got caught up with her peers ” replied

I shrug and walked away to my room right now I need all the sleep I can get to forget today’s event

I will be registering Vicky for the scholarship exams and statistics tutorial tomorrow morning

U I know she’s going to be very happy

Have been working hard just to fulfill her dreams of becoming an accountant general.

I got inside my room and jumped on my bed

My mind drifted off to the proud peacock

I must say he is drop dead gorgeous with those small pink lips any lady would drool over his Demi God looks but am not part of those ladies tho

He is a rude and arrogant jerk his attitude makes me wanna puke but still he is very Handsome

I laughed so hard at my own words before drifting off to sleep

Jeffery 💗

“She is Rihanna Adams ,age 22 doesn’t have parents just hergrandmother and sister victoria who just applied for a scholarship exams but still need a loan of $200,000” my info said

Hmm so her name is Rihanna Adams huh this is gonna be fun

I must make her bow down to me and apologize for her stupid character


“Call the bank manager tell him to decline Rihanna Adams loan or else he will loose his job and also call the agents In charge of her house ,tell them Jeffery Martinez wants to buy that house today” I said and light my cigarette

“Very well boss” he said before walking away

Rihanna Adams ! Am gonna make you suffer in this city unless you bow down to me

💗 Rihanna POV💗

This is so faustrating,what kind of shit is this now

How can they decline my loan when my application has already been verified

That money was supposed to be used for Vicky’s school Money

God what do I do now ,my salary ain’t even enough besides I need the money urgently

How can they do this to me huh.

I walked away dejected my scooter is having Issues so I had to use the public transportation

I was wandering around thinking about the next step to get the money ASAP when someone drove by me with speed

Splashing stagnant water at me.

“Oh my God” I gasp as my whole body was dripping w€t

The person reverse back with speed and stopped infront of me

Behold it was mr rude jerk

I should have known he was the one

” How do you like the water cause that’s where people like you belong and that’s where you will soon be” he said with a smirk

What does he mean by that??

“You know what !!you too stupid and proud too,nigga who the hell Are you that you think everyone should be scared of, you nothing but disgraceful jerk stop bothering me for goodness sake ” I barked at him

“Drop your ego kiss my feet and beg me to forgive you bitch” he said proudly

“Over my dead body ” I spat at his face and walked away angrily

“Am done with you yet” he yelled after me

Who does he think he is

I boarded a taxi to my house after covering alittle distance on foot.

I got home shortly only to meet some strange faces around the house

Grandma had a sad face I knew instantly that something was wrong

” Grandma what’s going on her” I asked immediately I got close to her

“Hmm Anna I don’t know what we have done to anyone that they wanna disgrace us like this” she lamented

“I don’t understand Grandma what are you talking about” I said curiously

“Our house has been bought by one rich man and he had for us to vacate the premises immediately because they are going to demolish the whole building” grandma dropped the bomb

I was dumb found.

“Wh….at??” I stammered..

Rihanna 💗

No that’s not possible they can’t do that to us this is our property

“Where do they want us to stay if they demolish this house” I yelled and ran to one of the workers and dragged him by the collar

“Who is the wicked soul that bought this building” I barked at him making him flinch

“It’s Jeffery Martinez” he said

I was shocked to the bone,was that what he meant when he said he was not done with me yet

I pulled off my shoes and ran angrily to the road barefoot immediately I saw a taxi I boarded it straight to Jeffery’s mansion

Am gonna teach that beautiful bastard a lesson of his life

He is mad to think I will beg him when I no I didn’t wronged him.

I got to the gate shortly the security guards stopped me from entering they said I need an appointment before entering

What they don’t know is that am a very crazy person

“Let me in now !!, I barked at them

“We are sorry miss but you can’t come in not when you looking like a street thug” one of the guard said

This infuriated me the more I was forced to take action

I kicked the first one right at the forbidden zone

Sent two flying punchs at the remaining two before kicking them at the forbidden zone too

They fell to the ground in pain

That should hold them

I barged into his compound shouting his name at the top of my lungs

He ran out later looking angry but I don’t f***king care

“Who gave you the audacity to barge into my house like that” he yelled at me

” You are a miserable mad man if you think buying my house will make me beg you then you lie ,I won’t go down without a fight” I threatened with a pointed finger

“Bring it on bitch,do the right thing while there is still time or else I will make each member of your fillty family suffer” he growled

” Do your worst am not scared of you or anyone this is just a warning mr Jeffery Martinez,you can’t take my house you will have to go through me d**khead see you in court” I said and walked away

He just stood there grinning

I got to where is guards are,I unleashed my anger on them by kicking their butts once more before leaving the place

The battle line had been drawn between me and Jeffery Martinez

Jeffery 💗

Yes this is just the beginning, am just getting started…. wait till I hit where it hurts the most

I called mark

📞 Track down the location of Rihanna Adams and send me coordinate” I said and hang up

Check mate Rihanna Adams watch out for round two

Rihanna POV

We got a place to stay thanks to my friend Chelsea she gave us her parents old house ,she said we stay as long as we want

Am indeed greatful for what she has done for my family

Grandma is still sad and Vicky isn’t any better that bastard ruin everything for me

I was still unpacking boxes when a knock came on the door

Who could that be cause I wasn’t expecting anyone

I left what I was doing and opened the door only to see the proud peacock standing In front of my door

“What do want here” I said with anger

“Nothing I just came to see the fate of the person that challenged me ,” he said mockingly

” As you can see mister am not dead yet and my family is doing just fine” I groaned

“Family?? You call that family ?? A set of gold diggers that’s what you called family?” He said

This infuriated me, there was a water jug close to me I picked it up and splashed it on him

His eyes turned red instantly

“How dare you ” he said and grabbed hold of my neck before slamming me to a wall

I couldn’t breathe properly as I struggled with him

“Let me go you bastard” I managed to say

“How dare you huh, drop that moral outrage you nothing but a gold digger looking for someone to suck dry stop pretending” he barked at me

He let go of my and walked away angrily

I tried to steady my breath as his fingers left a mark on my neck

Hot tears roll down my cheeks

What have I done to deserve this kind of treatment,I never asked him to give me money or try to be close to him

Why is he calling my family gold diggers

Rich folks are always cruel

I stood and dried my tears before going back to unpacking boxes..


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