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Stephanie couldn’t possibly be mistaken. That’s Samantha right there zooming off in that vehicle. She guesses she other lady to be patley cause they are both missing at same time and those two are likely do things together.

She stood there for about fifteen more minutes trying to put aside her shock and herself all in one piece.

These two nuns are secretly into something big and wild.

She kept her gaze on their direction till they were finally out of sight. She never suspected them to be this capable of sneaky night walks.

How long have they possibly been sneaking out?

They couldn’t have made their way out through the gate. So she suppose they climbed over.

It’s very good since they have turned themselves into domestic monkeys.😒

Where are they headed to this night? What are they up to?

What meet-ups do they have outside the convent?

And who is that person that came to pick them up with a car with Samantha putting on such odd and indescent dress?

Yes, she was able to see the cloth

Samantha was putting on when she pulled off her hoodie through the reflection of light emitting from the vehicle.

Her spirit never lies about things.

She knew the moment she woke up from sleep that something somewhere wasn’t just right.

She prays these two aren’t tredding on a dangerous path.

She finally walked back into the house, and straight to her room.

She laid back on her bed lost in so much thought.

She can’t conclude just yet on patley and Samantha.

A constant watch on these two will give her answers to her puzzled questions.

With that, she went back to sleep.


As usual that night, my club was filled to capacity with lots of customers poking money into the breasts of my girls, feeling their a$s as they rhythmically danced to the viewers satisfaction.

I watched from where I sat with all smiles. They are making much money today. I just can’t wait for the arrival of Lord Skylar I’m gonna so drown him with sophisticated entertainment from my girls.

His treat will be handled by two of my best strippers and they will satisfy his every need to his fullest.

I pray they don’t disappoint me because I have chosen them already. The ones that got the killer body and right skills to turn a man on.

Though I haven’t informed them yet,

I’ll make my intentions known to them once they are done with the entertainment.


Long Minutes Later

“Pat and cattie meet me in my office” Elisa instructed leaving them in the dress room as they freshened up.

I have decided.

I’m using those two for my treat. They are the ones that fits this task.

I walked back to my office and patiently waited for them. In less than two minutes they will be….

The door opened and they both made their way in.

“Pattie and cattie. I have a special task for you girls” I tsked.

“Lord Skylar will be coming over in two days time and I want you girl’s services”

“Services?” Patley arched

“Yes, your service” I nodded.

“That’ll be so great Elisa” Catherine commented squealing in happiness.

It’s a really big deal you know… Skylar isn’t just a casual customer. Most of my girls would die for this opportunity., and I wonder why Pat isn’t happy about this information.

“You have a problem with it Pat?” I cocked my head , focusing my eyes on her uncertain face.

“If your ‘services’ includes sleeping with him .. please Elisa, count me out” she retorted, throwing her face away.

“Huh? Pattie this is a really big catch. Don’t mess things up with me… He’s paying good”

“Elisa,… I strip! I don’t get laid. That’s the deal” she blurted out a reminder.

Yeah, she made a deal with me right before time that she strips only without getting laid or touched by men.

who does that?

“You still go by that rule? ” I arched a brow at her

“Yes, and Incase you have forgotten, let me give you a reminder. ‘my body remains ho…

“….Holy🙄… ” I finished her statement.

“But your mind is so dirty Pat , you know that right” I added.

This lady wanna mess things up for me.

Fvck sh!t! she’s still a virgin I know. But imagine when Skylar gets to know he’s having a treat by a virgin. He’ll Fvcking double the pay.

“Pat please don’t mess things up for me. Do this and get a fat pay ” I added trying to make her see reasons…

“I. Am. A. Nun. Okay?? A deal’s a deal , my body remains untouched. Including Samantha’s. We strip, we get paid… That’s all” she replied almost Makin a fuss.

Who’s she deceiving? A Nun? This lady is so disastrous.

“Fine” I breathe out

” you strip. I’ll pick someone else for Skylar..” I concurred in defeat.


“Yes Elisa?”

“Get ready, I’ll choose someone else alongside for Skylar’s treat”

I added and waved them off.

Nun my bloody foot 😒🙄.







TBC ✍️

😒😒😒 This is something else😒😒😒

Your body is holy😒😒

Haunty well done 🙂

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