I’m A Hitman - S01 E08

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Jayden’s pov

I saw her walk upstairs and faced my mother back

“Mom, how are you feeling right now?”

“Am doing well my son”

“Is the doctor still coming?” I asked.

“Yes, to check my bones”

“I just pray you’re able to walk perfectly again. I Can’t wait to see you standing up and shaking your body again.” I chuckled.

“Oh! Dont tell me you missed my dancing.” My cooed.

“Yes mom…..I really really do.”

“Very soon, am gonna get up okay?”

“Where’s sarah, mom?” I said looking around the house.

“I sent her somewhere. To go buy something. Since I knew you will be coming”Mom answered.

I heard footsteps comimg from the stairs the I looked up and saw…..what’s her name again?

Yes, Kimberly.

She was wearing a green crop top and Jean trouser. Her hair was fell on her shoulder.

And I couldn’t deny, she’s pretty. Just pretty.

“Ma, I was hoping if I cook dinner tonight.” Kimberly beamed.


“Dinner? Why? Is she your mother?” I snapped.

“It’s just a help.” She defended herself.

“Jayden, you need to calm down sometimes. Okay fine………she’s gonna help sarah when she’s back.” Mom chipped in.

“You can’t just expect her to stay in her room and sleep.” Mom added.

“Okay, when Sarah comes back. Don’t forget, my eyes are on you.” I directed my two fingers towards my eyes then to her. To show am watching.

. .

. .

I don’t know what she’s trying to do. Cook?

Well, I’d hate the fact that she won’t do anything.

My phone rang from my pocket and I picked the call. Though it was an unknown number.

“Guess who’s talking?” A baritone voice came out.

“Who? Am not good at gue…….” I gasped.

“Wait! Evans?”

“Yes guy-guy” He chuckled.

“Oh goodness gracious! Evans! Long time no see boy!” I grinned.

Evans is my best friend but we lost contact two years ago.

“Guy-guy, how’s your babe? Am sure she’s there with you.”

My face turned into a sad one.

“Evans, she’s dead. With father. Don’t tell me you didn’t hear about that.” I tried to put on a smiling face.

“What?! Dead? How come? You knew I can’t hear about anything when am outside the country…….the army camp was hell! You hardly watch TV, no phone and all that.” I heard his groaning voice.

“What about your mom?” He asked.

“Crippled” I responded.

“Holy monkey! Jeez! Jayden how are you coping?”

“Well, that’s it. Evans, am really sad right now. My heart is dark. I hate it when I see that I haven’t taken revenge. A mafia made me heartless. A mafia did this to my family. My girlfriend.”

“Jayden, you have to calm down now. So what are your plans now?”

“Well, I’m a hitman now. Am trying to find the mafia. Am taking revenge for my family.” I spoke.

“Then, am helping you.”


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