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Forgiveness is the highest , most beautiful form of love . It takes a strong person to say sorry and an even stronger person to forgive …


The drive to school was a quiet one. Honestly ,you could have heard a pin drop…..

I sat there in the passenger seat, wrapped up in my own thoughts….

Demi begged me! he wants to take away my hurt!he wants a second chance with me!

should I agree to his proposal? what if he hurts me again?

I was so confused!

heaving a sigh, I glanced sideways and met his gaze for a split second; instantly my heart fluttered making my breathe come out quickly…

“You alright?”he asked calmly

“Yes!” I replied and he nodded slowly as he reached to clasp my hand in his ….

I stared at him surprised for a second and then I smiled lightly, leaning back on the seat as a familiar warmth flashed through me , easing my mind ..


Finally! we got to school and Demi drove through the huge gate , down the tarred road till he got to my Faculty; then he let go of my hand, parking out in front of the huge building..

“Thanks!” I muttered, leaning over to the backseat to grab the nylon bag of clothes when he stopped me with his voice…

“You want to take that to class”

I shrugged “yes ,since i have no other option ….I mean you told me yourself that you have got no lecture today right??

“And I also remember telling you that I will wait till you are done with lectures”. he drawled and I shot him a puzzled look …

When did he tell me that?

“You were probably not listening”. he added and I nodded slowly in agreement

I was probably not listening!!!!!

he continued “So what time will you be done with Lectures?”

“12:00pm”. I replied

You still got my number???”

I nodded , smiling

“Good! call me when you are done, I will come pick you wherever you are”

“Alright!” I agreed

Opening the door , I was about to alight when he caught me by my arms and pulled me closer towards him until our lips were almost touching …

The coolness of his touch turned to gentle electric currents that work their paths through my skull , making me not to think straight

“Ademilade”. I called softly , closing my eyes, anticipating the warmth of his lips against mine, but the kiss didn’t come…..

frowning, I opened my eyes to see him staring at me and instantly, my face flushed with embarrassment

Chai! I don disgrace my self!

“erm I need erm to get going now”. I stuttered , slinging my “new hand bag” over my left shoulder as he smiled lightly

” Alright baby”. he leaned in to peck my forehead , make sure you listen attentively to your Lecturer..

I nodded , opening the door wider as I alighted from the car; then I began walking toward the building

“and remember I care for you”. he called after me , making me smile …

“I care for you too”. I mumbled as I climbed up the flight of stairs to the Lecture hall…….


The Lecturer wasn’t yet in class thus making the class very noisy ….

Chai!so all my rush rush just dey in vain!

standing in front, my eyes wandered around the hall for Shakirat and I saw her seated in the front row close to the window , her gaze fixed on a book she was holding.

I smiled lightly as I briskly walked up to her

“hey”. I greeted , tapping the desk lightly and she looked up at me

“Bestie! Bestie! how are you?”she greeted

“I am fine ooo”. I replied and she smiled, seizing me up and down

“You look different!”she remarked

“how different!” I blushed

“like newly diff…. she paused , trailing off as her gaze dropped to my bag and her brow lifted

“Louis Vuitton! Is that a Louis Vuitton?” She asked , snatching the bag from my hand and I rolled my eyes

Which one is Louis Vuitton again? I wondered , sitting beside her….

” oh my gawd! Juliet , it is a Louis Vuitton”. she exclaimed loudly, touching the bag like it was some gold , “oh boy! this bag is dope , the last time I priced it , it was #25,000”

“#25,000!” I repeated in disbelief

“Yes oooo, it is very expensive. but how did you get it?.. I mean where did you buy it from?”

“I didn’t buy it , Ademilade did”. I corrected ;to my surprise , she sprang up to her feet like a robot and sat down again

“Ademilade bought this for you! Abeg! Abeg! gist me”. She pleaded as I laughed loudly

This girl is really crazy!

“Oya na! my ears are itching to hear the full gist”

I smiled lightly ” well! well! he bought me lot of things including the cloth and shoe I am wearing

“Really?” She retorted with disbelief written all over her face

“hum..hum..”. I nodded , “not only that , he also bought me this”. I pulled down my skirt a little to show her the gold waist chain and her eyes grew wide in astonishment

“Wow! this is pure gold!”

“Of course it is”. I smiled proudly, watching her as she ran her fingers lightly through it

“how much did he get it?” She asked , gazing up at me

” erm I don’t know”. I lied,

Reason; I don’t want her screaming her lungs out when she hears the price …

She smirked “don’t lie to me Jor , tell me the truth?”

Oh right! She knows me too well

“Fine! Fine! he bought it for #50,000”.i stated and Just like I predicted, she screamed loudly attracting some curious stares

I shook my head ,burying my face in my hands as I laughed

This girl no go kill person!

“Ha! Juliet! so na 50,000 you carry around your waist like this ……well! I am not surprised as Demilade is rich”

“how rich?” I asked, curiously

“Very rich”. She replied , making an expansive gesture with her arm

“Seriously! Is he into yahoo?” I asked the question that has been bothering me for a while

She laughed loudly, clapping her hands together

“Swears! You too funny! yahoo ke! no oooo, Demilade is the only son of SAN Adeoye Adams”

“Adeoye Adams”. I muttered

The name sounded so familiar, I tilted my head a little as I tried to recall where I have heard the name before….

“he is the speaker of the national house of Assembly”. Shakirat hinted and instantly, I remembered

“Yes! Yes! Yes! that Fat man they do show talking on NTA news”

“Yes oo, that have chop Nigeria money finish”. Shakirat added and we both laughed…

“And what is so funny?” a female asked from behind me and I quickly looked in the direction to meet Susanna’s angry gaze

I scoffed silently,what is she doing here?or does she have a carryover in this course as well?if yes , she must be really dumb!

“Oh my! oh my! Look who we have here , the asthmatic patient”. She jeered and some girls who were seated close by laughed

I bit my at my lower lips as a familiar sense of shame engulfed me

she smirked evilly as she continued “Do think Demi can ever love a sick fragile thing like you? no, he is only using you to whirl away time”

Really !Demi ! Is that the reason why she is embarrassing me?

“I will make my warning short and brief , stay away from my Demi, he is my boyfriend”. She warned , shooting daggers at me

I smiled lightly . “No, tell your boyfriend to stay away from me or else I might be tempted to want to own him”

“What!”she exclaimed in anger

“Yes, and that is because I love him”. I blurted out , then gasped as I realised what I have done ….

Oh no! This is not gonna end well!

Instantly, i heard the surprise murmur rolling up and down the hall and even Shakirat was not left out , there was a vague look on her face

“Juliet!” She called softly as Susanna laughed bitterly

“Love! how dare you say that to my face”. She raised her hand and swung to strike me but Shakirat caught her hand before it could get to me .

“Do you have a death wish?Shakira growled as she twisted “the witch”hand

“Let go of me! Let go of me” . The witch screamed and Shakirat smirked

“Just because I allowed you scold at her doesn’t mean you can hit her too. If you have problems in your relationships , then fix it with your boyfriend”

having said that , she let go of her hands and shoved her away roughly…..

“You b---h!” Susanna cursed ,panting heavily and was about charging towards Shakirat when the Lecturer entered the hall; immediately, the noisy hall became quiet as everyone acted like nothing happened ….

“Everyone bring out a sheet of paper, we will be taking a test”. The Lecturer loud voice rang through the class and as expected , the class became noisy once again ….

I laughed quietly, what a funny class!

“but Juliet do you really mean what you said?” Shakirat asked in whispers

“erm what did erm you say? erm the Lecturer erm said we are taking a test”. I pretended not to understand and she scoffed silently

“I am talking about Ademilade , do you really love him?” She rephrased her question and i sighed, I couldn’t avoid her question this time around

Do I really love him? I asked myself as I

listened closely to my heart for an answer but the only thing I could hear was the pounding sound it made …….






The pounding in my head increased as I drove over to the Leisure centre

I was falling ill and I knew it …. well! I wasn’t surprised as it was getting close to that time of the year, the particular time where I have to go through some fetish stuffs to be whole again….

I sighed in frustration as I was getting sick and tired of all of it ….I mean what kind of illness couldn’t be cured at once? why must i keep on going to that strange place?

And to make it all worst , my dad wasn’t even helping matter , he keeps on supporting that “Bimbo” he calls a wife …..

Sh*t!!This is so annoying!


Getting to the Leisure centre, I parked out in front and on alighting, I stopped short .

Rinzy, the last person in the world I had expected to see at this particular moment , was standing right beside my car.

I quickly composed myself

“Guy! Awfar!” I greeted as he moved closer

“Screw the greetings and let us get down to the main issue”.he snapped at me

I was a bit taken aback by his reaction but still,I maintained my cool

“What issue?” I asked calmly

“My sister! stay away from her”. he replied bluntly and from the frown on his face I could tell he meant business

but can I really do that? I don’t think so

I heaved a sign, “See Rinzy! I know what you thinking but believe me when I say I deeply care for her…. I mean you even agreed to her spending the night in my room”

he scoffed “That is because she was weak and needed to rest”.

“which still means you have a little trust in me”

“Trust! and why would I trust you? ehen tell me , you Crazy flirt”. he spat out , staring at me with contempt

I stared at him , surprised

Why do I have a feeling that this is more than me being friend with his sister? did i offend him……wait a minute!

“Daniella! Is this about her?” I probed on and that was it , he flared up….

“You bastard! you knew I was dating her right? why then did you sleep with her?”

“That is because she is cheap”. I answered nonchalantly, “you should try dating someone who wouldn’t have a reason to cheat on you”

“I know!” he agreed , his voice was surprisedly calm ,”but that doesn’t mean you are innocent”. he quickly added

Oh yeah! Whatever!!!!

“So we are cool now right?” I spoke slowly as the throbbing pain in my head was taking a toll on me….

“No we aren’t and we can never be”.

And with that , he glared at me ,huffing as he stormed away…..

my eyes followed him till he took a sharp bend and then I climbed up a short step to the Leisure building…

Wo!If he likes , let him go and hit his head on the wall, I like his sister and I am going to date her…


Entering the hall, i went over to my “usual spot”, making signals to a chubby lady as I sat down

She came rushing to her, her two heavy “Jugs” bouncing as she ran……

I smiled lightly, leaning back as I admired her body shape….

“Lady gee!”I hailed as she got nearer and her smile widened

“Adeoye! she called , addressing me by my surname, wetin make I bring for you?

“Red wine”.I simply answered and she grinned mischievously

“You …sure …sey …na ….only wine …you ..want “. She winked seductively ,using her hands to shake her boobs

I licked my lips, watching her for a while and then I looked away….

“Yes”. I replied and she shot me a surprised look … well! She should be surprised as it was my first time saying “No” to her ….

“but why na? shey my body don dey tire you?” she frowned

” No, I am not just in the mood”. I answered truthfully and she hissed loudly,walking away

“Don’t forget the wine”. I called after her; then I took my phone out of my pocket, about to dial Kewe’s number when I heard a familiar voice call my name……… Dave ….

I scoffed silently, what does he want?

I looked in the direction of the voice and saw him walking towards him, a strange smile playing about his face which spelt out only one thing…Trouble

“Awfar!” he greeted as he sat down opposite me

“What do you want?”i asked , ignoring his greetings and he smirked lightly

“Cool man! I am not here to fight , I came to ask about the welfare of the girl”. he said and my heart skipped a bit

“What girl?” I managed to ask

he chuckled softly, “Are you for real? I am talking about the asthmatic one , the one who collapsed on the walkway, the one you were going all crazy about….hmmmh… what is that her name again?…. Jul……

“Shut up”. I barked at him before he could call out the name , don’t ever call that name with your flirty mouth ”

I was trying so hard to hold my anger!

he was quiet for a while and then he smiled

“I am not surprised by your reaction, i was also smitten by her beauty”

“And What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing!” he answered with the same strange smile ; instantly, I bolted upright, picked up my car keys and stormed out of the hall..

I couldn’t stand the bastard any longer!!!!






After Lectures , Shakirat and I walked out of the Lecture hall , holding hands as we talked about the ……impromptu test…..

“Chai! that lecturer need to be flogged, how can he conduct a test without informing us ?”She retorted , frowning as I hissed loudly

“Don’t mind him , he is looking for who to give carryover ”

“Like Susanna”. she added and we both laughed

“Han Han!but that is too much “. I stated , trying so much to control my laugh

“What! Did I lie?”

“No ooooooo” I answered as we climbed down the long stairs to the exit door; Then we walked out of the door and to my upmost surprise, Demi”s car was parked out front…

“Isn’t that Demi’s car?” Shakirat observed , looking towards the car and I nodded slowly,my mouth opened in surprise ….

Has me he been waiting out here for long?

Shakirat hissed “I bet he is here to pick up Susanna”

“No, he is here to pick me”. I quickly corrected and she shot me a puzzled look

“To pick you!”

“Yes,he told me to call him when I am done with lectures”. I explained

“Oh! So you called him”

“No I didn’t…. I mean I was about to”

She stared at me blankly for a moment and then she grinned mischievously

“Is there something you aren’t telling me?”

“Something like what?”

“hmmmh…. you should know what I am talking about”. She winked at me as I faked a frown

“Go away jor!”

“Okay ooo!i need to get going, my sister would have been around”

“Ah ! Sister Balikis! I completely forgot she will be coming today , my regards to her”

“Alright bestie” She bade and I nodded , running all the way to Demi’s car……


The window to his car was wind up so I had to knock twice on it ; instantly, the window rolled down to reveal a sleepy eyes Demilade….

“Hey babe!” he greeted , smiling weakly as I stared at him , observing

his lips was pale!his eyes dull!his face whitish!

“You alright?” I asked, staring intently at him

“Get in”. he instructed , ignoring my question and when I did, he started the ignition ,pulling out to the road as he drove off…

During the drive , i kept on glancing at him

There was something about his facial expression, it was like he was worried about something…

“You alright?” I asked for the second time

“Yes”.he answered with a light smile , I am just a little bit weak

Thank goodness he didn’t ignore me this time around!

“Oh! Sorry! I said and turned away from him, staring out of the window…

I had lot of questions to ask him but I guess this is not the right time ……


We soon go to my hostel and he parked out in front

“Thanks!” I muttered

“It is nothing”. he assured, leaning over to the back seat to get the nylon bag of clothes and when he did, he handed it to me ….

“I will call you”


Opening the door, I alighted from the car in slow motion and climbed up the short step ;turning back , I found him still staring at me

“Bye!” he mouthed and I nodded , smiling lightly as I walked through the passage to my room..

The door was wide opened and I walked in to find Faith laying on the bed ,a headphone over her ear

Seeing me , she sat up in the bed, smiling

“Welcome!” She greeted

“Thanks”. I answered, making use of my nose

Why is she greeting me sef?

dropping the bag on the bed , i ambled to the mirror stand ;then pulled off my skirt to stare at the waist chain.

“Wow! It is beautiful” Faith remarked

“Of course it is”. I agreed, staring at her through the mirror to see her staring back at me

Now it is time to pepper her!

“Ademilade bought it for me”. I added and immediately, her gaze dropped …..

Ha! Ha! Crazy b---h!






To say I was scared would be an understatement, I was more than scared of the weird feelings growing in me , the feeling changing me into a completely different person …..

Obianuju! that girl, what exactly is she doing to me??

Seeing her face alone excites me and funny as it may seem, I was already missing her…….

The sound of my phone ringing snapped me out of my thoughts and i reached for it , checking the caller

It was my Dad

I received it , placing it on speaker

” Hello Ade!”his baritone voice rang through

“Yes sir!” I answered , stepping on the brake as I made a right turn…

he continued “how are you?how are you feeling? I hope you are okay!

“Yes! Yes!Why did you call?”I asked coldly

There was a long pause and then he sighed

“You need to be in Abuja next week , your mother has made all the necessary arrangement………. he tried to say but I cut him off

“She is not my Mother”

“Seriously Ade, it is high time you start calling her mother , Can’t you see the effort she is making just to prove herself to you”

“Effort! I laughed bitterly, what effort!…..oh! You mean the Fetish one”. I drawled making him scoff ….

“You should be grateful you have family who deeply cares about you”. he scolded and that was it , the anger took over and I flared up

“Grateful! deeply cares! No dad , I am sick and tired of everything, I need to know what is wrong with me? why do I need to bath some stupid concoction whenever I am sick?”Why?” I screamed into the phone

he sighed “I understand how you feel son and I promise to answer all of your questions when you are home….

Oh yeah! The normal lines he use in avoiding my questions

he continued “Musa will come pick you up next week , please don’t try doing anything stupid”. he pleaded and without waiting for my response, he banged the call….::

Ahh!” I screamed , banging my fist on the steering wheel…

My head was hurting , my hands shaking that I had to pull out of the road to calm my panic and when I did, I drove home , speeding….


At last! after a rough drive, I got home. I drove into the compound and parked out roughly in front of my apartment; then I alighted from the car to see Susanna seated on the floor in the balcony , her chin propped up with her hands …

“Hey!” I simply greeted , walking past her to the door and she scoffed , jumping up to her feet

“Where are you coming from?”

I glanced over my shoulders to be sure i was the one she was asking that and yes , it was me ..

tsk..tsk.. tsk… she is insane!

Ignoring her , I unlocked the door, pushing it opened as I walked into the sitting room

“Demi oooo! I am talking to you , where are you coming from?” She repeated , vibrating as she followed behind me…

I hissed silently ” is she blind to see I am in no mood for arguments?”

She continued. ” I waited endlessly for you this morning but you didn’t show up; I was worried sick about you thinking you were sick, only for me to get to school and be told you dropped off that … stupid asthmatic patient”

I stopped in my track ,turning to face her

“Stupid! did you just call her stupid?

“Yes, and I will call her more names”.she replied, shooting daggers at me

“Don’t push it Susanna”. I warned; then began to walk towards my room…

“Nooooooo! Demi!come back here , I am not done talking”. She yelled like a crazy woman and I scoffed

“Go talk to yourself”


Pushing the door opened, I walked into the scattered room and collapsed on the bed ;

I was too weak and tired to do a thing!

I kicked off my shoes , about to lay down when my gaze was caught by an object laying on the tiled floor …….An inhaler , Obianuju’s inhaler….

It must have fallen out of her bag!

quickly, I got off the bed to pick it up; then I hurriedly wore a palm slippers and rushed out of the room to the sitting room where I met Susanna watching the television ……

Seeing me , she paused whatever she was watching to stare at me curiously

“Where are you going?”

“Out!don’t wait for me , I won’t be sleeping home today”. I lied , I just wanted her get the f**k out of my house ….

“Han! Han! Why na?” She queried

“That is because I need to take care of something”

“hmmmh…. okay ooooo. but what about the money you promised me?

“In will transfer it to you”. I replied and her eyes lit up

“and make sure you lock the door when leaving”

And with that , I walked out of house slamming the door shut ; I opened the car door, climbed into it and on starting the ignition, I zoomed off !!!

The inhaler is like her life and I needed to take it to her , but deep down in my heart , I knew it was an excuse to see her pretty face ……..


Getting to her hostel , I parked out in front and alighted from the car .

I climbed up the short stairs to the passage; then I walked through it to the last room, knocking on the door twice ..

“I am coming!”a familiar voice answered and I smiled knowing it was obianuju.

What followed next were quick footsteps and in a split second, the door opened to reveal

“my pretty girl”

She was wearing a singlet crop top on a black leggings and believe me when I say she looked so hot…

“Demi!” She called out in surprise, what are you doing here??”

“I erm came to erm drop this”. I stuttered,bringing the inhaler out of my pocket

I felt nervous all of a sudden without even knowing why!

her eyes widened in shock.” Oh my gawd! my inhaler! It must have fallen out of my bag , thank you so so much”

“It is nothing”.I assured

smiling lightly, she opened the door wider and I walked into small cosy room ..

“what can I offer you?” She asked

” a seat!” I answered and her face flushed with embarrassment

“oops! Pardon my manners! Please do have a seat”. She chuckled nervously, pointing to the bed and when I did , she sat down beside me …..

“So now that you are seated, what can I offer you now?” She repeated,grinning from ear to ear..

“Your heart!”. I said softly , staring intently at her and she froze on the spot…….

“My….heart… I can’t .. I can’t give you that”

“Why?”Are you scared I would hurt you? Please don’t be, I promise not to hurt you, i promise not to break you”. I pleaded desperately as she stared at me , confused

“I am afraid of falling”. she told me , searching through my gaze ….

“Then I will catch you”. I assured as I pulled her close , hugging her ..

“Susanna! who is she to you? she whispered

“No one”

“Really! then who am I to you?”

“My girlfriend”. I answered and she hugged me back , burying her face in my chest ; And even without seeing her face, I knew she was smiling….



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