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As I got to my hotel I fell flat on my bed, staring at the ceiling in terror.

I’m still dumb founded at all that transpired at Oby’s home today.

I never saw it coming, I never imagined it will turn out this way.

Sincerely Oby took me by surprise, I never thought she was capable of everything she displayed.

I kept staring at the ceiling wishing tomorrow will just come so that I will run without looking back.

My phone suddenly beeped, I was reluctant to check at first.

I left it there for sometime before picking it up. I noticed it was a message from Oby.

“I know the exact hotel that you’re lodging Austin. You will be getting visitors any moment from now. I and my Dad sent the tugs after you. Don’t worry they won’t kill you, they will teach you a bitter lesson of your life. You messed with the wrong person. You will return back to Abuja in different piece I promise with my full chest. Oh Austin, I will deal with you for trying to dump me after getting my hopes high and making me to Chase off other men interested in me. You are very wicked but I will show you that I’m more learned in that area than you are. You can go to hell after they might have dealt with you, you’re not even romantic or good in bed. You are so boring to be with. Nothing about you is romantic, I wonder how other women cope with you and I’m glad that I will never see your useless face again. After Spanner with the other two guys finish with you, you will regret ever stepping foot in my land. Next time if you see a woman you will pick race without looking back. Nonsense!!

I quickly stood, I walked round the room confused on what next to do.

I read the message all over again and knew I had to disappear from here.

This was around 6pm. I started packing in a haste. I just throw my things into bags without bothering to arrange or fold them.

I have to check out from this hotel immediately before the village bad boys gets to me.

I called the reception and informed them that I was checking out

Since I paid upfront, I wouldn’t need to go over any payment issue again.

Any delay can be dangerous.

I was walking down to the reception in a total haste when I noticed that my phone wasn’t with me.

I rushed back to get it but I couldn’t find it on the bed or anywhere around.

I scattered my bag all over again but is nowhere to be found.

“Oh God, don’t let this bad boys meet me here…”

I said a short prayer

I will have to leave the phone, I need to get out of in one piece and not in pieces as Oby and her gang wish.

I picked up my bag and left again, when I got to the reception desk I spoke to the receptionist on duty.

“I’m checking out….I can’t find my phone in my room, I have searched everywhere, I didn’t see it. I can’t wait any longer, I’m leaving right away…just to let you know…

The young lady interrupted me apologetically

.” I’m sorry sir, but You paid for three days, you still have a day to go… hope there is no problem? About your phone, we sincerely apologise but if you don’t mind I can send the room service to search the room carefully. Is the missing phone the same type with the one in your hand…or a different make?

I looked at her puzzled as I wonder what she was talking about.

I looked down at my hand and look back at her again then return the shocking look to my left hand.

My phone was actually in my hand this whole time.

I knew something was occupying my left hand but I was too much in a hurry to care.

I can’t still believe that I was having my phone in my hand this whole time and didn’t know.

I thanked her for calling my attention to it.

I ran off, heart was pounding as I looked out for my car while still inside.

“Hey…hey oga. Stop there…

I looked back and saw three guys coming out from the bar side.

“… don’t scream, just corporate and if you try to play smart we will outsmart you.

One said to me like a whisper to my ear.

The huge one among them pushed me gently towards the exit door.

I try to man up but my guts left me long time ago.

It was the search for the phone that delayed me. I would have been gone before they gets here.

“Na you Promise to train and marry Mazi’s first daughter Oby but instead you try to useless her life. They don brief us as the matter take be and we Promise them that na sorry go be your second name after we deal with you finish

I try to talk but the one that spoke the pidgin slapped my head hard as they lead me outside.

“…Enter your car and drive us out of this hotel. You go spend your night for bush today…”.

The first one said to me as I was struggling to open my car

“Listen, we don’t go after good people, if you were a nice man, we won’t come visiting. We deal mercilessly with men like you deceiving vulnerable girls because you have money. You met her a virgin then tries to strip her off every innocence left. We will teach you a bitter lesson that will linger in your brain for long, before you come to my village next time to do another atrocity you will think twice. We are protecting our village and innocent people from scavengers like you. you chose the wrong village to come…

The third man among them who was walking round my car came and stood in my front.

The pidgin man pushed me forward to enter the car immediately i opened it.

“Wait…wait. I knew he looks familiar. Umunnem ( my brothers) wait biko (please) we helped him yesterday when his car entered hole at umuoji road…

He began narrating to them in igbo. I heard him mention Ezi’s name.

He continued talking to them trying to calm the other two hot tempered men down.

“… maybe he is innocent. Eziaku said he is a nice man. I guess this whole thing was a set up because after the suffering he suffered yesterday under the rain with his car I see no reason for him to go back to the village again. If he knew he was going into a Lion’s den, this man won’t smell near our village. I think is a set up… let’s think before acting biko.

I know look can be decisive and we are fighting to protect our land from evil perpetrators pretending like angel but this man looks innocent to me. Let’s hear what he has to say… atleast he can explain his own part of the story too not just what mazi and his daughter told us…

I looked up at the guy speaking calmly to the other two.

I recognized him, he was one of the guy that Ezi called to help me push out my car from the pothole yesterday.

That yesterday, he was the one giving me order on how to turn my hand so that the car will be out and asking me to relax and not worry during the potholes drama.

I offered him and his friend money he refused after the car got out, it was his friend that collected just one thousand Naira which he planned to use for church offering today.

The other two listened to him speak, they later left me to lock back the car.

I closed my car as we all went back to the hotel bar.

I bought drinks and a plate full of garnished gizzard for them.

We sat round the table as I narrated some of the things Oby did and my reasons for traveling to the village.

I even showed them the recent message I got from her.

“I talkam. I said it guys that this man maybe innocent. Do you see that we would have beaten this man to stupor without finding out the main truth all because Mazi Azuka told us that he tried to kill his daughter and do not want him to go scot-free. He wanted us to mishandle him and watch him plead for mercy. He wanted to see how his money will save him…

The guy from yesterday who’s name was Chinonso but his friends call him Nonso said

“Na true, oil full your head Nonso. If we go back now eeh, we will tell Mazi that we do our job well. We remove his teeth come break his legs join. He will not walk normal or laugh anytime soon. He was crying and begging for mercy but we no care…”

The pidgin guy that they nicked named Spanner said. the other two began to laugh seriously.

I couldn’t help but laugh too.

…oga, this gizzard make sense… It go well with this bottle of beer. If I drink one more I go they alright. This one na my third bottle. Na beating they send us but na enjoyment we come dey….

Spanner, the pidgin guy said while filling his mouth with the garnished gizzard.

I ordered for more of the gizzard and more drinks.

“, Small girls this days don wise finish. Can you imagine Mazi daughter that had this kind of opportunity yet misused it. She enter school go tear eyes, as oga lost interest in her she and her papa vex…they want oga to suffer. This Man tried for them, that girl misused her chance and she shouldn’t blame anyone for that. Beside, marriage is not by force. This oga doesn’t want to have anything to do with her.. period. After everything I just heard I’m in total support of his decision. Raise your glasses if you agree…

They all raised their glass.

They continued talking and laughing while drinking.

they all later apologies for accosting me not knowing that I’m a nice person.

I had two bottles too, I didn’t feel like drinking or had appetite for anything but I had to join them.

I was still feeling a little bit traumatized after the whole ordeal.

As they stood to leave, I try to give them transport money but they refused.

And said that they came with their “okada” they call it their “Prado” parked outside the hotel.

They said the drinks and gizzard was enough. They have all had enough to drink all they need is to go home and sleep.

By tomorrow they will tell Mazi anything they want to tell him because he is a very stupid man to have believed his daughter’s lies and send them on such errand.

They respected him because he is a learned elder but he is a foolish man. His wife is wiser than him.

I try to thanked them for giving me a chance to speak and hearing me out but instead

They thanked me for the good man I was.

Spanner said he has a beautiful sister ready for marriage who will never misbehave like Oby.

I thanked him for his kind offer but told him that woman is not on my mind for now.

And if in the future I decided to look in the way of a woman it will definitely not be from a village.

Ones beaten twice shy.

We exchange handshake as they promise me that anytime I feel like coming to the village for anything at all I shouldn’t be scared because they will always have my back.

I didn’t see anything that will ever take me to their village again.

I was really done exploring.

I still thank God that my body part is still in perfect shape.

Only one slap from spanner will send me crashing.

That guy’s hand was three times mine. He has a very wide palm, tall with hefty muscles.

All through the time we all sat together, I couldn’t help but imagine what he will do with me.

I know I got body weight too but it can’t be compared to spanner who will toast me like bacon.

Never will I have anything to do with a village girl or any lady with no exposure.

I learnt my lesson in a very hard way.

I went back to the receptionist and asked if they had checked me out already, she said that she was about doing that when she saw me going into the bar with the three guys.

I collected my key and went back to my hotel room.

Had a long cold bath, just to relax my brain before going to bed.

Early morning the following day around 4am, I got up wash off, dressed up and set out to leave.

I checked to make sure I was not leaving anything important behind.

Exactly 5am I left. It will be another long drive but I just can’t wait to get back to Abuja.

I entered road that early morning.

Thank God that Oby’s land did not consume me.

What will my mum and dad say if they hear of all this?

Is only Chuka that knew of my travel. I will never go on this kind of expensive journey alone next time.

Infact, there will never ever be a next time.

Chuka married Abuja babe and they are doing great together, if I can’t find reasonable lady in Abuja I will travel to Lagos and allow my Mom introduced the Lagos babe that she thinks is perfect for me.

My main focus right now is to travel back to Abuja and bury my head with work.

I’m much grateful that I’m alive and well.

What couldn’t kill me only made me much stronger.

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