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“….yes, she told us some shocking thing that left me disorganized. You traveled all the way down to tell us that you’re no more interested in Oby, I pleaded with you not to conclude yet until I talk to my daughter. After talking to her, I and her mother couldn’t believe what we’re hearing. I will want her to repeat everything she told us…

What exactly did Oby told them that will leave them in shock?

As far as I’m concerned, I never did anything to hurt Oby rather I used my resources to get her an adequate help which stopped the bedwetting that was caused by the abortion she did back in school.

How did I offend her or what exactly does she have to say about me apart from that I have been nice and generous despite her excessive request which I count as nothing.

I looked at her and she looked towards me and gave me an annoying roll of eye.

The father asked her to talk

Oby started running her mouth.

“after he invited me to Abuja for the first time last year, I went over and on seeing me he changed totally. I noticed he was always on phone and will sometimes Leave me to go and meet one of his women, I try talking to him and he will tell me that he is paying my fees, I have no say over what he does. Well, I decided to do everything he asked of me so that I won’t offend him. That first night, he forced his way to have me, knowing very well that I don’t know other man apart from him….he was the first man. Back in school, I mind my studies and focus on making good grades so that I can make you and mama proud. Whenever he calls me in school he will be ordering me around, wanting to know my whereabouts and he calls every passing minute. Choking me with his authoritative attitude yet I never mind or complained. After forcing me to bed at his place, even after I told him that I wasn’t ready yet…I later found out that I was pregnant…

Her mother clapped her hand and exclaimed in shock. “Jesus Christ”.

Mazi shake his head pathetically as he wore this sad disappointed look.

I was just in total shock and speechless.

I will open my mouth and close again as I kept looking at Oby and wondering how she cooked up such lies.

“….he asked me to abort it. I refused due to my life and health was at stake but he insisted and threaten to discontinue the relationship if I don’t. He said he will neither marry or sponsor me if I keep disobeying him. He took me to a place where I had to do the abortion done. Papa, I almost died…ask him, he’s here. He almost killed me. The situation became worst because I found out that I can no longer hold my urine. My bladder was mostly full and if I don’t urinate immediately it will pour down on me. It was really that bad papa and I was in pain. He realized the danger he put me through and decided to take me for surgery…

Scream left mazi’s mouth as he looked from his daughter to me with all his big eye ball.

His wife stood from the chair and put her hand on her head in shock too.

“She is lying. Your daughter is lying… everything she said Is a total lie. I’m also in shock. I… I can’t believe she is accusing me after helping her…”

Oby interrupted.

“Austin just keep quiet please let me tell my parents all your evil deed. They think you’re a saviour sent to save us they don’t know that you’re a devil. You traveled all the way down to tell them that you’re not interested in me after you almost damaged my womb, after you almost succeed in destroying my life. Austin, you are wicked. What did I ever do to you…I was obedient and a nice girl. I refused to follow other well to do men who lined up waiting for me to just say yes, I refused and stick to you yet you used me and want to dump me. You did not even let me know that you’re not interested in me anymore. You ran down to tell my parents instead so that they will disgrace me and call me unfortunate child. You didn’t tell them what you did… how could you? You are denying and saying that I’m accusing you right? Did you sleep with me or not? I ask you again Austin, did you have sex with me more than ones or not? Did I abort a baby which weakened my urinary tract… according to the doctor? Okay, Austin did you take me for surgery or not… you took me into emergency surgery and refused to inform my parents. Did you inform them that you took me for a corrective surgery…?

My mouth was open as I look at her more shock.

Mazi spoke quietly yet I can dictate anger in his voice.

“How could you do such a thing without informing us. Atleast we’re still alive, taking my daughter for any sort of surgery should not just be your decision to make. We’re her parents and you supposed to inform us. All of this can send you to prison, because is illegal act and anything could have happened to Oby. What if she died, what if something worst happened in the process of the surgery…I can’t believe everything I’m hearing. I thought you are educated and smart…why do such a thing to an innocent girl we gave you to marry? Oby didn’t tell us to this extent. She was only briefing us and I feel so disappointed hearing all of this things now…

This time I managed to smile sarcastically because my head was almost blown from everything happening.

Oby’s mother spoke in my defense.

“This young man look innocent of all this accusations. He has a loving spirit right from the first day he came into this house and I knew Oby will be in good hands. I’m finding it difficult believing everything Oby is saying…it can’t all be true. I…

Mazi shunned her.

“Keep quiet woman if you don’t have better thing to say. How can you say your own daughter is lying in front of a stranger? We raised our daughter well and she had never disappointed us. Oby can’t possibly cook up all of this lies, is not possible. Okay, let me ask Austin this one question. Did you or did you not take her for surgery? You slept with my daughter, got her pregnant, send her to go and do abortion which damaged her organs and then you pushed her in for surgery to cover up your deeds…chukwu aju (God forbids evil) you think because you have money you can molest an innocent young girl we entrust to you all in the name of marriage. It baffles me because, you men will start feeling like god with your wealth. You think the poor Masses does not have a say… they will remain at your mercy right? Hmmm…Ike ahapulam (strength has left me)

“Listen Mazi, I know that I flop by not informing you and madam about the surgery but that was because Oby pleaded. She cried and begged me not to. I wasn’t the one that got her pregnant or sent her out for abortion…I never did. It happened back in her…

Oby screamed interrupting me outloudly.

“Shut up…shhhh..shut your mouth….

She suddenly began to cry, tears where pouring down from her eyes as she turned to her father and said

“….papa, this man almost killed me. I begged him to call you because I was so afraid but he refused. He said nothing will happen after all you and mama do not have a say over whatever he does with me. He said I belong to him and he can either make or destroy me and nobody will question him. It breaks my heart to hear him deny it. I know the level of pain he put me through papa. This man is a liar, pretender and a dictator. He dictates everything I do. I thanked God that the surgery went successfully and nothing happened to me. Papa, do you know that I always beg him each time for the school fees which he promised to be paying. I will cry and beg him after they send me out of exam hall due to lack of payment…i will keep pleading before he will send the money.

Sometimes I drink only garri for one whole week due to no money for feeding. My friends and roommate got tired of feeding me that they will ask me if my parents are still alive. I will call, send messages to Austin begging him to send me small money for feeding. Sometimes he will send ten thousand naira only…I will manage it for a month plus. Other expenses are included inside the ten thousand naira. I did not want to disturb you or mama because I know how it was back home. I can’t start asking you to send me the little that you people are managing with. When I was at his place, one of his friend saw me and liked me…he noticed the harsh way Austin was treating me and adviced him to change. Papa do you know what Austin did, he became angry and jealous, he almost fought his friend, he pushed the fine young man that was defending me out of his house and warned him never to come back again…I…I..

She wiped off tears, blew her nose into her cloth and continued talking.

I began taking steps to leave because my head was about exploding for real.

Her mother try to call me back. Oby said to her

“Mama, let him go…he may look innocent but this man’s heart is evil. Don’t be deceived by his look. I’m in 300level, I have just a year to go and I will be through. I will go for my Nysc after then, get a job and take care of you people. I have lots of men who are ready to care for me but I keep turning them down because of this man. I’m almost a graduate, don’t worry. I have gone three years plus already and will be finishing soon. I have suffered enough in silent. We don’t need him…he made me go through so much pain. It really breaks my heart to watch him stand there and deny it all. Let him go and meet his numerous women in Abuja that he brings home every time and I can not say or do anything because of the fear of what he will do. He even starved and maltreat me at his place. The stories are much…if not that papa do not have money will I go through what I went through just because he promised to sponsor and marry me…oh God. This life is not fair… Is so painful….

She began to cry again.

Mazi said

“Oby, why didn’t you call and tell us… why do you wait until now? He is not married to you yet and he did all of this, if he gets married to you that means he will bring back your corpse for us to bury…chukwu aju (God forbids) this kind of thing supposed to be in the news, people needs to be careful with men who pretend to be nice, they go into homes, make mouth watery offers and then try to destroy the entire family. Don’t cry my daughter, I thank God that nothing happened to you and you are about rounding up with your school. The devil is a liar and has failed over my family….

Oby’s mum said as I took another step toward the exit door.

“Austin send thirty thousand to us every month, sometimes he send more. How come is only ten thousand naira he sends to you Oby… which you said happens after much plea. I’m your mother but some of this stories doesn’t add up and I’m not buying it all…

Mazi screamed at her.

“Which makes you a useless mother. Your daughter almost died… this man wanted to kill your daughter and all you have to say is this? Did you hear the part he agreed that he took her for surgery? Do you even know how much surgery is done? He did it all without informing us, because he wanted to cover up his evil deed. Oby finally have the courage to speak up and you are still in doubt. What kind of mother are you mama Oby? Will you rather want her dead…I don’t understand this your foolishness. If I have money this man will be heading to jail. I will lock him up and put his name on every news paper and social media. He is very lucky…but one day he will be exposed. His evil deed will come out open. I welcomed you Austin into my home, hand my daughter over to you and you decided to destroy her life. The money you send to us was just for camouflage so that we will be thinking you are really taking care of Oby. After almost destroying her life you have the nerve to travel all the way down here to tell us that you’re not interested anymore. I could have organise some village tugs to deal with you for everything you did to my daughter… let me go and call some of this village boys to handle you, let me see how your money will save you… bastard…

He stood up. Oby’s mother started calling him to calm down.

“Calm down Papa Oby, please… don’t take laws into your hand.

He walked away from her, Oby’s mother asked me to take the next available bike and leave the village before her husband will make up his mind.

Oby was going after her father asking him to go ahead and make the call or she can run and check for some of them.

I stepped out and started leaving.

Oby came outside and said to me.

“You don’t mess with me and go scot-free Austin. Who’s head is buried in shame now…me or you? You wanted to disgrace me but I’m always thinking ahead of you….

I told her she will regret her actions some day.

She was insulting me as I leave, calling me nasty names.

I ignored, I was lucky to get a motorcycle which I borded.

It took me to the main road where I took a bus back to my hotel.

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