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Betty’s father was later release from the station by chief Rufus on condition that he don’t want to see Betty’s father anywhere close to his house again which Betty’s father adhere to the condition, Betty’s father was seen sitting inside a taxi that was taking him home, his bag of cloth was beside him as he was lost with thought

”chai!! big man big trouble! so chief Rufus is not the kind of person I thought he was! chai! this life! he even have the gut to lock me up in a cell? that man is inhumane! this is all my fault, I regretted ever giving my daughter to him! chai money wahala! look at where my love for money and good things of life has landed me into? I regretted everything”, Betty’s father thought to himself shaking his head regretfully, just then he heard the taxi driver screamed

”oga waiting happened? why u come scream like that? Betty’s father asked confusedly ”my motor go scratch that limousine car way dey come, way dem write ”about to wed’ for hin body! aaaah!! which kind reckless driving I come dey drive like this? now I don create myself expenses now! oga abeg sit down there I dey come make I go apologize to the owner of that limousine before him go come down arrest me”, the driver said, opened his taxi door and came down, Betty’s father also came down to know wat the taxi driver was talking about, the limousine car has already parked at a corner waiting for the taxi man to come down

”aaaah oga which kind drive u come drive like this? and na people way wan wed! u come scratch their motor”, Betty’s father said to the taxi man, as the same time looking at the beautiful limousine and some cars parked at it back, just then the door of the limousine car opened and Katy came down from the car putting on a wedding gown, anger was written all over her face as she angrily walked up to the taxi driver, Betty’s father on seeing Katy almost fell but hold on to himself

”i guess u are the one driving that taxi? aren’t u watching were u are going? just look at how u scratched my husband car! I guess the devil wants to use u to ruin my happy moments! but it won’t work for u!! just look at”, Katy said going towards the car without looking at the second person standing beside the taxi driver ”katy”, Betty’s father called with shocked, Katy on hearing her name turned back and was surprised to see Betty’s father

”aaaah papa Betty good morning! am sorry I didn’t know u were the one standing there! papa Betty! so where are u going to? Katy asked ”katy!! so u are about to wed with a millionaire without even letting us ur bestfriend family know? aaaah Katy! u no even try at all”, Betty’s father said smiling

”papa Betty am sorry for not letting u know, it came urgent, but I invited my friend Betty, but due to the kind of husband she got married to, she couldn’t make it to my wedding! am so sorry”, Katy apologize smiling ”errrrm ok no problem my pikin! so where this ur husband dey self? abi him no dey inside motor with u? aaaah!! see motor, money speaks”, Betty’s father praised looking at the beautiful car

”my husband is inside the car! wait let me call him so he can say hi to u”, Katy said and made to turn, but the door of the car opened as kelvin came down gracefully putting on a suit ”papa Betty! that’s my husband”, Katy said pointing at kelvin who was coming towards them ”aaaah na ur husband be this? but this face look like face way I don see before!! where I from know this face o? where where where? Betty’s father asked no one in particular looking on space recalling where he knew the face from.



stay tuned for the final episode.

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