Instagram Queen - S01 E03

2 months ago

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Natasha p.o.v

As I stepped into the club. The sounds of music drinks filled the place with hot guy. Actually am here with my best friend kim.

I dressed in a bum shorts and singlet top and high heel. All eyes on me am used to being the center of attention. I walk to the bar attendance. To get a drink. Kim is sitting with a guy I think they know each other.

I felt the huge to sing and dance. I got to the stage and collect the mic I started singing in my feelings by Drake. shaking my ass to the rhythm. All eyes on my guys are giving me flirtious look while the girls were glaring dangers at me I don’t care.

Guys leave there babe behind to come and dance with me some wee sparring money on my ass. I gestured Kim to come and pick the money for me. I don’t wanna lose money. Cause am saving to buy the car of my dream.

Jason p.o.v

Am in the restroom f*cking the hell out of a b---h. Before I heard a angelic voice I have never heard before. I need to see the see the owner of that sweet voice.

I put on my trouser hurriedly. There the beauty is shaking her ass dancing to the rhythm of the music she’s singing. My other man rise up immmediately. I need to f--k this girl.

I move closer to her and whisper to her how much for a night stand I asked. Don’t you know me. Who are you I asked. Am Natasha I due with only foreplay she said. Wow she’s the one my friends told me about. Have been coolval stories looking for you I said.

No problem shall we I asked. She drop the mic and walked after me the guys were sad while the ugly bitches were happy she left.

No escape for her, I must f--k her no matter what. We got to the hotel room I locked the door and put the key in my pocket.

She got down to business, I must say she’s really good in what she does. No girls have never give me this pleasure even without f*cking her. There’s something about her that I like but I don’t know the thing. How much for a night stand I asked her again I thought we have talked about this before. She said.

What if I raped you I said. What did you mean, she stammered.

She stand up and started walking toward the door with her back. not knowing the door is locked.i moved closer to her and started caressing her body. There’s fear in her eyes. What’s up with you why are you doing like a virgin. She go down on her knees begging me tears dropping out of her eyes. Why are you begging me aren’t you a b---h I said with a smirk. Don’t worry I will pay you well.

She shaked her hand signifying no I don’t need your money anymore.

What did you think will happen next

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