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Dora lead Modupe to their room.

“Hmmm welcome to Lagos the land of struggle.The field of survival of the fittest” Dora phrased and Dupe stood looking.

…. I like you are smart and beautiful” she complimented.

“, Thank you aunty Dorathy,” Dupe said as she drop her bag.


..,,” Dupe ooo I have something to tell you

I know we are just seeing for the first time,but I have to tell you this. I will soon leave this house.iam getting marry in few months from now. I overheard madam that she wouldn’t bring any helper since you are here. I will be getting marry soon and leave”Dora told Dupe.

…Hmmm Dupe’s eyes blinked. ” What are you people still doing in the room now come out” Aunty Sade shouted and they ran out.

….Two months later Dora left as her wedding is coming up.Dorathy is from the East..she was 24years just finished college.lack of job made her go for any available job.

… Modupe resumed the office of House chores.she does all the work.

As early as 4am Modupe is awake already.She prepares the children’s breakfast, package their lunch, and dressed up.

She does the laundry even though there is washing machine,there are some selected ones that aunty Sade do give her to wash with hand.

….”this Ankara I don’t joke with it,wash it very well.Concentrate on the neck and the armpit” she sounded in Dupe’s ears.

Weeks turned to months …..and the year was gradually slipping out and modupe’s didn’t hear anything about school….

___The school that Aunty Sade hopefully promised her.

Each time she remind her about school aunty Sade will counter it with excuses or harsh words…

“Umm hmmmmm aunty, please what of the school you promised ma.I will be glad if I can start even if is to start from Jss again.I observed that the village way of teaching and life is totally different from the city’s.I want to gather experience first” hhaalelele ooo Modupe suggested gently and smartly.

___A thunderous slap landed on her cheek. “Haaaaaaa” she shouted holding her cheek.

*****”Weldon,minister of Education.Me that brought you all the way from Ibadan to Lagos I don’t know what am doing abii?.Must you go to school?

Soooo because I promised you to send you to school is that why you won’t let me rest?

….for your information Dorathy is no more here sooooo no school for you.

Nonsense, shift from my side jare.How many people from where you are coming from have attended school? If you were still in the village you would have been married by now?” Sade vomited to Modupe’s surprised..

-+-+-+– She was still hopeful that her aunty may change her mind about her decision but Aunty Sade remained on her ground.

One year have passed by and Modupe have given up about school…

.she just accepted the fate and face the life she found herself. .

She turned completely into a maid.. working from morning till night…

Tiwa and Jude were abandoned at her mercy as Aunty Sade’s work took most of time.Rarely did she have time for her home…

She has turned to Nanny and cleaner.

Uncle Raymond; Aunty Sade’s husband is a banker. ……

One day Uncle Raymond came home earlier than usual….. Modupe was bathing the children……

He opened the door and saw them…

“Dupe, when you are done come please” he ordered and went back to his room.

Knowing his wife’s work demand and time table, Raymond always have what he wanted.

He have been admiring Dupe since just that he was waiting for the best time..

…”IAM done sir” she knocked at his door.. “come in” he answered.

She went was 8:30pm.

Raymond looked at her lustfully.

Please help me buy card” He stretched #1000 note to her.

Dupe went quickly.she was walking as fast as her legs could carry her.The street is not safe anything from 7_8pm.There are many cases of rapes that have been reported there.she was wondering why would her uncle decide to send her out by this time when he is fully aware of how the street is.She walked fast to the shop .

“I want card please”. “sorry we don’t have card .go to the next shop” the shop keeper said.she thought of going back home but consider her uncle may send her back again so she decided to check the next shop.

She got the card and and was returning home.She was almost approaching one uncompleted building just some miles away from her house.when she heard voice.”stop there” the voice commanded and Dupe increased her speed but was unfortunate.

She felt strong hand on her shoulder and was dragged to the uncompleted building.Before she could realized what was happening,a chubby young man was on top her bouncing on her mercilessly.

Dupe cried in pain…Her cloth was torn.

She couldn’t struggle with them

They took turns on her.Dupe was weak…

……she was in pain she don’t what to do.

“You sweet die” one of the young men mocked her as she stagger.

“What took you sooo long like this?” Uncle Raymond shouted immediately Dupe reached home.

She couldn’t say anything apart from “IAM sorry sir” She was trying very hard to hide the pain she was going through.

Her thighs and vagirna was really hurting her.blood was coming out and she was weak ND fragile.

“Iam coming please sir ” Dupe pleaded

She went to bathroom to Clean the mess.immediately she came out of her bathroom and wanted to change, Uncle Raymond opened the door and grabbed her hungrily.

“I have been wanting to have you long ago Modupe but it seems time is delaying” Uncle Raymond said as he unzipped his trouser and bounced on her as she was having towel on her chest..

“Uncle please, I am in pain please” Dupe cried out but Raymond was too Carried away.


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