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Three months after her father’s dismissal, Modupe fate began to unfold.

…. “I don’t know that you are complete witch. A capital witch for that matter.

“So because your mother die you don’t want to me to enjoy my own MARRIAGE abiii??

Am I the one that kill her? Why bringing this kind of misery to me?

You couldn’t wait for me to put to birth, so that the child could see his father, you have taken him off life? Heeeyyy Modupe you have finished me ooo”Bisi cried

Modupe was confused of life….. Tears have been exhausted from her eyes


Coper Henry didn’t see Modupe in school and was concerned. He asked her friend Lola.

.. “lola, what of Dupe now what happened…”

……. Ooohhh sorry sir she was the one the principal was talking about. She lost her daddy” She said sadly.

OMG that is really sad. Will you please show me the house after school? ” He pleaded. ” Yes sir.

…… Coper Henry waited for Dupe to congratulate her.. The junior brainy challenge competition, she went for representing her school last week, in the state was great. She emerged the best and the school came First.

…. A school bus, building of library and two additional classes was awarded to the best school and the best student was given a scholarship. Modupe’s school was the best and she was the best This really gladdens The school and coper Henry in particular.

…. After the school, Lola directed Dupe’s house to him….

“Iam so sorry.. Dupe” He greeted everyone….

Dupe fell ill that she have to spend three weeks in hospital…

.. when Dupe resumed school, She was informed of the result she was Soo glad.

……. She informed Bisi her stepmother. “Mummy, I emerged the best in the competition I went some weeks ago, so I was giving scholarship.. ” she said excited, but the mother didn’t respond…. ” Mum… My” she called again thinking she didn’t hear it… “Dupe don’t let me slap ooo, if you emerged the best what do you want me to do.. to kill myself for you or what??? Are you the first to gain a scholarship?? Shift from my side jare. ” Bisi shouted at her and this broke her heart . This is not what she was expecting.

… Though she know very well that she don’t like her but not in this case now.. Not now that she is about to excel even with tears.

She quietly walk away… “Don’t think you are going for that sch.. . whatever oooo. Once you clock 15years,Femi the vulcanizer said he want to marry you. How many girls do you see in this village are going beyond junior school?.

Temi is getting marry soon, so you will marry too” Bisi concluded without hearing her opinion.

” Noooo I must go to school, I don’t want to marry” dupe objected.

How is she going to tell her that she need money for the scholarship processions..

She told coper Henry about it and he promised to help her if only she could play her part. Dupe promised to her part to make sure she continue her studies.

The processions was over and every thing was in order. It was remaining for Dupe to go and sign in the agreement statement given. The state government promised to link her with international scholarships ongoing if her performance is good. Dupe was excited.

.. On that very day, she was to go for the signing, Dupe told her Mummy about it. She dressed up in her new school uniform that coper Henry bought for her because that her old one have been patched severally and not looking presentable.

…. She walked into the kitchen to look for what to eat when she mistakenly broke the clay pot, Bisi use in keeping cold water.

“Wait ooo, Dupe, did you just break my pot” She asked harshly..

“Iam sorry ma” she apologized. Before she could realized it , Bisi threw a near by big wood and hit her with it. Dupe fall on the ground as blood gushed out like water…

She was unconscious. Fear grip Bisi as she saw the poor girl collapsed helplessly.

She called out for help and told people that the girl fell on a stone.

Dupe was rushed to the village clinic.

She was bandaged and the nurses tried their best.

The school waited for Dupe’s coming. But she was no where to be found and that day was the last grace day given. Coper Henry was really disappointed.

They went to the house and we’re told that Dupe is in the hospital and was unconscious. And that she couldn’t make it to the signing anymore.

Everyone was really sad but what can they do?? Dupe has to just missed that scholarship….


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