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Modupe was , troubled . She couldn’t just wait for the closing bell to ring.

Before the closing bell, they were having social studies and the teacher didn’t come on time.

“Let me go and call the teacher” Modupe said and stood up. “Hmmmmmm” Lola Modupe’s classmate noticed something on her uniform. She rushed after Modupe.. “Dupe your uniform is dirty, come” Lola called and Modupe followed her as Lola lead her to the rest room… ” See uniform is stain with blood oooo” she said.

…. “Hmmmmm lola, I don’t know what to do I saw this yesterday but I don’t know what happened to me or how to go about it” she said with tears. ” Look dupe you aren’t ill or something bad. It shows you are getting to maturity. There is nothing to worry about.When you see things like this, all you need to do is to look for something either clean rag or something called coolval stories pad so that it can stop the blood from staining your clothe. My mum told me that last week. I saw similar thing last week and I told my mum. She sat me down and explained the necessary things. Here take this my handkerchief, fold it like this and put it on your pant to stop further staining of your clothes.” Lola told Modupe kindly.

Hot tears rolled down her eyes. The memories of her mum crept her mind. She remembered when her mother started similar teaching to her when she was ten. But she stopped because she thought she was too tender to have that kind of knowledge.

“When you grow alittle bit, I will teach you more about that dupe miiii, but for now I think you are too young. ” Modupe remembered Bukky telling her this one evening like that. ” Ooohhhhh dear mother I wish you are here you wouldn’t have allowed me run into this great mess” she cried bitterly.

” Take the water and wash off the stain” Lola said handing a bowl of water to her.. “thank you Lola you are simply the best….” Modupe said wiping away her tears and locating the particular stain spot.

“Lola I wanted to tell coper Henry, infact I saw him during first break,but it seems he wasn’t getting what I was telling him, he asked me to see him after school” Modupe told Lola. ” Hmmmmm now that you know what is wrong with you are you still seeing him???? ” Lola asked concerned.

” No I will see him for something else. I know how I will go about it. Lola thank God you have mother to direct you . Oooooohhhhhh I wish my mother is still alive” she bursted into another round of tears.

“Sorry dupe, it is alright, God will see you through.” Lola consoled.

…… After the closing, Coper Henry sent for Modupe. “Yes you were saying something…” He phrased. “Yes uncle, I wanted to ask you something about adolescence, the changes and the characteristics. I need to know sir.. ” she said. ” Yes dear that is a very crucial stage of life that need extra care for one to cross that bridge… Hmmmm I think we will discuss that tomorrow because it is included in your curriculum..

Do you have anything to discuss again? ” He asked ” No sir” ” owk then Dupe, I have a meeting to catch up… Sorry I will see you tomorrow ok”He said gently patting her back. ” Ok sir bye.

Hardly did she enter the house when she saw people, trooping into the house. She couldn’t tell what’s happening. She couldn’t just tell. Did Bisi just put to birth?? Nooo she can’t.the stomach wasn’t big enough for her to deliver…then what could cause the gathering of people in her house like that???? She breath heavily as she approached the house with the rate of her heart beat faster than usual.

“hmmm that is really sad may his soul rest in perfect peace”She heard somebody saying, coming out of the house…

……” Haaa,Dupe Mii, welcome ooo come in” Mr Alabi called as she stepped into the house.

…..The truth couldn’t be hidden any longer.

Modupe was told that her father Mr Tayo past away,in the farm.

It was found that a snake bit him, struggling alone,he couldn’t do the necessary things to prevent the further moving of the venom.He gave up.

His Corpse was found in his hut which shows he died Two days ago before his Co.. Farmers found him.

Modupe cried the life out of herself.

“Iwo ni Moni , laye lorun, Iwo ni Moni……

Iwo ni Moni, laye lorun, Iwo ni Moni….

Jesu……… Iwo ni Moni….. “Modupe cried and refused to be comforted….


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