Rise Of The Claw - S01 E24

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Cha 15b

The priests still gather in the cave, meditating days and night

Priest Hator: I am sure Hoxo has gotten what he want

Priest Joke: that sign make us know

( Jarvis arrived, phasing through the cave )

Jarvis: I am back

Priests: welcome

Priest joke: how is your journey to Zagger kingdom

Jarvis: their king called King Han accept me as his hero,he want me to be with them and protect them

Priest jole: what about crown.

Jarvis: unfortunately we lost it, Hoxo forces are greater than ours

Priest joke: we too know that, we could see the sign

Jarvis: I don’t know what we can do now.

Priest joke: all what we have to do is not to surrender.

Priest Kang: yes no retreat no surrender

Priest Hator: you that you are talking how many monster have you ever defeated.

( facing his follow priest while they couldn’t utter any word again )

I too I haven’t defeat any single monster, even the smallest of them

Jarvis: come on guys, sorry fathers, I forgot that you are old mens.

Priest Hator: we still look young, isn’t it

Jarvis: you are all old men

Priest joke: we are not here to joke

Jarvis: then what is your name.

Priest joke: my name

Jarvis: yes your name.

Priest joke: actually, when I was born my parent named me Bobby Joke

( the priests all laugh with Jarvis also )

Jarvis: so old men are even funny like this, I don’t know, I should’ve staying with them always if I should’ve know )

Priest Hator: now let be serious, let be serious

( he shouted while everybody silence )

Jarvis: oh, what are doing

Priest jole: all we have to do is to wait for the arrival of Hoxo in order to fight him

( To be surprised Fang arrived while they were amazed on seeing him painting )

Priest joke: what is going on what wrong

Jarvis: I don’t understand also

Priest Hator: can this be a trap

Priest joke: I think we have to use opportunity to kill him, then one of them will be extinct.

( priest quickly go and bring an Axe like a helberd a weapon having a spare and Axe )

Priest Hator: let beheaded him

( he too bring out his sword )

Fang: please don’t kill me, please

( he pleaded while he was already weak then fall down closing his two eyes )

Priest joke: is this a trick

( they were confused )

Priest jole: come on we got a chance to do it now they will decreased, let revenge for keeper

( they begin to move near him wanted to beheaded him, Jarvis then quickly close his eyes to assure whether what he wanted to do is right or wrong he go through the spirit while the spirit tell him that he was a friend of them that he have to help them in accomplishing their mission, he believe the spirit while he return back to life, seeing the priests rising their weapon to strike him at once )

Jarvis: stop

( he shouted at them, they all look at him in amazing way while they were confused )

Priest joke: are you one of them

Jarvis: listen to me first

Priest Hector: you must be a spy right?

( they begin to move to him, while he also staying back )

Jarvis: you don’t here word

Priest joke: I said you are a spy

( he yelled at him )

Jarvis: how could you say that to me, if I am a spy I should’ve kill you all this day

Priest kang: can anyone tell me what is happening here

Jarvis: guys, sorry old men, I like to be calling you guys.

Priest Hator: say what you have to say

Jarvis: the spirit tell me that he was a friend of us

( they all dropped their weapons )

Priest joke: how can that be

Jarvis: or don’t you believe the spirit anymore

Priest jole: wait let me confirm

( he close his eyes but still here the same )

Jarvis: come on let see, you priest have to trust each other

Priest jole: I too have consult the spirit, he his right.

Priest Hator: we are sorry, I learn from your word,we have to trust each other, I too realize that in keeper life.

Priest kang: that is extraordinary nice

Priest Joke: how are we going to solve this now.

Jarvis: let chained him and treat him also, if he awake then we are going know what we are going to do to him, just let chained and treat him he can’t escape, I know that.

Priests: as you said


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