Rise Of The Claw - S01 E23

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Hoxo: now I am invincible

( he hold the crown then put it on his head, immediately he do that, he was engaged with a mighty power and strength while the whole earth shaken many from near and far could senses that something had happened to their planet and their was a great earthquake while darkness cover the sky and every places was darkened even Golden claw could sense the event with his family were they are also with his two friends at the field, to the priests in the cave and to Awesome in where it was and he said that “the darkness has come”all Hoxo minions all bow before his feat )

I am the supreme ruler, I shall turn many to dust, all peoples will hail my name for good and for bad and all this kingdoms shall be mine.

( Darot furiously rise up )

Are you not happy in my in success of having the full dark power.

Darot: you have done something I will never forget in my life.

Hoxo: don’t worry, ask whatever you want and I shall grant you but on one thing, the thing is that don’t ask me to resurrect your sister.

Darot: then why not.

Hoxo: she spoke bad words at me, she blaspheme against me, that is the consequence in doing so.

Darot: if so, I don’t want anything from you, let me go then since I have nothing remain.

Hoxo: what about your gift I have promised you

Darot: I don’t need that anymore, even you can destroy me, destroy me, I said destroy me

( he yell at him with courage,then begin to cry )

Hoxo: now it’s time

( Hoxo stretched his hand to her, then she forget everything, brainwashing her to forget everything, she could not remember anything, only she could remember that she was loyal to Hoxo and she have to do whatever her master had commanded her )

Darot: thanks sir

( Fang was amazed in where he was )

Hoxo: now destroy this corpse

Darot: to destroy this corpse is my pleasure

( he stretched her hand to the corpse and it vaporise without passing any liquid due to the change of matter )

Hoxo: what did you want to do

Darot: send me to earth to destroy and devastate everything indeed

Hoxo: this is not yet time, let rest for today.

Darot: your wish is my command

( Fang then reveals himself doing as if he don’t see what that has happened, but keep it as a secret to himself, he then walk in )

Fang: congratulate sir.

( he smiled )

Hoxo: I have sent Savat in a voyage to get me what am going to drink

Fang: alright sir, I have something to create so I have to now

Hoxo: ok go

( he turn back wanted to be going but Fang realize that something is going to happened, unfortunately he was mark by Darot while he fall down )

Fang: what have you done sir

Hoxo: I know you saw what I have done to your friend, Savat, for me to be surely save, I have to destroy you, you might be a traitor

( Fang was confused )

And also I have made a new promise to myself that if I have the full dark power and if I could complete my conquest that I am going to destroy you and Savat and I will replaced you by another new two warrior which they will be leaded by Darot.

( two mutants warrior show up )

They are Varta and Morgana

( Fang was very angry indeed, while Darot come to their middle )

Fang: so you can do this to me after serving you and becoming one of your loyal warrior,I taught you are the best dad I ever had, so see what you have done to me, I tried to do what you usually command me and also one of the best of the best for you, but you don’t think of that, but no this that prophecy will surely come on you, many will rejoice at death including me also.

( Hoxo rage increased )

Hoxo: destroy him.

( Morgana and Varta draw out their sword wanted to strike Fang but Fang vanished )

Hoxo: oh no oo, he his gone

Morgana: should we seek for him

Hoxo: no don’t I will kill him and the Golden claw together,and I shall make them extinct by all course even heroes will never stop and I shall become a villain forever and ever

( he sit on his new giant throne made up with gold, then smiled )


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