Rise Of The Claw - S01 E21

2 months ago

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Hoxo: hand over it to me now before I unleashed my fury

King Han: leave us alone

Hoxo: impossible

( King Han rise up from his throne, unfortunately a chief arrived )

Chief Gad: leave us alone

( he said with courage )

Hoxo: yinnaaa

( he grunt, while he furiously bring out his sword then cut the chief throat )

King Han: oh no

Hoxo: I won’t kill you

( Hoxo close his eyes, only the king could see the crown on his hand, then open it back )

Now that I am with it

( Hoxo fly through the open roof while Jarvis come in )

Jarvis: are you ok

King Han: yes I am, but what saddened me is that Hoxo is with the crown.

Jarvis: thank God he doesn’t kill you, you can still made a new crown

King Han: what you did not know is that that crown is a fake one.

( to be surprised,Hoxo appear again )

Hoxo: you think I am gone

Jarvis: why have you come again

King Han: you think you are smart, but not enough, now where is the real crown

( he said then the use his hand to crush the fake one )

King Han: what about the one you have taken from me

Hoxo: I am not a fool as you human, I think with my brain and I sense with it also.

Jarvis: sorry, you can’t have it

( he run to Hoxo while fighting him, also could use his dark power to take him down then bound him with it while he couldn’t move and begin to yell in pain )

Hoxo: I am not like before, I am different, now you king

( facing the king )

Where is the crown, before I kill him

Jarvis: don’t tell him, let him kill me

King Han: no I can’t let him kill you, you are nice to him, I have to give him what he wanted he almost destroy half of my kingdom, I have to

Jarvis: please don’t, let him have my life.

( yelling in pain )

Hoxo: even if I kill you, it doesn’t mean anything to me,also I don’t need to shed anymore blood.

( he release Jarvis, falling helplessly to the ground )

Jarvis: it’s painful

Hoxo: it is time

( Hoxo close his two eyes while he use his dark power to let the real crown speedily come to his hand, then open his hands,the king and Jarvis all look at him in amazing way )

It is beautiful I have never hunt this type of crown before and I am sure that this is the most beautiful crown in this territory even more beautiful than the capital crown, so that is why it is hard to hunt.

( he vanish with it while all his minions vanish too, all the battle ground was filled with black bloods while some Zagger warriors survive the clash )

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