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Early in the morning a whirlwind begins in the land of Zagger while all peoples were afraid even the king was in frightening thinkiing of what is going to happen, all chief all assemble to the king palace while the king sitting in his throne.

King Han: I think he his coming

Jarvis: yes my lord

( They here a mighty sounds, then some warrior quickly rush outside the king palace gate to see what is happening only they could see a multitude of odds like a mutant leaded by Hoxo himself while his lieutenant were at his back )

Warrior: my imperial majesty, the odds are their at the gate, I think they are waiting for you

King Han: waiting for me

Warrior: yes my lord

( Jarvis face the king )

Jarvis: please don’t get into this

King Han: so you want that cruel being get into my kingdom and ruin all my people.

( he shouted )

Jarvis: I don’t mean that, I will protect you, but take this in mind, God help those who help themselves, so you have to help yourself in order not to let those villain ruin your entire kingdom.

King Han: I will do whatever I can do just to ensure that my kingdom is save

Jarvis: ok I am by your side, should we go on

King Han: you will be leading the battle.


Hoxo sitting on a small flat rock waiting for any warrior to stop him, Jarvis then arrived with some soldier

Jarvis: what did you still want

Hoxo: I thought you should’ve know about it

Jarvis: I don’t care, whatever you want to do am going to stop you

Hoxo: I have even arrived to my destination, so you can’t stop me anymore and you shall not stop me

( he stab the ground with his sword )

I am Hoxo the great one in my in my lifetime I have been called many names like villains, anti hero,killer, destroyer,devastator and also many kind of names.

Jarvis: I have know you before and you don’t need to introduce yourself to me anymore.

Hoxo: now say your last prayer

Jarvis: not me this time

( Jarvis eyes turn to flame while his nails grow long in his land likewise his leg phallenges also, he run to Hoxo furiously fighting him while Zagger army confront the odds leaded by the three lieutenant )

Hoxo: you are going down

Jarvis: I said not this time.

( he punch Hoxo at his face and also mark him at his Face making a tribal mark while he stay back )

Jarvis: did you like that

Hoxo: now that you are in trouble

( Hoxo use his hand to clean the blood in his face it was not like human blood but look like a black semi liquid fluid he then lick it )

So you have master the claw ability, but that doesn’t stop me in bringing down

( the mark then disappear,Hoxo pull out his sword furiously )

Let me see what you got

( he run to him fighting but Hoxo beat him up, while Hoxo use his ability to levitate him casting his spell to him, Jarvis then become very weak while he couldn’t rise up anymore )

Oh poor guy

Jarvis: go to hell, d--n you

( he shouted )

You think that you have win but absolutely not

( Hoxo bring out his dagger then strike Jarvis at his hand while the golden strong long nail turn normal, his eye turn normal too )

Oh no oo

Hoxo: I taught your power are gone now, you have lost it in battling me

Jarvis: The spirit is in me

( his eyes turn again with his nail too )

Hoxo: oh the vampire

Jarvis: I am not a vampire, I am the Golden claw the claw master.

( Hoxo see that his new power has engaged then smile with no reason )

Hoxo: many warriors has Fall in fighting me I devour and rent them to pieces, and many has dream like yours in stopping me but their dream never come into reality, now let me see how your dream is going to come true

Jarvis: I dream because I am a hero

( he run to Hoxo, Hoxo then furiously hold him in his neck while he begin to paint )

Hoxo: I said you should stay away from me, you said no, now see how your is, failure

( he yelled )

Jarvis: I am not a failure

( he yell at him back then furiously use his sharp golden nail to stab him on his head, while he quickly stay back )

Hoxo: what have you done

Jarvis: I think you like that again

Hoxo: how dare you

( Hoxo rise his sword up, while all his lieutenant show up quickly )

Fang: why did you call us master

Hoxo: I think it is time for me to have the crown for my formation, now finish him

Lieutenants: your wish will surely be my command.

( they bow their head, as they rise up they couldn’t see both Hoxo and Jarvis )

Savat: where are they now

Darot: I think that hero follow Hoxo, we have to run after them into the king palace

Savat: I like your idea that might be true, now we have to get into it.

( Fang could only watch them, actually he his very saddened in heart but he doesn’t show it in his face, he followed them while the lieutenant live the insurmountable odds to be battling Zagger soldier but the odds are hardly to kill even five warrior could only handle one at the same time )


It reveals that the palace is the second biggest palace in the east,they begin to run through the wall while Fang appear to Jarvis.

Jarvis: you again

Fang: yes I am, I am going to stop you and I am going to take you down, don’t be confused, it is my master order and I have to do it.

Jarvis: once be a traitor

Fang: d--n you

( his fellow friend arrive )

Savat: let finish this together

Jarvis: I will do my best to stop you

( the lieutenant all run to him fighting while they could beat him down but still rise up to fight them )


Hoxo arrived to the king palace through blasting the roof to the floor while the king sitting on the throne was astonished on seeing the incident, all the queens with the chief quickly run away while the king remain sitting on the throne shivering with fear.

Hoxo: remember me hold friend

( he put his sword to his scabbard )

King Han: then why have you come

Hoxo: if you cooperate with me, I will cooperate with you but if you make me angry at you then you are going to see other side of me.

( he smile, to be surprised twelve army show up at the cotton flying wanted to strike Hoxo with their trident but Hoxo dudge it all then kill all of them once using only fist while the king fear increased beyond )

I have told you earlier, if you cooperate with me I will cooperate with you but seems that you don’t need it, may be you don’t here me well.

King Han: what did you want

( shivering seriously )

Is it money, gold, silver, lands, property please what did you need

Hoxo: I see your fear in me,I will spare you old friend but if you don’t do as I have commanded you, then you will see the other side of me

( he thundered )

King Han: then what did you need.

Hoxo: actually I will be needing something precious to you indeed which was not golds, silvers,coins and all you have mentioned,you knew I respect you when I came but don’t let it go like that, you have to give me what I wanted, and what I want was the king crown I need it whether you like it or not.

( the king look at his face with saddened heart )

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