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The king in Zagger kingdom was served with wine actually a servant come

Servant: my lord a certain man from Razia kingdom wanted to see you

King Han: is that kingdom that has been controlled by Hoxo?

Servant: yes my lord

King Han: let him in

( the king then sitted on his white throne while Jarvis come in )

Jarvis: oh king.

King Han: who are you

Jarvis: you can call me Jarvis.

King Han: I think you are rich man from Razia kingdom I should’ve not let you in even see my face.

( the king guardians then bring out their rappier sword )

before I open my eye vanish

( he commanded, while Jarvis stay )

Don’t you here, how dare you turn deaf ear to the king.

Chief Row: this is the first time, this man have to be jailed.

Chief Goto: yes he has to

Jarvis: I should have kill you all, but I won’t , actually I come not for war but try to warn you on upcoming battle.

King Han: funny, who inform you, who told you, you must be spy, I think so

( he command his soldier to catch him, unfortunately Golden claw stay back )

Jarvis: have you ever here of Awesome

( the soldier then stay back while the king was astonished with the queen beside him too )

King Han: you must be kidding, I know Awesome but no one have seen him, including I the great one, so if I the great doesn’t see him how will you see him.

Jarvis: ok if you don’t believe that Awesome sent me, have you ever here of the GOLDEN CLAW.

King Han: I here of him but I have not seen him.

Jarvis: believe it or not I am the Golden Claw the claw master.

( the king rise from his feat )

King Han: you must be joking

Jarvis: did you need evidence

Chief Row: don’t come here to joke

Jarvis: watch.

( unfortunately he bring his power on, while his nails turn into golden, his eyes too turn to flame of fire while his leg print with his shoe become golden with his hair too turning golden while long nails grown in his leg )

King Han: so this is real

( he open his mouth wide and could not close it )

Jarvis: did you still need evidence

( his eyes turn normal while he his body turn normal too )

King Han: it’s okay,it’s okay I am okay with that.

Jarvis: like I said earlier, I don’t come to fight, I just come to inform you that Hoxo will be coming to invade your kingdom.

King Han: Hoxo can’t do that, we are the only kingdom that remain, Hoxo fear us.

Jarvis: believe me or not, things as change,Hoxo need your crown for his formation.

Chief kire: our king crown, that can’t possible, we will take it easy for him.

Chief Goto: yes we shall not, we shall do our best to protect our king.

Jarvis: even what you rely on won’t help you.

King Han: you mean my soldiers

Jarvis: yes majesty, if you want to live longer you have to give him with no battling him neither confronting him.

King Han: please, help me, help me fight this

Jarvis: I will be staying here majesty, even I think, I usually said this, we can’t change the past but we can work for the future.

King Han: so Hoxo is going to dethroned me tomorrow.

Jarvis: yes lord Awesome said that.

King Han: let your word work for me, we can can’t change the past but we can work for the future, please let it work for me.

Jarvis: my lord, I will only try my best in saving you all I know was that Zagger peoples will be proud of you.

King Han: thanks for your word of encouragement.

Jarvis: I will only demand one thing from you

King Han: what is it, is it wealth, is it rishes is it golds or silvers I am going to give you what ever you demand for.

Jarvis: actually golds and silvers are useless to me even wealth mean nothing to me.

King Han: then what else did you want apart from that, see if you have wealth rishes, position like me, you will be great till the close if the age.

Jarvis: please and please,don’t risk your life in fighting what you can’t handle,Hoxo forces are strong now, run away from danger please.

( the king was amazed in hearing that )

King Han: how did you know what I am thinking

Jarvis: I am gifted and talented with it.

King Han: I still have to fight that adamant being be his my archenemy since I have ascended to the throne I mean him.

Jarvis: that is why he extend your death, wanting you do a serious mistake that will make him angry this will also make him to unleash his wrath in killing you and killing all the dynasties in this kingdom.

( the king was then confused while he leave the palace going to his room to think twice what he could do to make the cross to pass away from him,while the chiefs was then amazed on hearing seeing what has happened they then begin to whisper to themselves )

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