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Hoxo at the his lair

Hoxo: let here what the book say

( he hand the book to Darot hand (

Darot: oh my lord

( he open the book and laughed )

Hoxo: what is it

Darot: i feel great.

( he open the book,then begin to read what was in it while Hoxo, Fang and Savat begin to look at his face he take about ten minutes for him to read it finish, after he had read it finish he close )

According to the book it let me know that you have to combine all the crown you have been hunting for and make it as one the crown will grant you unlimited power that you will have control over everything in the east no one will able to challenge you and you shall become invincible to any one.

( he sit on his throne )

Hoxo: so this is what those language mean, ha ha thanks to myself I have gotten all the crown.

Savat: my Lord it remain Zagger crown

Hoxo: so I haven’t get it

Savat: yes my lord.

Hoxo: did you mean that

Savat: yes master

Hoxo: if so we are going their tomorrow after I have get the powers in the crowns I will rule supreme and I shall give you powers but Darot my beloved will be leading you if I accomplish it finish.

( on hearing that Fang was very angry indeed thinking that Darot will be controlling him, he then walk out of the premises )

Hoxo: and you Savat will be the one to lead war against Zagger kingdom,thanks they have no hero like The Golden Claw, but I will follow you incase of anything because anything might happened.

( Fang come back again )

Fang: my lord did you have anything to do book again.

Hoxo: probably not,we don’t need it again it will wait for the next ten years to bring on a new prophecy to the light and ours will be the next twenty years and also I don’t think it can work for me anymore, it will be useless if I got the the power, just take it away from me.

Fang: yes my lord.

( he then take the book from Darot smiling )

Hoxo: you can take it to the priest it might be a saver place

Fang: your wish will surely be my command.

( he leave the place with the book of the prophecy )

Hoxo: I have learn what I want to learn from it now that it as been useless.

( Darot then fall down )

Savat: what is it

( she run to her )

Darot: Keeper body is worrying me, I think his body is affecting me.

Savat: we have to do

something meaningful before it kill you down.

( he turn to her real form, then turn to keeper body back )

Darot: what is happening now.

Hoxo: don’t worry, I will extract keeper out of her.


Golden claw arrive at the cave

Jarvis: have you seen anything strange

Priest Jole: no we haven’t

Priest Kand: we only bury the dead priest in honor

Jarvis: oh sorry for that, I only come to check weather you are ok

( suddenly Fang appeared )

Priest Hator: go away we don’t want you

Fang: I am not here to fight but if you dare I will devour and kill you all.

( he then see Jarvis )

Oh Golden claw,I come not to fight, thanks that you are here.

( he bring out the book )

Fang: now you can have it, my stupid master as use it

( the priest were confused )

Priest Joke: what was he talking about.

Fang: and also by tomorrow King of Zagger will be dethroned his crown will be taken off by Hoxo in order to achieve his goals, if you like save him if you like don’t,all I know is that evil will surely prevail and we shall wipe out the existence of human in our planet believe it or not we shall prevail

( his voice thundered then vanish )

Priest Hator: this is big threat now

Jarvis: so he mean that Hoxo need the crowns to achieve his goals?

Priest Kand: I guess so

Priest Hator: what will we do

Jarvis: I have to tried my best as the protector of this kingdom.

Priest Jole: what of the other kingdom, don’t you here what the villain has just said, he said that Hoxo have to get the crowns in order to achieve his goals, and this is the last crown he will be having this will be the last.

Jarvis: I understand what you are trying to say,I understand, I have to stop him.

Priest Joke: I too think of this.

Jarvis: what is it

Priest Joke: Fang is angry to his master

Jarvis: I realize too.

Priest Jole: so if he don’t come now, Hoxo will secretly get the crown from the king

Jarvis: if he don’t, I will now I am talented with that I am going to sense it, even if I couldn’t, Awesome will come.

( they all look at him in amazing way )

Priest jole: that is nice, let pack all those things.

Jarvis: should I help you.

Priest Hator: if you can

Jarvis: step aside

( the priest all step aside, he then close his eyes using his ability to set everything while all was cleaned, the priest was surprised to see their surrounding )

Did you like that

Priest Kand: extraordinary good, perfect

Jarvis: come on let think how we will get into the kingdom and how we will make our battle plan.

Priest jole: we have to now, nothing delay us

Jarvis: all we have to do is to inform the king of the upcoming battle against then by a mutant hopping to get his crown.

Priest hator: that idea is good, the king might gather all his horse men and also his warriors both the strong and the weakest on

Jarvis: I don’t know what they can do, the mutants destruction will be greater than their forces, all the King horsemens as nothing to do with the mutants, before a king soldier kill one mutant all I think is that the mutant will have kill ten of them so I don’t think that they can handle this.

Priest Jole: they will follow your lead,tried your best you are our hero and we rely on you after God the Sovereign one.

Jarvis: ok ok thanks for your encouragement you have to stay while I go.

( he run then phase and vibrate Into rock coming out of it )

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