Rise Of The Claw - S01 E17

2 months ago

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Hoxo: what kind of chance could be that

( the flame coming out of his eyes die )

Darot: yes their is chance, when you build me,I find something in me in which it is precious to me indeed.

( Hoxo show more concentration )

Hoxo: go straight to the point

Darot: watch

( Darot then phase into Keeper body, the two lieutenant just watch while Hoxo was amazed )

Hoxo: yes I remember

( Darot then gain access to Keeper body,having enter him, keeper could only shout in pain, yelling in pain and breath heavily,after some time the pain stop then Darot ruse up his head, he has taken the form of Keeper )

Fang: is this not Keeper

Savat: I too guess of that

Hoxo: we shall destroy him

Darot: I am not Keeper, I am Darot your loyal warrior.

Hoxo: I don’t understand what is going on now, can anyone tell me

Darot: definitely I have taken the form of keeper, he can no longer survive I have kill his spirit and I have taken on his form to mine so that I can help you in your mission.

Hoxo: yes yes yes,I am proud of you, you are my best warrior I ever had I will grant you whatever you demand for,before I made the promise that whosoever get me the book and assist me in this shall rule by my side.

( Fang on hearing this he was very angry but he couldn’t show it in his face while he walk out of the lair feels disappointed )


Jarvis was still at the cave actually he sense something

Jarvis: oh no, it can’t be

( the priest all run to him )

Priest Joke: what is it

Jarvis: something as happened, I could feel it

PriestJole: then what is it

Jarvis: Keeper is no more alive, he his dead

( the priests were not happy at all, seeing their sad face they mourn for their leader )

Priest Hator: thus is not nice

Priest joke: am not happy at all

Priest Joke: may be the villain have get him, he might destroy him because of not telling him what the language in it mean.

Jarvis: no no

Priest joke: you said no

Jarvis: yes,when I consult the spirit, it reveals to me that keeper body still live while his spirit has gone to rest.

Priest Hator: that can’t be, I have never see that before, or did you believe

( asking his follow priest )

Priest Joke: it strange to me too

Jarvis: Keeper believe me, so you have to

( they all silence )

Priest Hator: if that possible, that means someone is controlling his body,Hoxo is controlling his body

Jarvis: yes,he is controlling it

Priest Jole: so he might able to read the book through it

Jarvis: yes.

Priest Joke: I will only believe, if I saw him with my naked eyes.

Jarvis: this will be a great threat to man kind now.

Priest joke: can’t we stop me.

Jarvis: the Awesome as said that we can’t stop him, but we can fight him to the end, be make me knows that we will surely overcome but the battle will be tough.

Priest Jole: This is serious now,since I was born i have never seen such things

Priest Hator: what will we do now

Jarvis: just let think of the next step.

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