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It has been another weeks as everything goes smoothly, the teachings, practicing and other benefits stuff that a student must learned in the class, Cat Shaw was Smith’s favorite teacher despite the fact she’s one of Mara’s followers, Smith knew that they are some hidden things inside but doesn’t revealed it to him which its was strange, the twins sense it too but can’t really tell what the main source is.

The three has always been together in everything, everywhere and also makes Smith laughed, the d day for visiting day as both parents meet at once as they exchange pleasantries, they advise their children to be more careful with other children in the class, some are evils while few are good. After a long weekend time spend, the next day Smith was sitting down when a message was send to him.





“Smith the principal is calling you!”

Smith: “Thank you!”


Smith moves out of the class, he hasn’t speak to anyone yet apart from the twinny who’s now his friends, as he makes his way down to his grandpa office, a knock on the door as it opens by himself.





Fred: “Come on have a seat son.


Smith seat down as he looked at his grandpa to hear what he has to say.


Fred: “Did you know why i call you here?”

Smith: “No grandpa!”

Fred: “I’m not happy with you at all, why are you associated yourself with Cat Shaw?”

Smith: “I don’t understand grandpa.”

Fred: “You of all people knows who she’s which means that you’re digging your own grave son.”

Smith: “Grandpa i know who’s she, that’s why am trying to find out her hidden treasure.”

Fred: “And you know you can’t find out even your friends that are elf having sense of ability can’t stress out.”

Smith: “What will i do now?”

Fred: “Stay away from her.”

Smith: “It not so easily as you say grandpa; that’s impossible!”

Fred: “If only you doesn’t want her to enchant you.”

Smith: “Okay, fine i will, i have to go.”


Smith stood up as he headed to the door.


Fred: “And one more thing?”

Smith: “What again?”

Fred: “Join any sports teams!”

Smith: “Grandpa!”

Fred: “Shut up and do what i said, you can’t be alone at all time.”

Smith: “I got company!”

Fred: “Yeah remaining one now.”

Smith: “And how can i find out.”

Fred: “Let your heart lead you.”


Smith headed to the call as the same time Mr. Wade was tutoring.


Mr. Wade: “The magic school is a series of event of extracurricular activities such as music rooms, gymnastics, sports Field and school grounds, boats, squash courts, swimming pools, cinemas and theaters, a school chapel.

Meeting by break.”


Mr. Wade stopped at he stare at Smith who was standing at the door.


Fred: “He was with me!”


Another voice pop out as Smith turns and see his grandpa standing beside him, he keep wondering how the hell did he get here without him notices it well times will tells.


Mr. Wade: “Oh am sorry Prof. Fred, come in Smith.”


Smith walks in as he headed to his seat.


Fred: “I hoped you’ve inform them about the sports issue?”

Mr. Wade: “Yes Prof. Fred, i am analyzing the certain tasks for the sports to thrive and get started.”

Fred: “Hmmmmm, alright!.”


After Mr. Wade explained giving us the tips of all the sports we will all get ourselves involved, it wasn’t an easy task to take especially Smith whose is already troubled about what his grandpa said to him and talking of sports he makes mentioned of him choosing one.


Alfred: “So are you interested?”

Edward: “Interested in sports?”

Smith: “Thinking, what of you guys opinion?”

Alfred: “Very bad, we chose squash court.”

Smith: “Squash court you guys are going to dropped off.”

Alfred: “No!”

Edward: “No!”

Alfred: “We won’t!”

Edward: “We won’t!”

Alfred: “What did you expect us to do?”

Edward: “Yes, what did you expect us to do?”

Smith: “Nothing.”

Alfred: “Better that is what me and my brother decided, so what yours?”

Smith: “Gymnastics!”

Alfred: “Whoa, that’s not bad and struck too, you got the body, go for it.”

Smith: “Alright, let go!”





. Smith and his friend stood by one side of the pitch, everything was been set, the gloomy of the environment was spectacular.


Edward: “Oh it’s so beautiful!”

Smith: “Yes, they really set things up.”

Alfred: “Oh, we gonna grab some snacks, we already exhausted, care for some?”

Smith: “Yes, chocolates will be better!”

Edward: “Wait for us.”

Alfred: “And no go area.”

Smith: “You got me!”


Alfred and Edward walks away as soon as they left someone approached him.


Dora: “Hello Smith!”

Smith: “Hello beauty (Smiling)”

Dora: “I’m blushing already say that again.”

Smith: “What oh sorry, i wasn’t thinking straight, what were you saying?”

Dora: “Never mind, i am Dora ****”

Smith: “Dora nice name you got!”

Dora: “Thank you, can i be your friend?”

Smith: “Sorry i got friends already!”

Dora: “I meant girlfriend, what i say a girl who want to be your casual friend.”

Smith: “Okay fine but I’m not interesting.”

Dora: “What! Why are you mingling yourself with those fools, they are not perfect, look at yourself, you are smart and intelligent already, i can makes you feel popular in this school 🏫.”

Smith: “Keep that to yourself because i don’t care.”

Dora: “Are you sure?”

Smith: “Why did you want to mingle yourself with an idiot like me and i don’t need your whatever, my family are already famous, so keep it to yourself.”


Dora was now furious as her eyes changes, she zoomed off but stop a distance away and say.


Dora: “Arrg…., I will be right back for you, it will be only me and no one else be warned.”

Smith: “Is that a threat Dora, you also doesn’t know who you are playing with.”

Dora: “This is not a play!”


The idiot (sorry the twins) rush towards him.


Alfred: “What did Dora said?”

Edward: “What did she said?”

Smith: “He asked me to be her friend, can you imagine?”

Alfred: “For what?”

Edward: “She’s a witch?”

Smith: “Yes i know about that”

Alfred: “We are just elves, what will we do?”

Smith: “Nothing, let her come, I’m ready for her.”


©Dave Sun. July 2020.

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