Babysitting The Bad Boys

1 month ago

Babysitting The Bad Boys!



[Our Nanny] 💯

By Ìfè Ølùwæ

💝Kendra’s POV💝

Jason smirked and the others chuckled.

“Looks like she’s scared, mason said and walked up to us.”

I forcefully moved from Jason.

“Chill baby, we aren’t devouring you, Jason said still with a smirk.”

“What do you guys want?” I asked again.

“Aren’t you our nanny?” Mason asked in a ridiculous way and laughed.

Jason joined him in laughing.

“Let’s give you a chance, mason said and stood right at my front.”

Getting in between your legs is the first thing I wanna do, Jason said.

“Wait, what’s he saying?”

“In between who’s legs?” I asked fearfully and the both of them started laughing again.

Mason sat down at the other side making me sit in the middle of em.

Babysitting The Bad Boys - S01

Babysitting The Bad Boys - S01

1 month ago