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It’s finally dawn. I sighed out in frustration as I got prepared for our morning prayers. Since I work around 3@m I haven’t been able to sleep. And it’s a good thing though cause I kinda surprised everyone today. I’m always late in everything I do. Don’t blame me.

By six at the dot, we went for our morning prayers. Which always lasted for about forty five minutes.

During the prayers, I noticed Samantha wasn’t present. She’s still in the room? Doing what?

Another thing I noticed too was patley’s absence. Strange huh? Those two bird of a feather, absent on a morning devotion.

Hmm . I turned to Stephanie who was beside me muttering her prayers with her eyes shut.

“Steph….” I whispered. ” Steph”

She faintly opened her eyes ” what?” She whispered yelled giving me the ‘we-are-praying’ kind of look. Duh🙄. I rolled my eyes. And drew my mouth closer to her ears.

“Where’s Pat?” I asked

She sighed out and shook her head.

“You don’t know?” I asked.

“She was in the room when I left” she bluntly replied.

“What was…..” I stopped whispering when I noticed she had continued again with her prayers.

Huh! Everyone knows it’s a sin to get distracted during devotions. Especially the period when you communicate with the creator. But that is out of my mind mind isn’t here.

I scaled through everyone and noticed their eyes were firmly shut in prayer. Good thing. No one will notice if I leave now. I thought within as I quietly deserted the hall.

I quickened my steps as fast as I could. I don’t want to be missed by anyone.

Patley isn’t in the hall. And so is Samantha. Is Samantha okay? I asked as I walked briskly over to my room. Samantha is my worry. Not patley.


“Samantha you have to get up. You don’t want to raise up suspicions do you?” I weakly stared at Samantha who sobbed into her pillow.

“I have wronged the Almighty! I did a terrible th…

“SShhh!” I hushed her.

I sighed out frustratedly.

“How are you feeling now?” I asked twirling my eyes.

Off course I know how she feels. Same feeling everyday.

“Terrible! Stupid! Dirty! Dis…

“Hey that’s enough now. You don’t have to say all that” I frowned hard.

“I am a Nun. I’m supposed to be a Nun” she cried out weakly.

“Of course Samantha. You still are. This is a little secret between us. No one else will get to know about this. Just play along and with time, you’ll adjust” I soothed her.

She sniffled and nodded slightly.

“Will I ever get to do it again?” She asked with pleading eyes.

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“Yes! You have no choice” I replied nonchalantly

“But I don’t want to”

“Like I said. You have no choice” I snapped. Elisa has the final say.

I saw her shrink back in fright.

“Can you walk?” I asked.

“Nope. I am out of strength” she complained.

I smiled inwardly. Elisa’s a douchebag! She uses you until you feel numb.

“Don’t act fussy. Stay here and rest for a while. If sister Mag asks of you,I’ll tell her you are feeling sick and you need rest.

Remember, what Happened last night must not leak out from that mouth of yours.

No one gets to know, no one has to know. Not even your Lousy Roomie.” I warned sternly.

“Okay” she replied.

“Good…if you need anything. Tell me, I’ll let Elisa Know. She’s really fond of you” I smiled.

“Okay” she nodded.

“Like I have said. Tell no one” I repeated boldly mouthing the words out.

She slightly nodded before opening her mouth to say something.

“She saw me”

“Who saw you?” I asked.

“Miriam. She saw me sneak back into the room this morning” she retorted.

“Miriam? She was awake?”

“Yes. And it’s really not the first time she has noticed. She’s aware of all my sneaky walks” Samantha added.

“This is not good” I blinked back sweats that trickled on my lids.

Miriam can sometimes be an inquisitive Brat!


I was about twisting the door’s knob when I heard faint noises coming out from the room. Like someone was crying.

“I have wronged the Almighty.” Samantha’s shaky voice peered through the door.

” SShhh…how are you feeling now?” I heard another voice.

I needed no voice transmitor to tell me that was patley’s voice.

What are they talking about?. And why is Samantha’s voice teary?

I need to hear all of this. I thought within as my ears recorded everything they were saying.

I stood there for about twenty minutes.

The more I listened, the more I became lost and confused.

And who is Elisa? I thought as my mind ran with different thoughts.

Their discussion became more interesting when I heard my name in the middle of it.

“Miriam. She saw me sneak back into the room”

“Miriam? She was awake?”

Patley asked.

What are these two up to? And why is my name part of their Gossip?

Aren’t they supposed to be a part of the morning devotion.

Why is patley telling Samantha to rest like she is sick? Why did they…..

“What are you doing here Miriam?”

I instantly frozed at a spot. That voice belongs to no other person than Old Audrey’s.

Am I in trouble now?

What am I gonna reply this woman?

I contemplated as I bit hard on my lower lip.





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