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Hanson and Sasha were house hunting. They arrived at the fourth house and Hanson was hoping that Sasha would love it as they were tired already.

“I think this is lovely. The view from here is great”, Hanson said to her.

“Yeah it’s perfect”, she said, smiling.

“But??” He asked her as he saw the look on her face.

“The bedrooms are not big enough”, she said to him.

“How big do you want them to be?”

“Bigger than my current room. We’ll both be in one room and I really need it to be huge especially the closet space”, she said, pouting her lips.

“Sasha this isn’t going to be our permanent house. We’ll be building ours, remember? This is just temporary”, he said to her.

“I know but it still has to be perfect. I can’t afford to manage”, she said to him.

“Fine. Let’s try another place then”, he said to her and they left.

He drove further and they arrived at another house which was on Sasha’s list.

As they stepped out, Sasha was grinning.

“I already feel this house, oh my God. The view from here is perfect”, she exclaimed as she ran into the house, excited.

“Hanson!!! The room is large!!!” She exclaimed in excitement and Hanson chuckled.

“We’ve got to check the kitchen too”, he said to her.

“Yes, that’s the most important”, she said, laughing and they both ran towards the kitchen.

“Wow!!!” they both exclaimed.

“This is just perfect!” He said to her.

“Extremely perfect, the countertop is so perfect”.

“Yeah, it’s big enough for everything we want to do”.

“Everything everything?” She asked him, smirking.

“Sasha!!! Get your mind out the gutter”, he said to her and she laughed.

“But yeah, it’s perfect for us”, he said to her and she wiggled her brows.

“Let’s check out other places”, he said and she jumped on his back. He carried her on his back as they looked around.

“This room will be perfect for our daughter. She needs all the space she can get”, she said to him as she got off his back.

“Yeah, our baby boy will need a huge space too for his games”, he said to her.

“There will be a game room for him”.

“I think he would love it to be in his room”, he said to her.

“Mmm, I’m sure the other room is big enough”, she said, climbing his back and they went to the other room.

“This is perfect for him”, Hanson exclaimed.

“Yeah”, she said, grinning.

“We need to check other rooms for our other kids”, he said and she jumped on his back again. They looked at every room and the bathrooms.

When they were done looking around, they came back to main hall and she finally got off his back.

“I’m going to need a massage today”, he said to her as he stretched and she smiled.

“Not from you”, he said she pouted her lips.

“Who are you going to get it from?” She asked.

“A masseuse” he said to her and she frowned.

“No way”, she said and he laughed.

“I’m just kidding”, he said to her.

“Better”, she said to him.

“So is this it? Are you okay with this house?” He asked.

“Yeah. I love it. It’s perfect”, she said to him.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I love it”, she said to him.

“Great, how much is it?” He asked.

“We’ll have to get back to my office and take a look at the payment plan and all the documentation involved”, she said to him.

“Payment plan? Wow, that’s amazing. I thought we would have to pay up front”.

“I knew that you wouldn’t want me to pay most of the money, so I had a chat with the original owners and we put up a payment plan. That way, we can cater for it equally”, she said to him.

“Thank you. You’re the best”, he said to her.

“And you’re the bestest”, she said to him, laughing.

“Alright. Then let’s go to your office then”, he said to her and they both got into his car.

“We’re getting rid of this car when we get married”, she said to him and he laughed.

“And we’d have to sell some of your cars. The car park wouldn’t be enough for your four cars”, he said to her.

“It’s 5 now, my dad gave me a new one, remember?” She said, laughing.


“But don’t worry, I always sell one when I get a new one”.

“Great. I plan on buying a new car though before our wedding”, he said to her.

“Wow. That’s amazing, the restaurant must really been bringing lots of money”.

“Yeahhh, if I sell this one, I can definitely add something to get a better one”, he said, smiling.

“Okay. What car are you getting? Your dream car?”

“I can’t afford that now. But one day I’ll surely buy it and don’t you dare dream of buying it yourself, I don’t want it as a gift”, he said and she laughed.

“I won’t. I know how it’s like when you want to get something yourself”.

“Thank you”.

“What car though?” She asked.

“Hyundai. The 2016 version”.

“Oh great. I love that car. It’s really sleek and nice”.

“Yeahh”, he said to her.


Sasha was at church with her friends when the senior pastor announced the wedding between her and Hanson.

“You know what time it is”, he said to the congregation and they all made some noise.

“What time is it?” he asked.

“Wedding bells”, they exclaimed and he nodded.

“Can you guess whose bell were ringing today?” He asked.

“Sashan”, most of them exclaimed, a few others exclaimed “Sashson” and others exclaimed “Sashanson”.

“Wow, you’re all on point. Isn’t it amazing how her name ends with the beginning of his name? This was indeed supposed to happen”, he said, and the congregation made some noise.

“So as we all know, Hanson and Sasha have been engaged for quite some time now and finally the wedding date has been set to the 14th of this month. Let’s make some noise for them”, he said and everyone made some noise.

“Can we give them a round of applause as they come forward for everyone to see for those who are still crushing”, he said and everyone laughed and applauded as Hanson and Sasha walked up to the pulpit area.

“Congratulations”, he said to them as he shook their hands.

“Say something to the people”, he said to them as he handed the mic over to Hanson.

“Do you want to speak?” He asked Sasha and she shook her head, shyly.

“Go Sasha!!” Her friends and sisters exclaimed.

“I think they want you to speak”, he said to her as he handed the mic to her.

“Mmm, okay. Hi everyone”, she said to them.

“Hi Sasha”, the congregation exclaimed.

“As you all know this is my husband to be and he’s mine, mine only”, she said and everyone laughed.

“Typical Sasha”, Alicia said, laughing.

“I also want to appreciate you all for how you’ve helped in our journey. Without a church like you, I don’t think our journey would have been great. Thank you Pastor Jude and lady Pastor Judith for your guidance and counseling. We’re really grateful. Thank you Pastor Micheal for being Hanson’s go to person and thank you Deaconess Hayley for being an awesome friend to me and my friends. Thank you to the care team. You’ve been like my mini family and yeah to the girls girls”, she said and all the ladies exclaimed.

“Yeah, I love you all and for the support. I really appreciate it and a special thank you to my love, Hanson”, she said, looking at him.

“You’re the bestessssttttt”, she said to him as she hugged him.

“Awww”, the congregation said and they screamed and made a louder noise when he pecked her on the lips.

“Thank you everyone. My wife has said it all and you’re all specially invited. Save the date. 14th”, Hanson said and they church applauded.

“Thank you our future Mr and Mrs Carr”, the pastor said and they shook his hand and walked back to their seats.


Sasha was in her room, talking to Hanson through the phone when someone blindfolded her and took her away.

She screamed and struggled till she was placed on a seat and the blind fold was released.

“Surprise!!!” The girls exclaimed and she saw lights flashing in her eyes and tried to see where she was.

“Where am I?” She asked.

“A party bus!” Alicia exclaimed.

The girls had hired a party bus to take them to their location. They got all Sasha’s old and new close female friends to celebrate the night with her.

“I told you all that I just wanted a girl’s night in my room”, she said, whining.

“No. Your bachelorette night can’t be spent in a room”, Rachel said to her.

“I don’t want to over sleep or stress myself. I have to be active tomorrow morning”, she said to them.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got you”, Hayley said to her.

“Okay. Because you’re here, I feel safe”, she said to Hayley.

“Wow, we’re not offended at all”, Lilian said to her and they laughed.

“So where are we going to?”

“The painting square”, Samantha and Sally exclaimed.

“Woah. Why are they here?” Sasha asked.

“You don’t want us here?” Sally asked.

“You’re too young to be included in this”.

“Oh c’mon, they are grown enough and are even ripe for marriage”, Alicia said and Sally gave her a high five.

“Okay fine. What’s happening at the painting square?”

“We’ve hired the place for just us. We’re going to paint, have karaoke and use the pool”, Rachel said to her.

“Wow!!”, she said, wiggling her brows.


When they got there, they were all asked to change into their swim suits and each person was given a board.

“Hi, my name is Bella and I’m your instructor for today”, a young tall lady said to them.

“Hi Bella”, they all said to her.

“You’re all welcome to tonight’s program”.

“Thank you”.

“So who is the bride to be”, she asked and they Alicia pushed Sasha to the middle.

“Wow, you’re so beautiful! Congratulations”, she said to her and she smiled.

“Thank you”.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Sasha”.

“Wow, that’s a nice name. You can put this one”, she said, giving her a crown and a coat.

“It was specially designed for you”, she said to her.

“Thank you”, Sasha said and she put it on.

“So you’ll all be given a placard as huge as you and you’ll be given paints to paint what Sasha means to you.

“You can be as creative as you want but you know the rule, you can’t use you arms or foot. So you can use your butt, back, elbow, knee, head or whatever you want but the hands and legs are out”, she said to them and those who didn’t know about the rules started murmuring.

“However you want to place the placard is up to you. You can put it on the floor or have it stand, it’s all up to you. You’ve got 30 minutes to paint. And Sasha you’re to paint what Hanson means to you and the rules also apply to you”, she said to her and she nodded.

“Okay. Let’s get to work. All the best”, she said to them as they all went to their stands to start painting.

Alicia made hers stand and used her butt to paint, some had theirs on the floor as they laid on them and used their back to paint. Some also used their heads to draw.

“Sasha used her knee and butt to draw hers”.

The time was finally up and everyone was covered up in paint.

“Wow! You’re looking like the rainbow”, Bella said, laughing.

“So Sasha you can join me in front as we take a look at what everyone has drawn”.

When Sasha looked at the paintings she burst out laughing as almost everyone had painted something funny.

“Okay, so we’ll start with you, what’s your name?”

“I’m Lilian”, she said to her.

“Okay, can you tell us what you’ve painted and the meaning”.

“Okay, that’s supposed to be a tigress”, she said, laughing and everyone also laughed.

“I know that’s not what it’s meant to look like but that’s what I was trying to paint. Sasha is a tigress in my life. She can be fierce and scary sometimes but she’s also protective of me and everyone close to her just like a tigress is to its cubs”, she said to her.

“Aww”, Sasha said, blushing.

“That’s amazing Lilian, you’ve done well”, Bella said to her.

“So who’s next?” She asked.

“Me!” Sally exclaimed.

“Okay, what’s your name?”

“I’m Sally”.

“Okay Sally. What did you paint?”

“This is a phone”, she said and they all laughed.

“Okay, and what does it mean?”

“One, Sasha knows the buttons to press everytime I need her”, she said and they all laughed.

“Yeah, although she intentionally presses the wrong buttons most of the time to annoy me, she knows when to press the right buttons when I need her and I don’t think I’d ever want any other big sister besides her”.

“Awww”, they all said.

“Aww Sally”, that’s the sweetest thing you’ve said to me”, she said hugging her.

They all displayed what Sasha meant to them and then Sasha displayed what Hanson meant to her.

“So this is supposed to be crown but I guess painting with your butt doesn’t help”, she said, laughing.

“It still looks amazing”, Bella said to her.

“Thank you”.

“So what does it mean?”

“Hanson is my king. A king is everything to his people and that’s what Hanson is to me. He’s my everything”.

“Wow, that’s sweet. He’s lucky to have you”, Bella said to her.

“I’m blessed to have him”, Sasha said to her.

“Wow, amazing. You all did so well. Now it’s time for the paint fight. And it starts now”, she said and she ran off to prevent the paint from getting on her.

The girls started throwing paint on each other. The Dj dropped the beat and they had fun singing along and throwing the paints on each other. After a while, they all jumped into the pool to swim and have more fun.


“Hey babe”, Hanson said to her over the phone.

“Hi babe”, she said to him.

“Happy wedding day”, he said to her over the phone.

“It’s not 14th yet”.

“Look at the time, it’s 12:05”.

“Yeah yeah. It’s here already. Happy wedding day to you too”, she said to him.

“I hope you had fun at your bachelorette night”.

“Yeah! I did. I’ll tell you all about it later”, she said to him.


“And yours?”

“It was great. I’ll tell you about it later maybe after our wedding”, he said to her.

“I doubt we’ll have the time to talk about it. We’ll be busy with something else”, she said, grinning.

“Wow, you can’t wait huh?” He asked.

“No. I can’t wait”.

“Me too”.

They talked for a while till Sasha felt sleepy.

“Have a sound sleep and sweet dreams babe”, he said to her.

“Thank you. Dream of me and have an awesome sleep”.

“Sure. I will, bye”.


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