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The sudden urge to urinate Jolted me up from sleep

quickly , I got off the bed and rushed to the bathroom to pee. when I was done, I washed my hands and returned to the room, the dark room…

I switched on the light bulb to see the “virgin girl” seated on the tiled floor resting her back against the wall as she sleeps…..

I scoffed silently

Who in the world sits while sleeping?

also, she was shaking badly as the blanket was rolled down to her legs ……..

tsk..tsk…tsk… what a weird sleeper!

Turning off the fan, I moved closer to pull the covers over her and that was when I heard the wheezing sound in her breathe

I became alarmed!

Is she about to have an attack? no, she should better not try it ooooo! I can’t have her die in my room…..

“Obianuju!” I called , tapping her gently and she stirred in her sleep, mumbling some inaudible words…..

her body temperature was hot and when I say hot , I mean burning hot ..

Is she sick? Is that why she is shivering?is it ……sh*t! why didn’t I think of it? she has asthma and asthmatic patient don’t sleep on cold floors…….

swiftly, I lifted her up in a bridal style ,walked up to the bed and placed her gently on it right beside Susanna who was snoring lightly….

Covering up her “shivering” body, I laid on the cold tiled floor listening to the whistling sound in her breathing and soon drifted off to sleep ….



Next morning


A light tap on my shoulder disrupted my sleep and I slowly opened my eyes to see Sussanna glaring down at me ….

“Demi! get up now!” she said , her voice coming out harshly

What is wrong with her? I wondered, stretching my arms as I sat up on the floor

“What is the meaning of this? hen! tell me , what is all this?” she raved , fixing her gaze on Obianuju who was still sleeping

I hissed silently, so this is the reason why she disrupted my sleep!

“Chai! I don suffer!.. a whole me sleeping on the same bed with this .. this … cheap… thing”. She continued and I sighed , getting up off the floor to face her

“What exactly is your problem?

“a lot of things Demi, a lot … You slept on the floor,allowing her to sleep on the bed. Why?”she yelled making Obianuju stir a little in her sleep….

“You will wake the girl!” I scolded her and she scoffed ,seething

“who cares!… what is even wrong with you? you acting like you care about her”

“Care! No way!”I retorted, chucking, see! I allowed her on the bed because she is sick or tell me, do you want her coolval stories dying in my arms like …… I paused, trailing off…:

“your mother”. my subconsciousness completed and I shut my eyes tightly, my mind drifting back to the fateful day my mum passed on, five years ago to be precise!

It was really a terrifying sight for me, watching her wheeze and whimper in my arms till she faded away ….

“Demi!”I heard Susanna call and opening my eyes, I quickly composed myself

“erm .. erm .. I .. erm am .. here….what were you saying?”

She stared at me , searching through my gaze for a while and then asked

“You alright?”

“Yes! just some slight headache”. I lied

“Awww baby! don’t worry you will be fine”. she assured and I heaved a sigh , collapsing on the bed

“you have lectures?”she continued

“Yes!afternoon lectures, what about you?

She nodded , glancing at the huge wall-clock

“Eeewo! 8:30am! I am already late”. She exclaimed loudly ,picking up her hand bag from the table as she rushed to bathroom….

I followed her with my eyes till she entered the bathroom and looking away , I shifted my gaze to Obianuju

She was sleeping soundly, her breathing shallow …..

I smacked my lips as I let my eyes roam all over her “virgin body”and my desire for her returned……….

to tell the truth , I was a bit scared when I found out she was a virgin as I have never f**ked a virgin before ..

Reasons; virgins are clingers and I don’t want anyone clinging to me ….but this girl , she is different in the sense that her body is so tempting….

I wanted her, I needed her and I am going to have her….

Just then , I heard a knock on the door

“Who is that?

“It is me Funmi”. a female voice answered

Oh right! I completely forgot about her friends

Standing up , I sauntered up to the door , opened it and the “short girl” face came into view ….

“Erm Good morning! Sorry to disturb you,I just wanted to check on Uju, how is she?”she asked , trying to peek into the room but I stopped her by standing in the way

“She is sleeping”. I answered rudely as she arched her eyebrow in a frown

“Ha! Sleeping ke!”

“I can wake her up if you want!” I drawled but she shook her head

“No! Don’t disturb her sleep, she needs it .when she wakes , tell her Shakirat and I left first …

And with that, she turned around , picking her step as scurried out

I smiled lightly, following behind her till I got to the sitting room and to my upmost relief , there was no one in the room……The bastard Dave was gone ……






I opened my eyes to find it was broad day light. stretching, I leaned forward to sit up and that was when i realised I was on Demi,s big bed…

I scratched my hair , confused

how did I get here?did I sleep walk? …….or did someone carry….no!no! no!” . I quickly wave off the thoughts….

Getting off the bed , my gaze wandered round the room for my bag and lol and behold, it was on his reading table right beside a framed picture.i ambled to the table , grabbed my bag absentmindedly as my attention was fixed on the picture….

It was the picture of a white woman with long curly hair and ……brown eyes just like Demi

Who is she? I wondered , picking it up and that was the exact moment Ademilade walked in

In fear , I threw it on the table , but it missed, dropping on the floor as it made a crashing sound …

Aaaaah! the frame was broken….

“Oh God! what will I do now ?” I muttered, panicking as I looked at Demi

he stood transfixed on the spot, his gaze fixed on the broken frame …

Yeey! chimoooo! I am done for!

Bending , I tried picking up the broken stuff when Demi caught me by my arm

“Don’t!”he warned , pushing me roughly to the wall….

I winced in pain clutching unto my bag as I stared blankly at him , there was nothing more I could do …..

Seething, he picked the frame up and then faced me

“Get out of my house”

I nodded vigorously,” I will but I need to freshen up first”. my voice came out in whispers…

“Fine!”he agreed ,folding his fist tightly as he stormed out of the room….

he was very angry and I knew it!

quickly, I rushed into the bathroom, had a quick bath , brought out my gown from my hand and on changing into it , I folded the pyjamas and returned to the room….

I placed the folded cloth on the bed , put on my sandals then walked out of the room to the sitting room where I met Demilade

he was seated on the sofa with his face buried in his palm, the broken frame on a low stool in front of him

I sighed sadly , the picture must be important to him!

but the woman, who is she? Is she his mentor? I was tempted to ask but no, I don’t what to get him angrier…..

” I am leaving”. I announced and he nodded , without raising his head

I took few step to the entrance and then stopped to face him

“I am sorry!”I apologised again.

this time around, he raised his head to look at me and that was when I saw it , his tears

“Demilade!” I called softly as he wiped it off , smiling lightly

“Do you know your way? or should I drop you off?”

“I know my way!”I quickly answered as I didn’t want to bother him ….

“Alright then! Bye!” he waved me off and without saying a word , I scurried out of his house and climbed down the short stairs to the compound, the big compound with lot of cars…..

I watched some boys party, spilling beer on top of a red Benz and looking away , I nodded knowing that they were Yahoo guys.

But what of Demi, is he also into yahoo ?I wondered….


Getting to the street Junction, I climbed into a taxi with the tag “Oru”

“How much is the fare?” I asked the boy sitting beside me

“#100!” he answered and I sighed in relief as

#100 was the only money I had on me!

“Swears! Sister you too fine”. the boy praised and I nodded slowly

I wasn’t in the mood to listen to his sweet talk !

“By the way,I am Timothy by name “. he introduced but I simply ignore him , bringing out my phone as I went through it to see 10 missed call and a message , all from Arinze….

My heart raced faster, is he aware that I did not sleep in my room?

with trembling hands, I clicked on it message

“When you are back , come over to my place”

Eeewo! he is aware , what will I do now?????


The taxi skidded to a halt in front of the filling station and on paying the driver, I alighted from the car ….

The morning sun was out with full force , it’s intense heat burning me.

but since I had no money to board a bike , I walked down the street , passing a short route to Arinze’s place …

At last! After a long walk , I got to his hostel and I climbed up a blocked step to his room….

The door was slightly ajar so I pushed it opened and walked in to see him laying on his bed , reading

Seeing me , he put away the book , sitting upright to face me

“And where are you coming from?”

I was taken aback by his question , confused for a moment and then quickly composed myself

“From Shakirat’s place !” I lied and he scoffed

“Don’t dare lie to me! where are you coming from?” he repeated , with a deep menacing voice and I took a step backward

“erm .. erm .. I .. erm .. went to….

“a party”. he completed making me swallow hard

how did he find out?

and as if hearing my thoughts, he said

“I confronted Faith this morning and she told me all about it . she said you begged her to go with you, she said Demi came over to pick you guys up and that you were shamelessly kissing the idiot …. he paused , biting his lips as he cursed silently ….

I stood there, staring at him blankly

I was just too shock to utter a word, Faith said all this , but why?

“See Uju! I am not saying you shouldn’t have male friends but Ademilade is a no go area”

“Why?” I managed to ask

“That is because he is a flirt , a player and an idiot”. he half yelled and I shot him a puzzled look

Why do I have a feeling that this isn’t all about me ?

“Rinzy! talk to me, what is wrong?” I asked calmly

“Big head! she don know me finish”. he tried to Joke but it came out dryly and then he sighed deeply

“It is Daniella! a friend of mine told me she is having an affair with Demilade”

“No way!” I blurted out in disbelief

“I am serious sis! I confirmed it myself. I went through her phone when she was asleep and saw everything. the messages, chats, even the nude pictures she sent to him”….:

My heart churn in pain, I never knew he was a jerk , no, I never knew Daniella was a flirt …

“So what do you intend doing? are you going to break up with her?”

“Sure! but that will be after I have eaten her to my satisfaction”

“Eaten her kwa! Is she a food?” I retorted and he laughed hard and long

What is funny? I wondered

“Chai!you no go kill person….anyways , don’t forget what I told you , avoid Demilade….

“Yes sir!”I drawled

And with that , I retreated my step and walked out of the building

Avoid him! Can I even do that ??


Looking left and right, I crossed over the road to my hostel and was surprised to see my clothes still hanged on the cloth line.

Really! so Faith didn’t help me with it!

quickly, I packed all of the clothes holding it with both hands as I walked through the long passage to my room

The door was padlock from outside which only meant one thing, Faith wasn’t around….

I bend slightly, holding the clothes with one hand as i brought out the key from underneath the mat ; then I unlocked the padlock, opened the door and walked in to see a sparkling clean room…well! I wasn’t surprise as Faith was the neat type!

Placing the clothes on the chair, i tossed my bag on the bed , bolted the door , pulled off my clothes , sandals and then collapsed on the bed …

I was so so tired!

I brought out my phone and inhaler from my bag and placed both on a low stool beside me ……:

The inhaler was almost finished and I made a mental note to get another one later in the evening

Laying on the bed , I closed my eyes as I tried to get some sleep when my phone beeped signifying a text message….

I reached for it to see the name “Bestie” flashing on the screen ….

I clicked on it ; smiling as I read it

“babes! I am sorry I did not wait for you, my sister called , telling me she was around. how is your health now? trust you are fine! Rest all you want , don’t worry about today’s class because your “small mum” will mark the attendance sheet for you”…….

Small mum! She is overly crazy!






The traffic Jam was hectic, I kept on honking the car horn as I drove slowly , behind a long line of vehicle

“Sh*t! this is terrible!

I checked my wristwatch for the umpteenth time as I sighed in frustration …..

It was 1:45pm, just few minutes to my class!

My phone suddenly rang,I stared down at it to check the caller .

It was kewe, I received it

“bobo! where you dey? you no dey come class today?” his baritone voice rang through

“I am stuck in a traffic”. I stated , honking and he laughed

“Chai! Sorry oooo, but you should have left home on time na”

“I did , I made a stop at the photo studio, my mum picture got broken and I had to fix it first”. I explained

“Oh!don’t be long then, I will keep a seat for you ”

“Alright bro!” I said and ended the call……

I turned sideways to stare at the framed picture laying on the passenger seat ,

“Mother!” I muttered

“Move ooooo!” a man suddenly screamed as he honked from behind me, telling me that the road is clear ;immediately,I stepped on the brake and drove off , speeding!…..


Getting to school, I drove down the tarred road till I got to LLT3 ground; then I parked in the car space beside a red Benz

I alighted from the car and was about running off to laboratory when I heard someone call my name

I quickly turned in the direction to see a busty girl walking in hurry towards me

I knitted my eyebrow, curiously

Do I know her?I don’t think so…..

“Demilade!” She called again when she got nearer and I nodded , seizing her up and down

She had a killer shape, the kind of shape that could make a man go crazy!

“I am Faith, hope you remember me?” She asked as i stared at her blankly …..

“Obianuju’s sister”. she quickly added

“Oh!” I exclaimed softly, nodding slowly

To tell the truth, I still couldn’t place her face but I just had to flow along….

“Well! I was just wondering if we could be friends”. she continued, smiling seductively and I scoffed

Cheap b---h!

“Sure!” I agreed , bringing out my phone from my lab coat and then handed it to her

“Type in your number”. I instructed and she did , handing the phone back to me

“I will call you!” I simply said , saving her number as I walked towards the Medical Laboratory…..

I saved her number as Ugly face and yes , despite the killer shape , she was very ugly but who cares, I am going to cover her ugly face with a pillow and f--k her till she pleads for mercy …..and that will right after I am done with her sister, Obianuju…..


As expected, the lecturer was already in class so I passed through the back door to avoid attention, but still all eyes were on me including the Lecturer’s

“Adeoye!”he called , addressing me by surname

“Yes sir!” I answered politely

“You are 20 mins late”.he queried as I sat down on a seat beside Kewe

“I know sir!I was held up in a traffic”. I explained and he nodded , waving it off with his hands as he continued teaching…

“Dave!do you know he is back?” Kewe asked in whispers

“That bastard! I saw him yesterday!” I retorted angrily

“bring your voice down! he is sitting right behind us”

“What! but he is not our level … I paused, trailing off when I remembered he was given a one year suspension

Oh yeah! now he is our level mate!

Turning back , I found him staring at me

“Fine boy!” he mouthed at me and I scoffed , looking away….

This is gonna be one hell of a year!






A loud banging sound disrupted my sleep and I hissed loudly as I slowly opened my eyes

What is that sef? I wondered, looking around as I sat up in the bed

“Uju! Open this door or do you want me to sleep outside?”a familiar voice queried from outside ..Faith!

Lazily , I dragged myself up from the bed and walked slowly to the door ,opening it

“Nawa oooo! she hissed loudly as she walked into the room

“Welcome!” I greeted as I let myself fall on the bed

“Uhm .. uhm”. she answered, making use of her nose and I shot her a confused look

What is wrong with her?

Tossing her bag on the chair , she went into the kitchen and immediately returned to the room frowning

“You did not cook , why?”

“That is because I am tired and moreover I am not yet good in cooking”. I answered as she huffed , eyeing me coldly

“If it is to Kiss, you will know how to do that one well”

And with that , she picked up her bible from the table and walked out of the room in a huff …..

Did I offend her in anyway? I asked myself, I was so confused about her sudden change in character……well that is her headache!

I stood up and went over to the wardrobe ;opening it , i searched through for a free cloth

I soon found one, a short white sleeveless flare gown.

Unzipping it , I changed into it , brush my hair and then pulled out a small bag from underneath the wardrobe, my money bag …

I opened the smaller zip , dipped my hands inside to bring out three (3) 1000 notes and then returned the bag back to its place …….

Time to go get my inhaler!

Putting on a red palm slippers, I picked up my phone and walked out of the room locking the door as I placed the key under the footpath ;then I walked out of the house , up the busy street to a Popular chemist at the Junction……..



The chemist was filled up with a lot of people that I had to squeeze and shove to get to the front

“Good evening sir!” I greeted one of the attendant , a guy on black shirt

“Evening miss! what do you want to buy?” he asked , using a British accent

Shuu! Na me this one dey form for!

“Ventolin inhaler”

“Oh! I am so sorry dear , we don’t sell that here. Try going to Fontana chemist at Ijebuode…

IJebu ode kwa! Where is that one?

Frustrated, I walked out of the chemist, murmuring

Upon all the Oyinbo , they did not have inhaler , ordinary inhaler …..

Standing in front of the supermarket, I was contemplating on what to do next when a white car pulled up in front of me ………Ademilade

“hey baby ! wassup?” he greeted , winding down the glass

baby! he called me baby!

“hi!” I responded, smiling and to my surprise, he returned the smile

“Actually I am on my way to your hall”

“What! I exclaimed in shock

“Yes! so what are you doing out here?”

“erm… I .. came to get… my … inhaler”. I stuttered without even knowing why ,I guess I was just too excited….

The “almighty Demi” on his way to my hostel ….unbelievable!

“Oh! did you get it?”

“No! they don’t sell it here , I was told to go a chemist at ……..

“IJebu ode!”he completed

“Yes! Yes! do you know there?” I asked to be sure and he laughed

“Of course! get into the car”


“I said get into the car, I will take you there”.he repeated and I swallowed hard opening the car door as I hop in beside him …..

I was so surprised, why is he smiling and behaving nice to me all of a sudden?i decided to ask him….

“Why?” My voice came out in whispers

“Why!!”he repeated, leaning over to close the door at my own end….

he was so close, his scent ensnared in my senses doing weird things to my fragile heart ….

“Why ..are …you ..being nice to me ?”i asked , picking my words and he smiled , straightening up

“Well! let me just say I like you”

“You like me??

“Yes Obianuju, with all of my heart”. he stated and my heart fluttered, pounding out of my chest ……



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