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Weird feelings





The night was far spent and the streets were deserted; i got home Just in time to hear the the curfew whistle sound ….

10:oopm! Jeez! how time flies !

honking twice , I drove into the big compound and parked in front of my apartment.; then tapped Susanna gently, waking her up ….

She fell asleep on the way and since she was gonna be my “toy” for the night , I chose not to disturb her …. as the slang goes ( make she rest as rest not go dey for night)………

“Demi!”she muttered, stirring a little as she opened her eyes

“Yes babe! we are home!”

Opening the car door, I alighted from the car and she did the same at her own end, mumbling

“You alright?” I asked

“Yes!just some bad period cramps”she answered and I heard a loud bang in my head ….

Period cramp! what is she trying to say?

“Don’t worry! It won’t affect our fun tonight”. she quickly added and I signed in relief…….

“Let’s go in!” I said , leading the way as we climbed up a short step to the balcony …..

The door was slightly ajar and I smiled lightly knowing it was Tobi’s doing , he and Kewe were the only ones with the key to my apartment…”

but come to think of it , why wasn’t he at the birthday party…….well! Perhaps he was busy with his “political meeting”……..

holding Susanna hands , I Pushed the door opened and walked in to meet an appalling sight

Tobi was right in my sitting room smoking and drinking with …….. Dave ….

My heartbeat increased as I stared at the lanky guy in front of me

What is he doing in my house?

Seeing me , he got off the sofa and staggered toward me

“Hi Demilade! It’s been a long time”

“Dave! what the hell are you doing in my house?” I thundered

“Cool it man! That is no way to talk to the “number 1″. Tobi butted in , scolding at me and I scoffed , ignoring him

I was in no mood to exchange words with him , I just wanted Dave to leave my house!!!!

” I said what are you doing in my house?” I repeated, shooting daggers at him as he laughed

“Shuu! I can see you have now grown wings to talk to me anyhow, have you forgetten who I am?”he reminded

Forget? hell no , how can I forget the bastard who trampled on me throughout my 100level days !!

“I still like you Demi and I hope you know what that means”. he added and my whole body vibrated in anger

“Can you pleeease Just leave me alone?” I pleaded , stressing the please and he smiled lightly, staring intently at me

“I know what you did , I knew you reported my illegal activities to the school authorities, I knew you were the one behind my suspension but do you know what? I am back and back for good and no one can stop me , not even the school authorities ……:

I huffed silently , pulling Susanna behind me as she clung to me

“Demi!” She called softly and I shifted my gaze to her…

her eyes bored into mine as if searching for answers, She was scared and I knew it!

“Go wait for me in the room!” I whispered to her and she nodded , running off

“Who is she?” Dave asked , following her with his eyes

“That is none of your business!” I retorted making him chuckle lightly

“You know Demi I really like you but you are proving too stubborn, why can’t you accept the fact that you …… he tried to say but I cut him off….

“I am not interested in your offer”

“No! this is not an offer , you are already a part of us and there is not escape……..

I smirked, “well! Let’s see about that”

he was quiet for a while and then he smiled

“I am not here to argue with you ,I am tired , I just got back to school and I need to rest”

And with that , he collapsed on sofa , picking up a lighted cigarette from its ashtray as he inhaled it

I gritted my teeth in anger , Tobi must answer to this

Speaking of the devil! I shifted my gaze to him to see him staring at me

“I am sorry!”he mouthed at me and I scoffed , looking away as i stormed out of the sitting room ….

How dare he bring this ” bastard” into my house!Doesn’t he have a room? Why can’t he take him there?……arrrrgh! this is so annoying!

Entering my room , I came face to face with Susanna curious gaze

“Demi! What is going on ? who is that guy?”she asked , holding her waist

” A friend!” I answered, walking past her to sit on the bed and she followed suit , sitting beside me

“Don’t lie to me! I noticed the hostile tension between the both of you , who is he?” She repeated and I sighed in defeat

She is just too smart!

“Fine! Fine! we used to be friends but all that changed when he started forcing ,threatening me to do what i never wanted to do . I was sick and tired of the threats so when I got into my second year, I summoned courage reporting everything to my dad and you should know what happened next”

She nodded slowly “your dad who is a member of the house of assembly took up the case”.she stated , staring intently at me and I nodded

“The bastard was given a year suspension and I heard he spent all of the year in the state but now that he is back , I am so confused!

Just then, the door to the room creaked opened and Tobi staggered in

“Bro! I am sorry, I knew you would be mad but I had no other option”. he slurred, holding unto the wall to maintain his balance …:

“Alright!” I simply said as I wasn’t in the mood to batter words with a drunk

“Thanks man! he ….will ….be leaving …first thing ….in the morning, okay!

“Okay!” I agreed and he belched , nodding as he walked out of the room…..

I scoffed! Pathetic drunk!

“really! I never for once imagine seeing the “almighty” NASS president in this state”. Susanna retorted, blinking twice in surprise and I smiled , pulling her close as I fondled her her left b**bs”

“Eeeeeeeeh! Naughty boy”. She teased as I smacked my lips lustfully!

“pull off your clothes”. I instructed and she shook her head, smiling

“hun… hun…. you have to wash those hands of yours first , the one you used in touching that …. that …. dirty thing….. Juliet….”

I scoffed silently,”as if you are neater than her”. I mumbled

“What did you say?” she asked , frowning

“I said you are beautiful”. I lied ,trailing my hands down her back as I unzipped her gown

“Oh.. no… Demi…..I said you should go wash your hands”. She grunted in pleasure and I smiled knowing she was in the mood

“Don’t worry baby!we will take out bath together after this”. I hushed , pinning her to the bed as I kissed her roughly……

“F**k!baby I am all yours”.she breathe into my mouth , wrapping her legs around me…..

She was so crazy when it comes to sex and I guess that explains why I prefer her to other girls……..

My phone suddenly rang and I scoffed silently

Who is this person na!

Straightening up , I reached for the phone to see the name Kewe flashing on the screen……

Really! why is he calling? Is it because of the virgin girl?

“Oya na! don’t spoil the mood”. Susanna hissed loudly

“Just a minute please”. I pleaded as I received the call

“bobo!what is it now?”I queried

“It is Obianuju! I can’t find her”he informed

“what do you mean by that? where would she be ? she was in the bar when I left , what about her friends?” I asked in a rush and he sighed

“Only one of them is here in the club and she claims she knows nothing about the others whereabout

“Sh*t”. I cursed silently

“And to make it all worst , the Oro festival is going on”. he added and I became alarmed

Oro! This is more serious than I thought

quickly , I got off the bed , wearing one of my palm slippers

“I am on my way”. I said and ended the call…..

“What is going on?” Susanna asked as she sat up on the bed

“It is Obianuju, I think she is in danger”

“Obianuju! who is ……. oh! Juliet! she is the one right???

“Yes!” I answered and without wasting time , I rushed out of the house, ignoring Tobi and Dave curious gaze

Obianuju! nothing must happen to her!!!!

Entering my car , I dialled her number and it rang until her voicemail pick it up

The anxiety in me increased , i was so scared

With shaky hands, I dialled her number again and this time around, she picked it on the second ring

“Ademilade! she called with a shaky voice, I could tell she was scared

“Where are you?” I asked,

“I don’t know! I don’t know where I am!”she rasped , breaking down in tears and I clutched my fist in anger ….

I was angry with myself, why the hell did I leave the naive girl all alone?……..Jeez! If anything happens to her , I will be heavily blamed …..

“The people with “strange sound” just passed by ,we are in a dark uncompleted building”. she added and I exhaled deeply in relief

Thank goodness she was smart enough to run!

” you with your friends??? I asked

“Yes!” …..her voice was so low

“Good! give the experience one among them the phone”

“Okay!” she answered

What i heard next was the whispering of voices and then a female voice rang through

“Hi Demi! I am Funmi! Please Come quickly ,we are all scared”

“Calm down Funmi!where are you? Look around you and tell me what you see”

The line went quiet for a moment and then she snuffled

“There is a pink two storey building adjacent to us with the wordings…………….

“Good news hall”. I completed

“Yes! Yes!!yes!yes!”

“Fine! I will be there shortly , Just stay where you are. I said and ended the call…..

Starting the ignition, I drove off , speeding!!!!!!!






“What did he say?” I asked Funmi as soon as the call ended…..

“he said he will Join us shortly”. she answered, handing me back my phone and I sighed in relief….

This is great news!

We were seated on the floor in a uncompleted building and believe me when I say , I was so scared

My hands were shaking! My legs weak, infact my whole body was hurting. I guessed it was as a result of the way we ran….

We ran like crazy people, we ran till our legs touched our head …….we had to save our lives and now , help is coming our way ……

Demilade called me! he is coming to pick us up! he is worried about me!……….unbelievable!

“Will it be long before he gets here?” Shakirat suddenly asked , her voice coming out in whispers

“I don’t know!” Funmi answered in whispers and I chewed hard at my lower lips till blood came out , I licked It, it tasted metallic…..

I felt so guilty, if only I hadn’t run out foolishly then we wouldn’t have been in this mess…..:

“I am sorry!” I said aloud , making Funmi Sigh

“No dear! You shouldn’t be , we are all in this together”

I stared at her , surprised

she continued “I was once like you ,a naive girl who was new to the four letter words “Love”. You see when I was a fresher like you , I secretly fell head over heels with this handsome dude. I was so confused as the guy never even knew I existed; I stared at him whenever i see him admiring in secret not until the day I summoned the courage to tell him how I feel……and that the biggest mistake I made.the guy took my feelings for granted , de flowered me , used me as his sex- toy and at the end of the day , he dumped me , telling me I was not his taste ……

“Funmi!” I called softly as she laughed bitterly

“And do you know the most painful thing? the idiot doesn’t even recognise me anymore……

“What!” Shakirat and I exclaimed in unison

“Yes! that is life , he moved on and so did i……

“hmmmm! nawa oooo! who is this guy sef ? Is he still in this school?” Shakirat asked , shrugging her shoulders in disgust and Funmi smiled lightly, ignoring the question….

“So Uju!you need to use your head , don’t let your feelings control you or else it will break you …….

Opening my mouth , I was about saying something when a car drove in , with a fog light …

quickly , I got up off the floor , tiptoed to the window sidelines and peek out just in time to see a white Venza park in front of the building…….

“It is Ademilade!” I announced and that was the exact moment he stepped out of the car ;in a split-second , we all rushed outside to meet him….

“Demi! Thank goodness you are here!”. I exclaimed excitedly as he stared intently at me….

“You are alright?” he asked

“Yes! Yes! Thanks so much for helping out”. I appreciated and he scoffed , shooting me daggers

“I didn’t come out here because of you, I am only here to satisfy my conscience”

“what! was the only thing I could say as i was shocked , I wasn’t expecting this

“Yes! Do you think I will risk my life for a dumb girl like you? No girl , you ain’t worth it”.he spat out and I held to my cloth , taking a step backward……

“Han !Han!!Demi! this is too much for the little girl”. Funmi butted in and he huffed , ignoring her

“Get into the car!”he simply instructed as he climbed into the driver seat ….

“Don’t mind him!”Shakirat whispered softly and I nodded slowly, as we all got into the back seat ….

I was so scared to sit beside the “angry Demi” and obviously, he didn’t care a bit …….

Starting the ignition, he drove off

“Such a pain in the neck!”i heard him say …..



Finally! After a long awkward ride , he drove into a compound with a brown building, parking in front of an apartment …..

“You can get down!” he said , opening the door at his own end

“Since it is already late , you will be spending the night here”

I exchanged surprise look with Shakirat and without a word , we alighted from the car ….

Is this where he stays? I wondered, looking around …….

“See cars! Shakirat whispered and I nodded , opening my mouth in awe….

This building was definitely not an hostel ….

Following behind him , we climbed up a short step to the balcony ; then he pushed the door opened and we walked in to see a messed up sitting room….

Bottles were scattered all around and the poisonous smell of cigarettes filled the air; instantly the wheezing breathe sound returned …..

I clung to my chest , looking around

Two guys was sleeping on the rug , one was tall and Lanky while the other was tall, fair ………Tobi…….

Why is he here? Does he smokes and drink?

“Find a space to the sleep and make sure you leave before I wake”. Ademilade simply said as he walked towards a sliding glass door …..

Immediately, I collapsed on a smaller Sofa , beating my chest as I coughed and retched….

“Juliet!you alright?” Shakirat asked , rushing to me

I shook my head negatively!

“my…… chest …. hurts”. I managed to say

“Why? are you ……. oh my gawd! You are asthmatic?”She asked with her eyes wide opened

I nodded

“Mogbe oooo!!!where is your inhaler?”

“My… bag”. I told her

quickly, she opened the bag bringing out the inhaler and then placed it on my outstretched hands

Shaking it , I pressed it inhaling the gas in it and instantly, I got myself….but the lingering smoke in the room was getting into my lungs making me breathe faster……

“How is it now?”Funmi asked , staring down at me

“This room! I …can’t …stay …in this room”

“Oh God! then what will you do now?” Shakirat snuffled …….wait! Is she crying?

“Simple! she will stay in the next room”.Funmi answered pointing to the sliding glass door and shakirat scoffed

“Are you for real! how do you expect her to stay in the same room with that devil?”

“I don’t know! but that is the only way she can control her breathing “. Funmi stated and yes , she was right

I wasn’t ready to die!

Coughing, I tried to get off the sofa but fell back on it

I was really exhausted!

“Juliet!”Shakirat called softly

“Just help me up!” I pleaded and when she did , I picked up the inhaler along with my bag and walked slowly to the glass door…

Sliding it open, I found another door , a wooden one ….

Weakly, I knocked on the wooden door twice …

“Demi!” I called but my voice came out in whispers….

“Who is that?” he called out from the room

“It .. is .. me obianuju”.

I heard quick footsteps and in what seems like an age, the door opened to reveal a “sweaty” Demilade

“What is it again? Can’t i sleep in peace?” he queried frowning and my eyes raked down his body and back up

He was wearing only a short briefs , his chest , his legs were all exposed

“Blood of Jesus!”I muttered , looking away and he scoffed

“Why the hell did you knock?”

“Erm .. well.. I can’t sleep in … the …,the… poisonous smoke … is …. affecting me”. I stuttered and he knitted his eyebrow in a little frown

“You asthmatic?”

“Yes!” I nodded and I swear , I saw the pains in his eyes which he quickly replace with a light smile

“So! what if you are?what do you expect me to do? ..hen !are you scared of dying? well! you shouldn’t because it will definitely kill you”

“What!” I exclaimed in shock

“Yes!It will kill you and not even your stupid inhaler will save you”.he half yelled

“Babe! Who is that?”a female voice asked from inside

Oh yeah! Susanna is with him….

“No one important!”. he answered and then faced me

“as you can see , I am with a woman so will you still like to stay?”he asked , it was more like he was mocking me….

“No! but still I can’t sleep in a smoky sitting room”

he stared intently at me for some seconds and then sighed, opening the door wider

“Come in!”

“What did you say ?” I asked to be sure i heard right

“I don’t repeat myself twice “. he stated.

heaving a sigh, i walked into the room to see Susanna laying naked on the bed ……

Seeing me , she covered herself with the blanket , hissing as she faced Demilade

“Why is she here?

“Isn’t it obvious! she is sleeping here”.he stated as she sat up the bed in a huff

“No! that is not possible ..I mean .. how .. will she watch us have sex?” She blurted out and I went stiff

Sex! Oh no! this is not good!

“Chill babe! You are over-reacting , she being here won’t spoil our fun”. he said , moving closer to caress her face and she became a bit calm…..

“But why she can’t she just sleep in the sitting room?” She continued, glaring at me ….

“That is because she got ast… erm I mean she is sick”. he answered her

And with that, he walked up to his wardrobe, opened it , pulled out a cloth and then tossed it at me …….

“Change into that”

I stared down at the clothes, it was a thick pyjamas sweatshirt and trouser . Just exactly what I need for the cold weather!

“Thanks! where is the changing room?”I muttered

“I don’t have a changing room , I have a bathroom”. he drawled

“Oh! I meant to say bathroom”. I corrected myself as he smirked

“It is over there!” he pointed to a door painted brown and I nodded , counting my steps until I got into the bathroom….

The bathroom was big and spacious with shower, bathtub and all that ….

taking off my cloths, I took a quick shower and hurriedly changed into the pyjamas;

I folded my clothes neatly , kept it inside my hand bag ; returning to the room, I found the “love birds” kissing ….

They were deeply into it that they failed to notice me …..

Sliding down to the tiled floor, I brought my knees up to my chest watching them caress , kiss and fondle their body …..

A pang of jealousy hit me making me look away and i bit at my wounded lips to stop my self from crying ….:

“I want to sleep!” I said softly and they pulled out of the kiss, turning to face me

“So! Why are you telling us?” Sussana snapped at me

“erm that is because I need a blanket”

She scoffed and was about to say something when Demilade hushed her up

“Here!”he threw a big blanket to me and I caught it ,mumbling my appreciation

“Do you need anything else?”he asked


“Okay then! Good night”. he bade as he switched off the light bulb …………

Resting my head on the wall, I covered my body with the blanket and listened to them make “strange sounds”

I was pained, hurt , weak…….I was confused , confused about everything, confused about the weird feelings I was having ….

I sighed sadly as Funmi’s advice replayed in my head

Don’t let your feelings Control you else it will break you …. if the feeling I am having right now is what she is talking about , then I am already ……..broken…..



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